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Waifs and strays

This page lists people who appear in Parish Registers, censuses etc who cannot be associated with any of the families mentioned elsewhere in this site. As much information as has been found  is given. The order is alphabetical according to the name of the most senior person mentioned. For a variety of reasons, including for example census enumerators' errors, it's not possible to be certain that everyone listed here was actually a Minter.

Interspersed among the list are a few individuals whose first names include the name Minter. These have emerged from research started in November 2009 into the London Metropolitan Archive at Use of Minter as a first name might indicate a connection with one of the Minter families but inclusion in this list means that the connection hasn't been made.

If you can help to find a home for anyone listed in this section please contact John Minter.

Ann Minter married by license as a spinster of St Mary Magdalene Canterbury on 19 April 1713 at St Mary Magdalene Canterbury to John Lanes, a bachelor of Fish Street, London. Ann had a daughter Ann Minter prior to her marriage, baptised on 24 February 1730/31 at St Mary Magdalene Canterbury. The daughter may have been buried, aged 89 on 15 November 1822 at St Georges Canterbury.

Ann Minter married Edward Wickham at St Mary, Dover in 1754. Ann could be Ann baptised 2 May 1731 of the Folkestone group.

Ann Minter (born c. 1810, Whitstable, Kent)
Ann appears in the 1881 census, aged 70 a widow, living as a head of household in West's Passage, St Dunstans, Canterbury, Kent. Ann's death was probably that registered in Q1 1889 at Blean (2a/519), with burial taking place at St Dunstans, Canterbury on 1 January 1889 - Ann Minter, Blean Union, aged 78.

Ann Minter (born c. 1820, London)
The 1891 census has an indistinct entry which looks like Ann Minter, 71, widow, a patient at Haggerston, Shoreditch, London. Her death was probably that recorded at Shoreditch in Q1 1896 (1c/95), aged 74.

Ann Minter (born c. 1827)
Ann, 14, an apprentice milliner not born in Kent, is in the 1841 census in Queen Street, Ramsgate, Kent (living with Ann Wilkinson and her children).

Ann Minter (born c. 1834, City Road, London)
Ann appears in the 1901 census, a 67 year-old widow, a pauper charwoman in the Union Workhouse, St Olave's Bermondsey, London.

Ann Minter AYERS (born c. 1825, Yarmouth, Norfolk)
Ann was the daughter of Robert AYERS, a rope maker; she married James COLE on 9 April 1857 at Trinity Church, St Marylebone, London. James and Ann appear in the 1871 census in St Pancras together with four children and Ann's elder sister Maria AYERS. One of the children was named Maria Minter COLE: she married Edward Martin Smith at St James, Clerkenwell on 29 May 1882.
Another of James and Ann's children, James, became a butcher, got married and had a family. One of his children inherited the Minter name - Marie Minter COLE's birth was registered in Q4 1888 at Holborn and she married on 21 November 1915, Ernest FAULKNER.

Anna Minter (born c. 1798, Canterbury, Kent)
Anna (or perhaps it was Hannah) was a cook, unmarried, aged 53 at Upper Newlands Farm, Teynham, Kent in the 1851 census.

Anne Minter (born c. 1816)
Anne, 25, a milliner, born outside Middlesex, is in the 1841 census in High Street, St Mary Whitechapel, London.

Anne Minter (born c. 1819, Whitstable)
As a 42 year-old widow, Anne, a cook appears in the 1861 census at 26 St George's Terrace, St Mary Bredin, Canterbury, Kent.

Betsy Minter (born c. 1821, Lewisham, Kent)
Betsy, 40, unmarried, appears in the 1861 census as a servant at 9/10 Napoleon the Third Street, St Leonards Shoreditch, London. In 1843 an Elizabeth Betsy Minter, born about 1819, was sentenced at Middlesex to 3 months in prison for 'larceny by servant'. This may or may not relate to this Elizabeth (Betsy) Minter.

Bridget Minter (born c. 1787, Herefordshire)
The 1861 census includes Bridget, a 74 year-old widow, living at 40 Nilson Street, St Anne Limehouse, London with her daughter Ann Garvie, 42, builder's widow, born Herefordshire, and Ann's  12 year-old niece Una Wagstaff who was born in Mile End, London.

Charles Minter (born c. 1830, Kent)
See Sarah Minter (born c. 1836, Kent).

Charles George Brown Minter (born Q4 1881, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)
Charles's birth was registered as Charles George Brown Minter. He appeared in the 1891 census as a pupil, aged 8, in the Great Yarmouth Workhouse. He has not been found in the 1901 census. He married Alice Maud Hewett in Q3 1910 (Yarmouth 4b/46) and appeared with her in the 1911 census at 61 Palgrave Road, Great Yarmouth. They had a son, Charles J, in Q4 1910 (Yarmouth 4b/25) who died the same quarter (Yarmouth 4b/14). Charles himself died aged 32 in Q2 1914 (Yarmouth 4b/25) and his widow remarried in Q2 1915 (Yarmouth 4b/57) to Charles E Shalders. There is no mother's maiden name on the enhanced GRO birth index which suggests that Charles was illegitimate. His marriage certificate might show who his father was but has not been obtained.
Charles apears to have received a good education - the National School Admission Registers & Log-books 1870-1914 at have four entries for him:
- from 18 Jun 1888 to 22 Feb 1889 at Northgate Infants School, Great Yarmouth
- from 15 May 1889 to 20 Dec 1889 at Northgate Boys School, Great Yarmouth
- from 18 Nov 1889 to 12 Oct 1893 (left town) at Northgate Boys School, Great Yarmouth
- from 17 Apr 1890 to 26 Jul 1894 (left town) at Northgate Boys School, Great Yarmouth
These entries are consistent in showing Charles was from the Workhouse and that his parents' names were either not known or withheld.

Charlotte Minter (born c. 1826, Kent)
The 1841 census has Charlotte, 15, a servant in Northwood, St Lawrence, Kent.

Charlotte Minter (born c. 1854, Kent)
Charlotte is in the 1881 census, aged 27, unmarried, a cook living at 31 Carleton Road, Islington, London.

Christian Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Folkestone, Kent)
Christian was made a Freeman of Dover as a grocer by apprenticeship on 10 September 1824.

Daniel Minter (born 1778, Ipswich, Suffolk)
According to the IGI Daniel was born on 8 February 1778 and baptised on 10 April 1778 at Tacket Street, Ipswich, son of Daniel Minter (who another IGI entry suggests may have been born in Essex about 1754) and Susanna. Susanna was probably Susannah Norman who married a Daniel Minter on 14 April 1774 at Mistley, Essex.
Daniel junior probably had two sisters, Susannah born 24 July 1775, baptised 31 August 1775 at Ipswich, and Hannah born on 6 January 1777 and baptised on 30 January 1777 at Ipswich.
Daniel appears in the 1841 census in East Hill, St James Colchester, Essex: he was 63, a carter. His wife Anne Minter was 55. Neither were Essex-born. Their marriage took place in Elmstead, Essex on 28 February 1837 (Stella Herbert, April 2009). The 1851 census records that Daniel, 73, and Anne, 74 (she aged quickly!) lived in an Alms House in Fingringhoe Road, Colchester. Daniel died, aged 79, in Q2 1857 (Colchester 4a/136).

Daniel Minter (born c. 1821)
In the 1841 census Daniel, 20 appears as a smith's labourer in East Greenwich, Kent. He wasn't born in Kent.

David Minter (born c. 1826, Holland)
David appears in the 1841 census as a grocer in Burgate Street, St Andrew Canterbury, Kent.

Dean John Minter (born about 1837, probably Faversham, Kent)
Dean was buried, aged 2, on 18 April 1839, of the Union Workhouse, at St Mary of Charity, Faversham.

Edward Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Folkestone, Kent)
Edward, a bachelor, married Jemima Marsh, a spinster of St Mary, Dover on 15 August 1825 at St Mary, Dover.

Edward Minter (date of birth unknown, Canterbury, Kent)
As a cordwainer, Edward was admitted by marriage as a Freeman of Canterbury on 15 June 1826. He was listed in the Dover Polls of 1828 and 1830 and married Elizabeth Moon, daughter of James Moon. He was probably the shoemaker of Monastery Street, Canterbury in 1834 and died on 25 May 1834 after a severe illness.

