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This site was launched in 2006 and is still growing; on 1 May 2024 the number of individuals in the site is 39,374, up from 38,805 in December 2021 (go to Statistics for a breakdown by location). The information presented is as accurate as possible. Please tell me if you think changes are needed. One of the main purposes of the site is to encourage the exchange of information about Minters everywhere so please get in touch with me. Most Minter families originated in Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and London. Following the links below will take you to a page devoted to each of these main locations.

  • Kent.

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  • Norfolk.

  • Essex.

  • London.

  • If you don't know where to start try using the search box above.

    To visit a website containing a collection of Suffolk and Essex photos, click here (opens in new window).

    Many interesting references to Australian Minters can be found in the Trove newspaper archive (opens in new window).

    The National Probate Calendar 1861 - 1966 contains a wealth of information about grants of probate (but you have to be an Ancestry subscriber) (opens in a new window).

    The Workhouse is a website full of fascinating information about Workhouses (opens in a new window).

    Genealogy Resource Guide contains useful tips on how to find genealogical information (opens in a new window).

    Ultimate Beginners Guide to Genealogy has a wealth of useful tips on how to approach genealogy, particularly if America is your main interest (opens in a new window).

    Paul Minter, a member of the "Woolwich Minters", is the founder of Head Up. Head Up is a UK charity set up by four veterans, intending to promote mental health awareness for UK Armed Forces. In October 2022 Paul completed a 5,000-mile run around the UK coastline. In the process he raised more than £400,000 for the charity. The charity's website is at Head Up.

    To protect the identity of living people only their names are given. If anyone objects to their name appearing on this site they should inform me and I will remove it.

Minter stories - click on the links below to read personalised family histories:

The Minters of Boxted, Essex by Darren Bedingfield

The Minters of Great Horkesley, Essex by John Minter

The Minters of Eyke, Suffolk by Graham Minter

The Hedley - Peck - Minter migration to Australia by Helen Connell

Eliza Minter of Palgrave, Suffolk and her children by Richard Moore

The Minters of Elk Lake, Vancouver Island, Canada - a video of a talk given in 2017 by Joan (Minter) Smirl to members of the Royal Oak School Yard

The Hunsleys - are related to the Minters via the 2011 marriage of John Hunsley and Erica Minter. John is a member of the 'Lincolnshire Hunsleys' (which actually originated in Yorkshire) but rather than expand the Great Horkesley tree, the Hunsleys can be found on this site in their own tree. I'm indebted to Stephen 'Doc' Hunsley for his help in putting the Hunsley tree together.

The Worleys - are related to the Minters via the 2019 marriage of Phil Worley and Helen Minter. Phil's family originated in Buckinghamshire and has been traced back to the 16th century.

Scrapbooks - Click for an index to the Minter picture collections.

Waifs & strays - I am looking for information about these people. Can you help?

 Minters in Australia - the story of Minters who left England for Australia.

Minters in America - 7 September 2015. The Church Inn, Ludlow, Shropshire was the venue for an historic meeting between Clifton and Diana Minter of Alabama, USA (below, left) and Pauline and John Minter of Shropshire, England (below, right).

Clifton and John have collaborated and with a lot of help from other sources, the site now includes a section for American Minters. More work is needed but to get to the individual identified so far as possibly the ancestor of the American Minter clan, click on Richard Minter, born about 1570

Thomas J Minter, author of 'The Minters of Pine Forest' has placed a collection of Minter-related photographs on-line.

Minters by adoption - a small collection of families which have adopted the surname Minter.

Explanatory notes - an explanation of some of the conventions used on this site.

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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Latest News

February 2023: as a result of extensive research Wendy Hadley has discovered a link between the 'North Suffolk Minters' and the 'Whitstable Minters'. The link was formed in 1825 when Francis Edwards married Elizabeth Mary Minter. This is a major discovery, representing one of the very few known links between the many discrete Minter groups on Minter Exchange. Thankyou Wendy!

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Some famous Minters you'll find on this site

Alan Minter, World Middleweight boxing champion in 1980.

Anne Minter, Australian tennis player.

Billy Minter, played for and managed Tottenham Hotspur between 1908 and 1929.

Billy Minter, played football for St Albans City between 1920 and 1932.

Derek Minter, British Champion motor cyclist in the early 1960s.

George Minter, film producer of Renown Pictures, 1950s and 60s.

Jeff "Yak" Minter, computer games designer.

Mary Miles Minter, silent film star of the 1920s.

And a famous Minter you won't find on this site. Need help in tracing her ancestry...

Marylin Minter, American artist currently living and working in New York City.