Edward Minter (born c. 1796, Greenhithe or Swanscombe, Kent)
Edward was a mariner, 56, when he appeared in the 1851 census with his wife Sarah, 53, born Trimley, Suffolk, living in Lower Dovercourt, Essex. In 1861 Edward, 66, was the master of the 'Peter and Mary' a 34 ton ship registered at Harwich and moored on census night at Whitefriars, London; Sarah, 63, was living at 7 Bathside, St Nicholas, Harwich. In 1871 Edward, 75 and now retired, lived with Sarah, 73, at 22 Bathside, Harwich. By 1881 Edward had died (aged 80, in Q1 1877 (Tendring 4a/187) and Sarah, 82 a widow, lived in Brighton as the mother of Mary Parker**, 51 a widow, shirt maker, born Harwich, and her daughter Adelaide Parker whose birth was registered in Q4 1865 (Brighton 2b/211). Sarah Minter's death at 86 was registered in Q4 1884 in Brighton (2b/160).

Edward and Sarah were married on 10 February 1840 at the Parish Church in Dovercourt, Essex (copy of marriage certificate held - Q1 1840, Tendring 12/333). Edward was of full age, a bachelor mariner of Harwich, father James Minter, also a mariner. Sarah was Sarah Sarjeant, of full age, a widow of Harwich; her father was William Kelly, a husbandman. Sarah appears in the 1841 census living on the East Sise, Church Street, St Nicholas, Harwich. Her age is shown as 40 and she had with her three children from her first marriage: Elizabeth Serjeant (14), Mary Sarjeant (12) and William Serjeant (10). ** Mary Serjeant is assumed to be the Mary Parker with whom Sarah Minter was living in 1881. Sarah's husband was presumably at sea when the 1841 census was taken.

Knowing that Edward's father's name was James Minter has not unfortunately made it possible to determine Edward's ancestry.

Edward Minter (born c. 1810, Pancras, London)
Aged 71, a labourer, Edward was in the St Pancras Workhouse in 1881.

Edward Minter (born c. 1826, Kent)
Edward is in the 1841 census, aged 15 a servant in King Street, Ramsgate, Kent.

Edward Minter (born c. 1836, Middlesex)
See George Minter (born c. 1835, Middlesex).

Edward Minter (born c. 1872, Kent)
Aged 39, a labourer, Edward lodged in 1911 at 27 Orange Street, Portsea, Portsmouth. His death was possibly that registered at Headington in Q1 1923 (3a/1115), aged 52.

Edward Minter (born c. 1873, London)
Aged 28, a barman, Edward lived in 1901 at 88 St John's Road, Shoreditch, London.

Edward Henry Minter (born 8 March 1908, Kennington, London)
Edward Henry's birth certificate shows he was born at 132 Farmers Road, Kennington. His father was named as Edward John Minter, a builder's labourer, and his mother as Alice Beatrice Minter formerly Everitt. Alice registered the birth on 14 April 1908 giving her address as 132 Farmers Road. Despite extensive searching none of this information has revealed the identity of Edward John Minter. There were two Edward John Minters alive in 1908 but both would have been in their sixties by then and neither seems likely to have been Edward Henry's father.

Edwin Minter (born c. 1813,Lynn, Norfolk)
Edwin, 38, a machiner (?) appears in the 1851 census at 6 Goldsmiths Row, St Bride, London with his wife Harriet, 37 and daughter Harriet, 3, both born Lynn, Norfolk.

Edwin William Stephen Minter
Edwin's existence has come to light via records in's British India Office Ecclesiastical Returns collection. His birth hasn't been found but he married Helen Croll on 14 May 1838 in Bombay. Both parties were living in Bombay and Helen said she was a member of the Church of Scotland. The witnesses at the wedding were Daniel Buchanan session clerk of the church and William Field, a servant on board the ship 'Seven'. Edwin and Helen had three children in Bombay:
- Sarah Susannah Minter, born at Fort George, Bombay on 22 Feb 1839, baptised on 7 April 1839. Sarah, of full age, spinster, married Daniel Ebenezer Gostling, 24, bachelor, architect of Fort, Bombay on 6 November 1866.
- Jane Caroline Minter, buried at St Andrews Church, Bombay on 27 November 1840, aged 7 days.
- James Edwin Minter, born 25 November 1842, baptised 1 January 1843 at St Thomas's Cathedral, Bombay; his father was said to be an assistant to Messers Woolen & Co. This company appeared as a subscriber in the list of the Honorable East India Company's civil servants from 1780 to 1838, but nothing else has been found about it.
Edwin must have died some time between 1842 and 1848: Helen Minter nee Croll, a widow, married Thomas Herne on 28 December 1848 at Poona, India.

Eliza Minter (born c. 1841)
See Ann Minter (born c. 1821, Sussex)

Elizabeth Minter married Daniel Moate on 27 September 1670 at Elmstone, Kent.

Elizabeth Minter married by license as a spinster of Elmstone, Kent on 12 January 1696/97 at St Martins, Canterbury, Edward Gibbs a bachelor of Elmstone.

Elizabeth Minter was married by banns as of St Martins on 8 March 1802 at St Martins Canterbury, John Whorford of St Martins.

Elizabeth Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Whitstable, Kent)
Elizabeth married Francis Edwards, a bachelor of Whitstable, on 25 December 1825 at Whitstable.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1801, Kent)
The 1841 census has Elizabeth, 40 of independent means living at Ship Stairs, Woolwich, Kent.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1806, Kent)
The 1841 census has Elizabeth, 35, living in Parrock (?) Street, Milton, Gravesend, Kent.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1811, Kent)
The 1841 census has Elizabeth, 30, a servant, living in West Cross, Tenterden, Kent.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1816, Suffolk)
Elizabeth, 25, independent, appears in the 1841 census in Hollesley, Suffolk.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1816)
Elizabeth, 25, a servant not born in Middlesex, appears in the 1841 census in Bedford Square, St Giles in the Fields, Finsbury, London. An Elizabeth Minter married James SAGE on 30 May 1843 at St Giles Within, Cripplegate, London; she gave her father's name as William Minter, a clergyman. Elizabeth and James Sage and two children appeared in the 1851 census at 1 Miltons Yard, Islington; Elizabeth's birthplace is shown as Ipswich.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1821, Essex)
The 1841 census has Elizabeth, 20, a female servant, in Queen Street, St Botolph, Colchester.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1827, Middlesex)
As 'Eliz.', Elizabeth is in the 1841 census, aged 14 in Little Drummond Street, St Pancras, London.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1836, Middlesex)
The 1841 census has Elizabeth, 5, living in Princes Street, Mile End Old Town, Stepney, London.

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1869, Waterford, Ireland)
The 1901 census shows Elizabeth, 32, married, a tailoress, living by herself at 5 Browns Yard, Colchester, Essex; she was born in Waterford, Ireland. Elizabeth also appears, at the same address, in the 1911 census; she said she had been married 16 years, was working at home, gave her age as 43 and had a boarder, 41 year-old Thomas Eley. It's possible that Elizabeth was Elizabeth Hemsley who married a Samuel Minter in Q3 1895 at Colchester - this date would tie up with Elizabeth's 1911 statement that she had been married 16 years. Samuel may have been the 20 year-old private who in 1891 was in the Norfolk Regiment at St Botolph, Colchester, having been born in Rackheath, Norfolk: his ancestry has not been established. Elizabeth's death may have been that registered at age 43 in Q2 1911 at Colchester (4a/351).

Elizabeth Minter (born c. 1883, Wood Enderby, Lincolnshire)
If Elizabeth was definitely named Minter, she would be unusual in that she was born in Lincolnshire. She appears in the 1901 census as a housemaid at the Manor House, Scamblesby, Lincs, aged 18.

Elizabeth Dorothy Minter (born 11 November 1912 at 79 Aldenham Street, St Pancras, London)
Elizabeth's birth certificate shows her father as Frank Minter, a hotel waiter, and her mother as Dorothy Minter formerly Martin. Despite extensive searching the identity of Frank Minter hasn't been established. Elizabeth married Hubert Frederick Colombo in Q3 1930 (St Martin 1a/1530) and appeared in the 1939 Register with him and a daughter, Joan, living in East Barnet, Herts. Elizabeth's death was registered in Q2 1983 at Southend on Sea (9/2798).

Ellen Minter (born c. 1810, Colchester, Essex)
The 1851 census shows Ellen, 41, a servant, marital status not stated, at 3 Guildford Place, St Pancras, London.

Ellen Minter (born c. 1837, City of London)
In 1901 Ellen, unmarried, 64 a domestic servant lived at 9 Streatham Place, Streatham, London.

Ellen Minter (born c. 1859, Hackney, London)
The 1881 census shows Ellen aged 22, a barmaid at 'The Prince of Wales', 447, Kingsland Road, St John's Hackney, London.

Ellen Minter (born c. 1873, India)
Aged 18, in 1891 Ellen worked as a housemaid at the 'Wagon and Horses'  66 North Hill, St Peters Colchester, Essex.

Emma Minter (born c. 1818, Middlesex)
Emma, 23, a servant, appears in the 1841 census at 19 Lawn(?) Street, Chelsea, London

Emma Minter (born c. 1831, Rochester, Kent)
See Harry Minter (born between 1841 and 1848, Maidstone, Kent).

Emma Minter (born c. 1881, London)
Emma was a domestic servant at 77 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London in 1901, aged 20.

Ernest (Joseph) Minter (born Q1 1922, Keighley, Yorkshire)
Ernest was registered at Keighley (9a/297) as both Ernest Minter and Ernest Connaughton. His mother Annie Snape (born Q2 1891 Blackburn 8e/384) married John Connaughton at Keighley (9a/414) in Q2 1916; John died aged 27 in Q4 1918 (Keighley 9a/449) not long after his son John T Connaughton was born (birth registered at York (9d/29) in Q3 1918, death in Q2 1975 at Poplar and Bethnal Green (14/1461)). John's widow Annie must have had a relationship with someone else, resulting in Ernest's birth but the identity of this person hasn't been established. Annie married again, to James Fenn, in Q1 1923 (Keighley 9a/347). The 1939 Register shows James and Annie at 55 North Dean Road, Keighley, Yorkshire. James's birth date is shown as 4 July 1885, Annie's as 29 April 1896 (sic). He was an iron foundry labourer, she a scrubber in a laundry. There's also a closed record which may relate to Ernest. Ernest's death was probably that registered (as Ernest Joseph, born 31 January 1922) in September 2013 at Lincolnshire RD (6091K/509068163).

Ernest Henry Minter (born 9 April 1871, Dover, Kent)
Ernest Henry's birth at 36 York Street, Dover, was registered as Ernest Henry Minter by his mother on 20 May 1871. She gave her name as Mary Minter formerly Elgar, and the father as Henry Minter, described as a seaman in the Royal Navy serving on HM Ship Queen Mary. Despite extensive searching I've been unable to find such a Henry Minter or a Royal Navy ship named Queen Mary (prior to the battleship of that name launched in 1912). Census entries for 1871 and later years make me wonder whether "Henry Minter" ever actually existed. In the entries below, Mary Elgar is always described as a widow but I've been unable to find a marriage that might relate to her; her death at age 47 was registered in Q1 1900 at Dover.
1871 census: at 24 York Street, Dover, Mary Ann Fagg (head, widow, 35, laundress, born Deal), Mary Elgar (lodger, widow, 25, dressmaker, born Staplehurst) and Percy Elgar (son, 2, scholar, born Staplehurst)
1881 census: at 4 Tower Hill, Charlton, Kent, Mary Elgar (head, widow, 30, dom serv (cook), born Staple near Canterbury), Percy Elgar (son, 12, scholar, born Staple near Canterbury) and Ernest Elgar (son, 9, scholar, born Dover)
1891 census: at 4 Tower Hill, Charlton, Kent, Mary Elgar (head, widow, 40, laundress, born Staple in Deal) and Ernest H Elgar (son, 20, engine driver, born Dover)
Ernest Henry Elgar married Florence Emily Pickett in Q2 1891 and appeared with her and a number of children in the 1901, 1911 and 1921 censuses.
Ernest Henry Elgar's death was probably that registered, age 69, in Q2 1939 at Eastry.

Esther Minter (born c. 1838 or 1858, Lambeth, London)
See John Minter (born c. 1815, Clapham).

Ethel Minter (born c. 1875, possibly in Soho, London)
The entry for Ethel in the 1891 looks like Minter but could be Mintee. She was a domestic servant at 8 Forward Street in Torquay, Devon. Her age is shown as 6 but was interpreted by the census people as 16 and her birthplace looks like 'NK Soho'.

Fanny Minter (born c. 1820, Snape, Suffolk)
The 1851 census shows Fanny, 31 as a visitor with Warren Sharman and family in Snape. This may be the same person who in 1841 was living on independent means, age 21 in St Matthew Street, St Matthew Ipswich, Suffolk. Fanny Minter's death was registered in Q3 1852 (Plomesgate 4a/393) and, according to, she was buried in Snape, Suffolk on 3 July 1851, aged 32.

Fanny Minter (born c. 1830, Boughton Blean, Kent)
Fanny appears in the 1901 census at Town Place, Throwley, Kent as a temporary domestic help. She was 71 and a widow. Fanny also appears in the 1911 census, aged 82, doing sewing at home, lodging at 10 Vicarage Street, Faversham, Kent. Her death was registered at age 83 in Q2 1912 at Faversham (2a/1050).

Florence Emily E Minter (born c. 1882, Clapham, London)
Florence Emily E Minter married Francis John Hall in Q1 1905 (Hendon 3a/372). As Emily Hall (aged 29, married 6 years), Florence appeared in the 1911 census living at 34 Telford Road, Hendon, London NW with husband Francis (27, a general labourer at a railway company) and 4 children. The births of the children were all registered at Hendon: Frances Mary (Q4 1905, mother's maiden name MINSTER); William John (Q1 1907, mother's maiden name WINTER); Winifred Ethel (Q1 1908, mother's maiden name SCAMMELL); Hilda May (Q3 1910, mother's maiden name MINSTER). Another child, Joseph H, was born in Q2 1912, mother's maiden name MINSTER. Florence's death (as Florence E Hall, aged 43) was recorded at Hendon in Q3 1925.
No trace of Florence's birth has been found under Minter, Minster or Scammell. It seems strange that her name should have been recorded as Minster when 3 of her children were registered. A couple of public member trees at Ancestry show Florence's parents as Thomas Wood Minter of Whitstable, Kent and his second wife Mary Pounder but this seems extremely unlikely and there's no evidence that she was their child, unless she was adopted.

Frances Minter (born c. 1814, Brentwood, Essex)
Frances appears in the 1851 census as a household servant, unmarried, aged 37 at 9 Charter(?) Terrace, St Pancras, London.

Francis J Minter (born c. 1837, Belgium)
In 1881 Francis and his family lived at 47 Hunter Street, St George Bloomsbury, London. Francis was 44, a cigar maker, his wife Ellen or Ellena was 35, a dressmaker, and his daughter Esther was 12, a scholar. Both Ellen/Ellena and Esther were said to have been born in London.

Francis William Sylvester Minter (born Q2 1853, Essex)
Francis' birth was registered at Sudbury in Q2 1853. He was baptised at Marks Tey, Essex on 29 May 1853 and died aged 1 on 15 May 1854 at Marks Tey. His mother was Elizabeth Minter, a servant.

Frank Minter (born c. 1870, Peckham, London)
Frank appears, aged 21, unmarried, a painter, as a boarder at 'Crewys House', Crewys Road, Camberwell in the 1891 census. The 1881 entry for Frank Minter, 11, pauper inmate 'son of a Customs House Officer' in the Camberwell Workhouse may refer to him although the birthplace for this entry is given as Forest Gate, Essex.

Frederick Minter (born c. 1848, Canterbury, Kent)
Frederick makes his sole appearance as a 43 year-old convict in Portsmouth Prison in 1891. His occupation was given as farm labourer.

Frederick George Minter (born 1891, Gosport, Hampshire)
Corporal Frederick George Minter died on 14 December 1917, a casualty of WW1 and is remembered at the La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery, not far from Ypres, Belgium. However, Frederick was actually Frederick George Moody, son of Walter Moody and his wife Mary Jane Moody (who died in 1899). It's not known how the name Minter came about. See also George Minter who died on 8 May 1917.

George Minter (born c. 1776, Kent)
George, 65, a labourer, appears in the 1841 census at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury.

George Minter (born c. 1821)
In the 1841 census, George appears, aged 20, as a private soldier at the Artillery Barracks, Heavitree, Devon. He was not born in Devon.

George Minter (born c. 1835, Middlesex)
The 1841 census has George, 6, and Edward, 5, possibly brothers, as pupils at Bridport House, Tanners End, Edmonton, Middlesex.

George Minter (born c. 1852, Tottenham, London)
George appears, age 39, a general labourer, in the 1891 census at 15 Alexandra Road, Sutton-at-Hone, Kent with his wife Emma (29, born Edmonton, Middlesex).

George Minter (born c. 1871, Brentford, Middlesex)
George, 20, a gunner in the Royal Artillery stationed at the Circular Redoubt at Harwich, Essex, appears in the 1891 census.

George Minter (born c. 1884)
Private George Minter died on 8 May 1917, a casualty of WW1 and is remembered on Bay 6 of the Arras Memorial. However, George was actually W C Cooke, son of Thomas Giles Cooke and his wife Harriet Maria Cooke of Faraday Street, Walworth, London. It's not known how the name Minter came about. See also Frederick George Minter who died on 14 December 1917.

George William Minter
See William Minter (born c. 1872, Edmonton, London)

Grace Minter (born c. 1874, Kensington)
Grace appears as a 17 year-old barmaid in 1891 at the 'Punch Bowl', 41 Farm Street, St George Hanover Square, London.

Hannah Minter (born c. 1821, Kent)
The 1841 census has Hannah, 20, a servant, in Hawley Square, St John the Baptist Margate, Kent.

Harriet Minter (born c. 1826, Suffolk)
The 1841 census includes Harriet, 15, a milliner's apprentice in Hermitage Place, Framlingham, Suffolk.

Harriet Minter (born c. 1856, North Shields near Newcastle)
The 1871 census has Harriet as a 15 year-old domestic servant at 45 East Road, Shoreditch, London.

Harry Minter (born c. 1821, Middlesex)
Harry, 20, a coachman, is in the 1841 census in High Street, New Brentford, Middlesex.

Harry Minter (born between 1841 and 1848, Maidstone, Kent)
Harry seems to appear out of nowhere and has been found first in the 1871 census living at 81 Lorrimore Road, St Mary Newington, London; his age was given as 23 and he was a commercial clerk (biscuits). At the time his wife-to-be, Emma Lewis (born in Rochester, Kent), was living at 2 Athol Terrace, Camberwell, London with her husband Henry Lewis (born about 1851, Ashford, Kent) and their five children, Harry (20), Percival (17), Kate (16), Bertha (12) and Russell (8). All the children were born in Maidstone, Kent. Henry Lewis died in Q4 1871, aged 51 (Camberwell 1d/497).
Emma married Harry Minter in Q4 1874 (Lewisham 1d/1313). The Parish Register entry for the marriage (in the London Metropolitan Archive at, October 2009) shows Harry's father as Harry Minter, engineer, but this hasn't helped. In 1881 Harry and Emma were living at 4 George Lane, Lewisham, Kent. Harry's age was given as 40: he was a commercial traveller (biscuits). Emma was said to be 45. Living with them was Emma's son Harry Lewis, 28 a clerk for a wholesale draper. In the house next door, 3 George Lane, Emma's daughter Kate (26) was living with her husband George H Cain (31, a merchant's commercial clerk, born Clerkenwell, London) and their son George R L Cain (4, born Lewisham), and her married sister Bertha Congdon (23) and her three children Abel (2), Bertha (3) (both born in Wrington, Somerset) and Maggie (1 month, born Lewisham).
Harry died, aged 46, on 9 May 1881 at Bungay, Suffolk (Q2 1881 Wangford 4a/462). shows that Harry was buried on 14 May 1881 in Ladywell Cemetery (Lewisham). Administration (with the Will) of his personal estate, just over £993, was granted to his widow Emma on 23 July 1881 (source National Probate Calendar at Emma's address at the time was Gable Cottage, George Lane, Lewisham.
In 1891 Emma, now a 60 year-old widow living on her own means, lived at 3 Priory Villas, Lewisham, Kent. She was noted as the mother-in-law of George Cain (14, scholar). Emma hasn't been found in the 1901 census: she died in 1895 - the death of an Emma Minter, aged 64, was registered in Q1 1895 (Wandsworth 1d/629). shows that Emma was buried on 19 March 1895 in Ladywell Cemetery (Lewisham). A death notice appeared in The Times on 16 March 1895: "on the 14th March at 9 Tankerville-road, Streatham, Emma, widow of the late Harry Minter, aged 65, deeply mourned by her loving children."

Henry Minter (born between 2 January 1673/4 and 31 December 1674, Kent)
Henry was baptised at Ash, Kent on 1 January 1706/7, aged 32 years.

Henry Minter was buried on 25 January 1679/80 at Ash, Kent, a child.

Henry Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Whitstable, Kent)
Henry was a shoemaker of Whitstable and married Sarah. They had a son Joseph Minter who was baptised on 8 January 1815 at Whitstable.

Henry Minter (born c. 1815)
Henry died aged 71 on 21 June 1886 at the Union Workhouse, Stanway, Essex. His occupation was given as agricultural labourer of Birch.

Henry Minter (born c. 1816, St Osyth, Essex)
At the time of the 1851 census, Henry, 35, was a Private in the Royal Marines, at Chatham, Kent.

Henry Minter (born c. 1820, Colchester, Essex)
Henry, 41, a widower farm labourer, is in the 1861 census in Colchester.

Henry Minter (born c. 1821, Kent)
See John Minter (born c. 1781).

Henry Minter (born c. 1828, Kent)
In the 1841 census Henry, 13, was living in Wheatley Place, St John the Baptist, Margate, Kent with George Philpott, 20, general labourer and (presumably) his wife Sarah, 20.

Henry Minter (born c. 1868, East Ham, Essex)
The 1891 census includes, at a 'lodging house for men employed in brickfield' in Upminster, Essex, Henry, 23, single, a navvy in the brickfield.

Henry Minter FYFFE (born 1787, Holborn, London)
According to, Henry Minter FYFFE was born on 24 June 1787 and died on 30 May 1872, the son of Henry Fyffe (born 20 April 1755) and 99Elizabeth Young WEALES (born 26 December 1757, died 13 March 1808), who were married on 17 September 1786. The IGI says Henry Minter FYFFE was born at Dr Williams Library, London, and baptised on 19 July 1787 at Spa Fields Lady Huntingdons, Clerkenwell, London. The same source indicates that Henry and Elizabeth had two children in 1797 and 1798 named Minter Weales FYFFE, both of whom died in infancy.
Henry Minter Fyffe married Eliza STANTON on 13 April 1820 at St Mary, Islington, London and had several children including, it would seem from the 1861 census, at which time the family lived in Perth House, Linslade, Bucks, a daughter called Minter W FYFFE (but this isn't born out by later information, indeed the daughter appears as Marion in 1871, but it's interesting to speculate whether the name was a throwback to the two infants who died). Henry and Eliza also had a son Thomas Brace FYFFE, who married Elizabeth IMPEY on 29 December 1851, giving his father's name as Henry Minter FYFFE.

Henry Gibbons Minter (born c. 1817, Holland)
Henry appeared in the 1851 census, aged 34, a grocer) with his wife Jane, 36, born Hackney, London. Jane was baptised on 10 December 1815 at St John, Hackney, London. They were living
in 1851 with Jane's parents, Richard and Jane STEIB, and family at 9 Church Street, Hackney. John and Jane were married on 27 November 1838 at Hackney Parish Church. As H G Minter, grocer &c, Church Street, Hackney, Henry was listed in Robson's Commercial Directory of 1840. The couple evidently emigrated to Australia: both died in Victoria, John on 6 September 1897, Jane on 11 August 1901; both were buried in Heathcote Cemetery, Victoria. According to the marriage register, Henry's father was John Minter, a brewer. A lot of searching of Dutch records on-line has failed to determine Henry's ancestry.

Henry Minter LAWRENCE (born c. 1815, Epsom, Surrey)
Henry Minter LAWRENCE appeared with his father Lewis LAWRENCE, sister Louisa and Thomas BENNETT in the 1841 census, living in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. He married Sarah STEPHENSON on 26 April 1846 at St George the Martyr, Southwark, London (strangely though, banns had been called at the same church in November 1838) and appeared with her in the 1851 census, still in Kingston and still with Thomas BENNETT, 13, described as nephew. Henry's death at age 52 was registered in Q1 1868 at Kingston.

Jacob Minter (dates of birth & death unknown)
Jacob Minter, victualler of Green's Alley, St Margaret and St Johns, appears in the 1749 Poll Book of Covent Garden, London. The Poll was taken on 22 November 1749, with Jacob voting for Sir George Vandeput, Bart. Source, UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893, August 2013.

James Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Canterbury, Kent)
James was married to Sarah and had a son Christian who was baptised on 25 January 1784 at St Mary Northgate, Canterbury, Kent. The marriage may have been the one which took place on 17 September 1768 at Swanscombe, Kent between James Minter and Sarah Dennis.

James Minter (born c. 1731 - 32, Kent)
James appears in the Pay Book for HMS Alexander, the Right Hon. Edward Michael Lord Longford, Commander, for the period 1 July 1780 to 1 January 1781. The entry shows that James was 48 and born in Kent and was discharged on 17 September 1780 as 'unsuitable for service' ie sick, to the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, near Gosport, Hampshire.

James Minter (born 4 December 1870, Deptford, London)
James's birth certificate gives only his mother's name, Susan Minter, a general servant. She registered the birth on 3 February 1871, making her mark and giving her address as 47 Old King Street, Deptford, which is where James was born. The birth appears in the birth index in Q1 1871, Greenwich 1d/821.

James Minter (born c. 1880, Beccles, Suffolk)
The 1901 census includes James, 20, a footman, at Hoveton Hall, Neatishead, Norfolk.

Jane Minter (born 1781)
Jane, aged 60, appears in the 1841 census as an inmate servant at St Mary Newington Workhouse, London. She was not born in the county of Surrey. She died in Q1 1850 (Newington 4/277) and was buried, aged 72, abode Workhouse, on 3 February 1850 at St Peter's Church, Walworth, London.

Jane Minter (born 1815)
Jane, 26, of independent means, not born in Kent, is in the 1841 census at the Rectory, Kingsnorth, Kent.

Jane Minter (born c. 1816)
See John Minter (born c. 1781).

Jane Minter (born c. 1821, Kent)
Jane appears in the 1841 census, aged 20, a servant in St Peters Street, All Saints Canterbury, Kent.

Jane Minter (born c. 1834)
Jane, 7 and (probably) her sister Sarah, 11, are in the 1841 census in Gravel Lane, St Saviour Southwark, London. Neither was born in Surrey.

Jane Minter (born c. 1836, Leigh, Worcester)
Jane appears, aged 15, an apprentice dressmaker, in the 1851 census in St Johns, Worcester.

Jane K Minter (born c. 1870, Frogham, Hampshire)
Jane appears in the 1891 census aged 21, a general servant at Worfield, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Hampshire.

Joanna Minter married Patrick Joseson on 13 October 1678 at Ash, Kent, by banns.

Joanne Minter married Richard Winter on 18 June 1637 at St Alphage.

John Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
John was buried in 1570 at Dover.

John Minter married Elizabeth Beeche on 20 October 1606 at Newington next Hythe, Kent.

John Minter married Susan in Folkestone, Kent; Susan died in 1642 as the wife of John (householder).

John Minter married (name unknown) and had a daughter Joona Minter who was buried on 4 August 1678 at Goodnestone next Wingham, Kent. It's possible that John's wife was the Joan Minter was was buried on 26 February 1692/93 at Goodnestone next Wingham, a widow.

John Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
John married Rebecca Boykett at St Mary, Dover in 1682.

John Minter (dates of birth & death unknown)
John, a mariner of Wapping, married Hester Haythorn, spinster, at St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, London on 20 July 1709.

John Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Folkestone, Kent)
John was listed in the Dover Poll of 1802 as a gentleman.

John Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Folkestone, Kent)
John lived at The Flying Horse public house, King Street, Dover in 1823. He was made a Freeman of Dover as a victualler by purchase on 1 October 1813.

John Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Folkestone, Kent)
John married Mrs Phoebe Taylor at Folkestone on 28 November 1827.

John Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Canterbury, Kent)
John appeared in several Canterbury Dirctories as a tobacconist: at 60 Palace Street in 1845 (Post Office Directory) and 1847 (Bagshaw), at Palace Street in 1849, (South East Coast Directory) and at 18 Staplegate in 1852 Post Office Directory). On 4 November 1847 he took oath as a special constable for the Archbishop's Palace district.

John Minter (married on 2 April 1727, Canterbury, Kent)
John was married as of St Mildred's, Canterbury at St Mildred's, Canterbury to Ann Bayley of St Margaret's, Canterbury.

John Minter (buried 11 June 1749 at St Alphage, Canterbury, Kent).

John Minter (born c. 1781)
John, 60 and (probably) his wife Elizabeth lived in High Street, Acton, Middlesex according to the 1841 census. John was a shoe maker, not born in Middlesex; his wife was Middlesex-born.

John Minter (born 1785, Folkestone, Kent)
John was a sea fencible in 1803; believed to have married.

John Minter (buried 14 December 1791 at St Paul's, Canterbury, Kent).

John Minter (born c. 1786, possibly Ireland judging from the squiggle on the 1841 census)
John, 50 a publican and (presumably) his wife Sarah, 50, appear in the 1841 census at 7 High Street, West Hackney, London. John was buried age 56 as of High Street, Stoke Newington at West Hackney Church on 2 January 1842 (source London Metropolitan Archive at, October 2009; Q1 1841 Greenwich 5/204). Sarah died the following year and was also buried at West Hackney Church, on 21 December 1842, aged 57 as of High Street, Stoke Newington (source London Metropolitan Archive at, October 2009; Q4 1842 Hackney 3/148). John may have been the John Minter of High Street, Newington who is listed in the London, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1965 (at, in St John, Hackney.
John left a Will which was proved on 15 January 1842 (copy in National Archives). In it he only mentions his wife Sarah and his daugher Eliza Dell. Eliza was born on 26 April 1821 and baptised at St Andrews, Holborn on 21 May 1821, the daughter of John (a servant) and Sarah Minter of Jockey's Fields (source London Metropolitan Archive at Eliza, a minor, married Thomas Dell on 6 January 1840 at St James, Paddington. Her father's name is shown incorrectly in the register as Joseph Minter, publican (source London Metropolitan Archive at Thomas and Eliza Dell appear with two children in the 1851 census, by which time Thomas was a publican in Prospect Place, St Mary Newington. Thomas was 10 years older than Eliza. By 1861 Thomas was a widower, Eliza having (probably) died in Q1 1860 (Hackney 1b/245).

John Minter (baptised 5 July 1795 in Canterbury)
See John Minter (probably born in Canterbury, Kent - buried there in 1798).

John Minter (born c. 1796, Kent)
The 1841 census has John, 45 a mariner and Sarah Minter, 50, of independent means, living in Deal, Kent. They may have been brother and sister rather than husband and wife, since Sarah's name is listed first.

John Minter (born c. 1811, Surrey)
John, 30, appears in the 1841 census as a servant in Gravel Lane, Christchurch, London.

John Minter (born c. 1815, Clapham)
Aged 71, a widower, John appears in the 1891 census at 65 Larkhall Lane, Lambeth, living with his unmarried daughter Esther, a needlewoman born about 1858.

John Minter (born c. 1816, Kent)
John is in the 1841 census, aged 25 an agricultural labourer at West Struddle Farm, Northbourne, Kent.

John Minter (born c. 1819, Whitstable, Kent
John is in the 1881 census as a boarder, aged 62 at the 'Royal Standard' public house and lodging house in Court Street, Faversham, Kent.

John Minter (born c. 1826, St George, Southwark, London)
In the 1851 census John, 25, appears as a barman at 5 Upper King's St, St Georges, Bloomsbury, London.

John Minter (born c. 1827, Boxted, Essex)
John and his wife Eliza, born Ireland, probably Lisburn, about 1840, appear in the 1871 and 1881 censuses in Romford, Essex and in the 1891 census at Hornchurch, Essex. Eliza died aged 54 in Q4 1893 and in 1901 John was an inmate at the Romford Union Workhouse and Infirmary. He died there age 75 on 6 October 1903. The death was reported by a nephew C W Chevene of 17 Overcliffe Road, Lewisham, of whom no trace can be found.

John Minter (born c. 1832, Middlesex)
John, 9, was in the Hammersmith St Paul Workhouse, London at the time of the 1841 census.

John Minter (born c. 1875)
John appears in the 1891 census as a 16 year-old van boy, lodging at 11 Stewarts Road, Battersea, London. His mother, whose first name is indecipherable, was a widow, 60, a collector of wash. No birthplaces are stated.

John Brooker Minter (baptised 27 March 1803, Herne, Kent)
John's baptism is recorded in the Herne Parish Register, 'baseborn son of Elizabeth Minter'. Cliff Minter thinks Elizabeth may have been born in 1782, the daughter of Thomas Minter and Elizabeth (Morris), who are listed below.

John E Minter (born c. 1855, Bermondsey, London)
See William Minter (born c. 1830, Lambeth, London.

Jonas Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
Jonas was a juror in 1610.

Joseph Minter TAYLOR (born 9 July 1833, Rotherhithe, London)
Joseph was born in Rotherhithe and baptised at St Mary, Rotherhithe on 11 August 1833. His parents were William and Elizabeth TAYLOR. Joseph was a shipwright by the age of 17 and in 1851 lived with his brother in Deptford, London. As a widower he married Jane COMAN, who was born in Jersey, CI, on 5 March 1860 at St Giles, Camberwell and in 1861 lived with Jane and son William in Barking, Essex. Joseph's first marriage was registered in Q1 1856 at Strand, to either Emma CASTON or Clara Augusta AYRES.

Further research reveals that Joseph was the son of William and Elizabeth Taylor. In 1841 they were living in Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe:
William, 50, shipwright; Elizabeth, 45; Samuel, 20; Benjamin, 15; Elizabeth, 13; Lydia, 10 and Joseph, 7. All were born in Surrey except for William.
These children and another, Sarah, were all baptised at St Mary Rotherhithe:
Sarah: born 4 Mar 1814, bap. 27 Mar 1814, daughter of William & Elizabeth, Lavender Lane, shipwright.
Samuel: born 3 May 1818, bap. 6 Jun 1818, son of William & Elizabeth, Lavender Lane, shipwright.
Benjamin: born 2 May 1822, bap. 2 Jun 1822, son of William & Elizabeth, Lavender Lane, shipwright.
Elizabeth: born 10 Sep 1825, bap. 9 Oct 1825, daughter of William & Elizabeth, Lavender Lane, shipwright.
Lydia: born 1 Mar 1828, bap. 30 Mar 1828, daughter of William & Elizabeth, Lavender Lane, shipwright. Lydia was buried age 20 of Lower Queen Street, Rotherhithe, on 23 May 1848.
Joseph Minter: born 9 Jul 1833, bap. 11 Aug 1833, son of William & Elizabeth, Rotherhithe Street, shipwright.
The brother with whom Joseph Minter Taylor was living in 1851 may have been:
William Taylor, bap. on 24 Oct 1817 (the date is unclear) at St James, Piccadilly, son of William & Elizabeth of Leicester Street, carpenter.
The parents of these children were probably William Taylor and Elizabeth Oram, who married by banns at St Mary Rotherhithe on 4 Jun 1811. Elizabeth Oram was baptised at the same place on 25 Sep 1791, the daughter of Samuel and Christian Cecilia Oram. William, aged 57 of Lower Queen Street, shipwright, was buried at St Mary Rotherhithe on 11 May 1845.
None of the above gives any indication of why Joseph Minter Taylor's middle name was Minter. Joseph's marriage to Jane Coman produced another Joseph Minter Taylor in 1874: he married and a third Joseph Minter Taylor was born in 1904.

An interesting sidelight on this story is that in 2011 Craig Shand emailed saying that his grandfather Stan Shand owns a bible in which are inscribed details of Joseph Minter Taylor's 1860 marriage to Jane Coman together with the dates of baptism of their children, William, Louisa, Henry, Eleanor, George, Ralph Westall and Joseph Minter Taylor. The bible also records the death of Joseph Minter Taylor senior on 19 June 1897, number of grave 23561. An inscription reads 'Presented to Mr Joseph Minter Taylor by his affectionate brother Ralph Westall Walker Christmas 1879. In memory of his dear son Ralph Taylor Walker. [signed] Ralph Westall Walker'. The appearance of the surname 'Walker' isn't explained.

Kate Minter (born c. 1843, Margate, Kent)
Kate was a widow, aged 48, living on her own means in 1891, boarding at 51 Military Road, St Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent.

Kate Minter (born c. 1879, Rackheath, Norfolk)
Kate is in the 1901 census, aged 22, a scullery maid at The Bell Hotel, Orford Road, Norwich.

Laurence Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
Laurence married Sarah Baker in 1582 at Folkestone; Sarah died as a widow in 1644.
They had a son Laurence Minter who was a fisherman of Folkestone in January 1637/38 and was buried on 14 August 1647 at Folkestone; his Nuncupative Will dated 25 August 1647 was proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Laurence (junior) married Dorothie Hall on 17 November 1610 at Folkestone. Laurence and Dorothie had five children:
- Sara Minter was baptised on 17 November 1611 at Folkestone and married 'as a virgin of Folkestone' Ralph Ingram a bachelor seaman of Folkestone, born 1611, on 15 January 1637/38 at St Margaret's, Canterbury.
- Thomas Minter was baptised on 14 August 1614 at Folkestone.
- Joan Minter was baptised on 29 March 1618 at Folkestone.
- Laurence Minter was baptised on 26 October 1623 at Folkestone and had died by 10 October 1682. He married Katherin (probably 'Inmeth' before marriage), who was buried as a widow on 10 October 1682 at Folkestone. Her Will dated 26 February 1678/79 was proved at Canterbury Archdeaconry Court on 27 October 1682 with bequests to son Thomas Inmeth and children, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth and children, kinswoman and others. Laurence and Katherin's children were Thomas Inmeth (probably born before parents married), Katherin Minter (baptised on 1 January 1649/50, buried on 21 February 1649/50 at Folkestone), Katherin Minter (baptised on 18 April 1651 at Folkestone), Dorithy Minter (borne on 3 March 1653/54 at Folkestone), Elizabeth Minter (borne on 18 May 1656 at Folkestone) and Sarah Minter who had three children who received bequests in her mother's Will of 1682.
- Dorothie Minter (baptised on 16 December 1627 at Folkestone.

Laurence Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably originated in Folkestone, Kent)
Laurence 'of St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey' made a Will on 26 June 1676. Beneficiaries of the Will included (evidently married) daughters Katherine Taylor and Dorothy Hill, four other children Elizabeth, Mary, Anne and Laurence, son-in-law William Bellamy, grandson Laurence Hill and wife Elizabeth. There is a certain commonality between some of these names and some of the names mentioned in the entries for other Laurence Minters but no firm connection has been established.

Laurence Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
Laurence married Mary and they had two children, Elizabeth Minter, baptised as daughter of Laurence on 19 Apr 1663 at St Mary, Dover and Ann Minter baptised as daughter of Laurance Mynter and Mary on 11 Jun 1665 at St Mary, Dover.

Laurence Minter (believed to be of Folkestone, Kent, died on 20 June 1724 at Rotherhythe)
Laurence married Judith Clarke in 1702 in Rotherhithe; Judith was buried in Rotherhithe in 1731. Their son Lawrence Minter died in 1760, presumably married, and had four children, Playford Minter (born 1709), Judith Minter (born 1710, died 1711), Elizabeth Minter (born 1716, died 1719) and Playford Minter (born 1716/17)

Lilian Minter (born c. 1895, London)
In 1901 Lilian, aged 6, was a patient in the Metropolitan Asylum Northern Hospital.

Lily Minter (born c. 1895, Saxmundham, Suffolk)
In 1901 Lily was 6 and described as daughter-in-law, living at 30 Walpole Road, St Paul Deptford, London with William Russell (28, bricklayer, born Chigwell, Essex) and his wife Annette Russell (29, born Bramfield, Suffolk). Lily's birthplace is given as Saxmundham, Suffolk.

Louisa Minter (born c. 1859, Lambeth)
Louisa appears in the 1881 census, married, age 22, living at 45 Conroy Street, Lambeth, London with her mother, a 39 year-old widow called Louisa Yarwold, a nurse born in Ramsgate. Also there were Thomas Yarwold (19, a printer born in Hackney), Richard W Yarwold (12, scholar, born in Westminster) and George T Yarwold (9, scholar, born in Westminster). It seems that the correct name was Yarnold: the family appears in the 1861 and 1871 censuses as such. There is no sign of a marriage between Louisa Yarnold and a Minter.

Margaret Minter married on 24 December 1741 'as of the Precincts' in Canterbury Cathedral to Stephen Sayers of Littlebourne, Kent.

Margaret Minter (born c. 1786)
In the 1841 census, two women named Margaret Minter lived at 4 Commercial Road, Camberwell, London. The older of the two was 55, of independent means and the younger was 30. Neither was born in the county of Surrey. The older Margaret died in Q4 1850 (Camberwell 4/64) and was buried, age 70 of Commercial Road, on 31 December 1850 at St Giles, Camberwell.

Margaret Minter (born c. 1811)
See Margaret Minter (born c. 1786)

Margaret Minter (born c. 1813, St Briavels, Gloucestershire)
The 1861 census has Margaret as a 48 year-old cook at The Vicarage, Turnpike Road, Hanley Castle, Worcestershire.

Margaret Minter (born c. 1845, Mile End Old Town, London)
Margaret is in the 1861 census, aged 16, a domestic servant at 51 Luke Street, Stepney, London.

Marguerite Minter (born c. 1871, Hachiville, Luxembourg)
According to the 1911 census Marguerite, 40, said to be a German citizen, was a sister at St Joseph's House, Old Strachan Road, Hove, Sussex, a Roman Catholic Home for the Aged Poor.

Maria Minter (baptised 1 September 1793 in Canterbury)
See John Minter (probably born in Canterbury, Kent - buried there in 1798).

Maria Minter (born c. 1818, Kent)
The 1841 census has Maria, 23, a servant in Nelson Crescent, Ramsgate, Kent.

Maria Minter (born c. 1836, Wortham, Suffolk)
Maria is in the 1851 census, aged 15, a servant in Mere Street, Diss, Norfolk.

Maria Minter COLE see Ann Minter AYERS.

Martha Minter married George Wood on 9 February 1672/73 at Elmstone, Kent.

Martha Minter (baptised on 21 July 1799 at St Peters Canterbury, Kent)
See Richard Minter (probably of Canterbury, Kent).

Martha Minter (born c. 1801, Newmarket, Suffolk)
The 1851 census shows Martha, a 50 year-old widow, as a housekeeper in Woodditton (Shagbag), Cambridgeshire. Martha also appears in the 1841 census, aged 35, a dressmaker in Shagbag, Newmarket All Saints. Her death was registered at age 60 at Newmarket in Q3 1860 (3b/283).

Martha Minter (born c. 1821, Suffolk)
Martha is included as a servant, 20 in Cornhill, St Mary at the Tower Ipswich, Suffolk.

Martha Minter (born c. 1826, Oxfordshire)
The 1841 census includes Martha, 15, a servant in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire.

Mary Minter married Richard Bessant in 1723/24 in Folkestone, Kent)

Mary Minter, a spinster of Folkestone, married William Banks, a bachelor yeoman of Newington next Hythe in 1706.

Mary Minter married, as of New Romney, Kent, John Pocock of New Romney on 11 November 1777 at New Romney.

Mary Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Canterbury, Kent)
Mary was the mother of Samuel Giles Minter who was baptised on 2 December 1807 at St Mildred's, Canterbury.

Mary Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Canterbury, Kent)
Banns of marriage were called at St Mary Breadman, Canterbury during July and August 1801 with Henry Isherwood of St Peter. Mary married, as a spinster of St Andrew's on 12 August 1801 at St Peter's, Canterbury, Henry Asherwood, a bachelor of St Peter's, a gunner in the 5th Battalion of the Royal Foot Artillery.

Mary Minter buried on 28 September 1788 at Holy Cross, Canterbury, Kent.

Mary Minter buried on 27 December 1789 at St Mary Bredin, Canterbury, Kent.

Mary Minter (born c. 1778, Kent)
Mary, 63, of independent means, is in the 1841 census in Church Street, Folkestone, Kent.

Mary Minter (baptised on 20 May 1798 in Canterbury)
See John Minter (probably born in Canterbury, Kent - buried there in 1798)

Mary Minter (born c. 1801, Ramsgate, Kent)
Mary, 60, with no occupation, appears in the 1861 census as a visitor at 5 Camden Place, Ramsgate, Kent.

Mary Minter (born c. 1806)
The 1841 census has Mary, 35, a servant, at Gloucester Buildings, St Giles, Camberwell, London. She was not born in the county of Surrey.

Mary Minter (born c. 1811, Kent)
Mary, 30, a servant, is in the 1841 census at Goodnestone Farm, Goodnestone, Kent. She may have been the daughter of Henry Belsey & Ann Minter of the Ickham, Kent group.

Mary Minter (born c. 1821)
The 1841 census has Mary, 20, of independent means, in Allen Street, Lambeth, London. She was not born in the county of Surrey.

Mary Minter (born c. 1821, Kent)
The 1841 census has Mary, 20, a servant in Knotts Lane, Staplegate, Canterbury, Kent.

Mary Minter (born c. 1821, Middlesex)
The 1841 census has Mary, 20, a servant in Bread Street Hill, St Nicholas Olave, London.

Mary Minter (born c. 1821, Ramsgate, Kent)
Mary age 30, unmarried in the 1851 census as a lodging house keeper at 3 Royal Crescent, Ramsgate, Kent.

Mary Minter (born c. 1824, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire)
Mary age 20, appeared in the 1841 census as a female seravnt in Northaw Place, Northaw, Hertfordshire. She married Joseph ARNOLD on 29 May 1842 in Northaw (Q2 1842 Hatfield 6/647), giving her father's name as John Minter. Joseph appears to have died in Q3 1846 (Hatfield 5/373) and Mary then apparently married John SPRIGGS in Q3 1850 (St Albans 3/50). They appear in the 1851 and 1861 censuse with members og the ARNOLD family.

Mary Minter (born c. 1826, "Norwich County")
The 1851 census has Mary, 25, unmarried, as a house maid at 18 Carlton Villas, Paddington, London.

Mary Minter (born c. 1826, Suffolk)
Mary, 15, a servant, appears in the 1841 census at Grove, Hollesley, Suffolk.

Mary Minter (born c. 1826)
Mary, 15, a servant, appears in the 1841 census in London Road, St George Southwark, London, She was not born in Surrey..

Mary Minter (born c. 1832, North Benfleet, Essex)
A 29 year-old mariner's wife, Mary lived in New Street, Brightlingsea, Essex at the time of the 1861 census.

Mary Minter (born c. 1836, Rackheath, Norfolk
Mary, 15, a servant, appears in the 1851 census in George Hill, Catton, Norfolk. 

Mary Minter (born c. 1849, Kensington, London)
In 1891, aged 42, Mary was a servant at 3 Rutland Gate, St Mary & St John, Westminster, London.

Mary Minter (born c. 1875, Nonington, Kent)
Mary appears in the 1901 census, aged 26, single, a lodger with the Cobb family at 1 Carlyle Terrace, Dover.

Mary A Minter (born c. 1827, Lambeth)
Mary was living by herself in 1901, a widow aged 74 with no occupation, at 14 Gosfield Street, St Marylebone, London. She was probably the widow of Henry Minter (born c. 1830, Canterbury, Kent), listed above.

Mary Ann Minter (born c. 1777, probably Kent)
Mary Ann of Whitstable was buried, aged 66, on 14 May 1843 at All Saints, Whitstable. Her death was registerd at Blean in Q2 1843 (5/23).

Mary Ann Minter (born c. 1826, Wortham, Norfolk (sic))
In the 1861 census Mary Ann, 35, was a house servant at 17 Pembridge Gardens, St Mary Abbott, Kensington, London.

Mary Ann Minter (born c. 1860, Faversham, Kent)
Mary Ann married George Wingrove on 24 January 1880 at the parish church of St John's Ealing, Middlesex. Mary Ann gave her father's name as Isaac Minter (deceased). The 1891 census includes George and Mary Ann Wingrove and their two children living at 17 Alfred Road, Ealing; Mary Ann's birthplace is given as Faversham, Kent.

Mary Jane Minter (born 9 June 1866, Limehouse, London)
According to her birth certificate, Mary Jane was born at 6 Railway Place, Limehouse, her father being John Robert Minter, a labourer at the docks, her mother Louisa Minter, formerly Cannon. The birth was registered on the 15th of July 1866 by Mary Jane's mother Louisa of 6 Railway Place, Limehouse. Louisa marked rather than signed her name. Extensive searching has revealed nothing about John Robert Minter or Louisa Cannon, and no trace of Mary Jane after her birth.

Matilda Minter (born c. 1820, Southwark, London)
Matilda appears in the 1881 census as a visitor, widow age 61, a needlewoman, with Thomas and Grace Matilda Temple at 88 Wenlock Street, St Leonard Shoreditch, London.
Matilda Minter
(born c. 1822, City of London)
The 1871 census has Matilda, unmarried, 49, infants milliner at 25 Paul Street, St Leonard Shoreditch.
It's possible that these two entries refer to the same person but the ages, birthplaces and marital status don't agree.

Matilda Minter (born c. 1851, Canterbury)
Matilda, aged 20, a general servant, appears in the 1871 census at 5½ Church Row, St Mary Islington, London.

Maurice Minter (born c. 1881, Russia)
In 1901 Maurice, 20 a boot maker, lived at 1 Booth Street Buildings, Spitalfields, London.

Michael Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
Michael was master of the vessel Po of Folkestone to Rotterdam in 1814 (ADM 68).

Peter John Duneclift Brownlow Minter (born 22 September 1920, Southsea, Hampshire)
Peter's birth certificate shows he was born at 16 Waverley Road, Southsea to Joan Minter, a confectioners shop assistant. Much searching has failed to reveal Joan Minter's identity but she appeared with her son in the 1939 Register at 12 Clarendon Road, Portsmouth. She was shown as Joan Brownlow born 25 December 1892 (1890 per her death), a chocolate manufacturer, and Peter, now known as Peter J Brownlow, was a metal inspector in aircraft}. The death of Peter John D Brownlow was registered at Portsmouth in 1988 (ref 20/834). His mother's death as Joan Brownlow was registered in Q1 1970 at Portsmouth (ref 6b/1556).

Rebecca Minter (born c. 1799, Maidstone, Kent)
The 1851 census includes Rebecca, 52, unmarried, a nurse servant in Bellevue Road, Newchurch, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

Reginald Minter (born c. 1879, London)
Reginald appears in the 1901 census, aged 22 a carman living in a registered lodging house at 97 Old Street, St Lukes, Finsbury, London.

Richard Minter (probably of Canterbury, Kent)
Richard, of the 9th Regiment of Foot, married Mary (surname unknown) and had a daughter Martha Minter who was baptised on 21 July 1799 at St Peters Canterbury, Kent.

Richard Minter (born 21 March 1852, Marylebone, London)
Richard's birth cerificate shows he was born at 4 Union Street, Marylebone. His father is named as William Minter, a coachman, and his mother as Anne Minter formerly Minter. The birth was registered on 28 April 1852 by Richard's mother of 4 Union Street. No other trace of Richard or his parents has been found.

Robert Minter (lived in Ash, Kent in 1705)
Robert was a yeoman of Ash in 1705 with 118 acres. He had a wife, 3 children, 5 male and 3 female servants.

Robert Minter (born c. 1808, Suffolk)
The 1841 census includes Robert, 30 a painter(?) and Eliza, 30, in Court Lane(?), St Margaret's Ipswich, Suffolk. Eliza was probably Eliza Bull, whose marriage to Robert Minter, on 21 January 1828 at St Mary Elms, Ipswich, appears in the Suffolk Marriage Index at (June 2014). Robert's death was registered at Ipswich in Q3 1842 (Ipswich 12/243) and his burial appears in the National Burial Index. He was buried, aged 34, on 18 September 1842 at St Margaret's, Ipswich. There is no further sign of Eliza.

Robert Minter (born between 1813 and 1821)
The 1841 census includes Robert Minter, an agricultural labourer living in Drove End, Gedney, Lincolnshire. The age could be 20, 23 or 28; he wasn't born in Lincolnshire.

Robert Minter (born c. 1816, Kent)
The 1841 census shows Robert, 25, an agricultural labourer, in West North down, St John the Baptist Margate, Kent.

Robert Minter (born c. 1874, Erith, Kent)
The 1911 census shows Robert aged 37, single, as a Private in the 2nd Battn. The Buffs, stationed at Headquarters SS, Singapore SS.

Robert Minter COCK (born c. 1800, Broadstairs, Kent)
According to the IGI Robert Minter COCK was baptised on 21 December 1800 at St Peter, Thanet, Kent, son of Robert COCK and Mary; Mary was probably Mary HURST who married Robert COCK on 22 September 1799 at St Peter, Thanet.
Robert married Mary Ann DAWSON on 2 March 1837 at Peter, Thanet and appeared with her and two children in the 1841 census, living in Thanet Row, St Peter. Robert married again, as a widower of St Peter, Isle of Thanet on 10 April 1849 at the Parish Church of Brixton, Surrey. His new wife was Esther KOCHER of Brixton, father Henry KOCHER, gentleman. Robert, Esther and three children appeared in the 1851 census, living at 3 Thanet Row, St Peter, Thanet.

Rose H Minter (born c. 1884, Raydon, Essex)
The 1901 census has Rose, 17, a general domestic, at 30 Lordship Park, Stoke Newington, London.

Rosina Minter (born c. 1849, Whitstable, Kent)
Rosina, aged 22, a housemaid, is in the 1871 census at 109 High Street, Shadwell, London. Her death was probably that registered in Q3 1897, aged 48, at Greenwich (1d/721); burial at Brockley Cemetery on 4 September 1897. Rosina might have been Rosannah, the illegitimate daughter of Ann Jane Minter (Whitstable section) but the birth date of the latter was 20 March 1851.

Rosina Minter SANDERS (born Q1 1845, Isle of Wight)
In 1851, recorded as Rose, Rosina lived with her parents and several brothers and sisters on the Isle of Wight, where her father Thomas SANDERS was the inn keeper at the Vine Inn in Ryde. At the age of 19 she married Alfred HARVEY on 16 July 1864 at St Matthew's Church, Islington, London, giving her father as Thomas SANDERS, hotel keeper.

Samuel Minter (born c. 1826, Suffolk)
Samuel is in the 1841 census, aged 15, a brick maker at Dorley's Corner, Kelsale, Suffolk. He was living with Charles Benns (66, shoemaker), Mary Benns (48),and two children, Elizabeth Benns (10) and Henry Benns (9). As Mary Minter, Mary married Charles on 8 January 1830 in Kelsale, Suffolk (Stella Herbert, April 2009) and was probably Samuel's mother. But it has not proved possible to establish who she was previously married to or whether Samuel was her illegitimate son.

Sarah Minter (born c. 1787, Southampton)
The 1851 census includes Sarah, unmarried, 64, a needlewoman living in Cross Street, Clapham, London.

Sarah Minter (born c. 1791)
Sarah, a widow aged 60 giving her birthplace as Stroud(?Strood), Kent, appears in the 1851 census, a charwoman, at 14 Brunswick Place, Ramsgate, Kent and in the 1861 census as a widow aged 70 but giving her birthplace as Finsbury (no county stated), at 9 Brunswick Place, Ramsgate. Sarah died aged 78 and was buried on 31 March 1867 at St Georges, Ramsgate, with a plaque at the Ramsgate Ebenezer Chapel. Sarah's death was registered at Thanet in Q1 1867 (2a/494) and on 2 April 1867 the Kentish Gazette reported the death at Minster of Mrs Sarah Minter of Ramsgate, aged 78.

Sarah Minter (born c. 1791, Kent
See John Minter (born c. 1796, Kent).

Sarah Minter (born c. 1804, Middlesex)
Sarah, 37, a servant appears in the 1841 census in Hertford Street, St George Hanover Square, Mayfair, London.

Sarah Minter (born c. 1821)
Sarah, 20, a servant appears in the 1841 census in Mimosa Terrace, Islington West, London.

Sarah Minter (born c. 1831. Edenbridge, Kent)
Sarah, aged 30, a general servant, is in the 1861 census at 30 Hill Street, St George's, Westminster, London.

Sarah Minter (born c. 1836, Kent)
Sarah, 5 and Charles, 11 (possibly her brother) are in the 1841 census in Wincheap Street, Thanington, Kent with Jane Court, 60, Elizabeth Court, 7 and Harriet Court, 5.

Sarah Minter (born c. 1840)
Sarah, 11 and (probably) her sister Jane, 7, are in the 1841 census in Gravel Lane, St Saviour Southwark, London. Neither was born in Surrey.

Sarah Minter (born c. 1841, Chelsea)
In 1881 Sarah Minter (married, 40, born Chelsea) lived at 6 Manor Gardens, Chelsea with two sons, John (16), and his brother James (19).

Sarah Minter (born c. 1859, Dorchester)
The 1881 census has Sarah, 22, as a cook at 227 Oxford Street, Marylebone, London.

Sarah B Minter (born c. 1800, Dartford)
It's not clear whether Sarah's name was Minter. In 1841, as Minto, a 40 year-old schoolmistress, she lived in Kelvedon Hatch, Essex with Sarah Minto, 15. In 1851, as Mintor, Sarah was in the census as a widowed 50 year-old schoolmistress, still in Kelvedon Hatch, with daughter Sarah (20, born Mile End, London) and grandson Edward Palmer (7, scholar, born Bermondsey). Edward could have been Edward John Palmer, born on 4 November 1843 (Q4 1843 Bermondsey 4/20)  the son of George and Mary Palmer (IGI).
In 1861 Sarah appeared in the census as Sarah B Minter, a widow, 61, schoolmistress of Kelvedon Hatch. There is no sign of Sarah's death registration under the name Minter.

Stanley Minter born c. 1876, Lewisham, Kent
Stanley, aged 25 a commercial clerk, appears with his wife Florence, 26 also born in Lewisham, in the 1901 census as boarders at 451 West Green Road, Tottenham, London.

Stephen Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
Stephen left a Will in 1575.

Stephen Minter (born c. 1822, Clerkenwell, London)
Stephen, 29 a carrier, his wife Isabella , 29, born Cornhill, City of London, and daughter Emma, 4 months, born Bermondsey, London, lived at 3 New St West, Bermondsey according to the 1851 census. The census entry is indexed as Monter by

Susan Minter (born c. 1826, Kent)
Susan, 15 appears in the 1841 census in Seven Star Street, St Mary the Virgin Dover, Kent.

Susanna Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
Susanna married George Stannard at St Mary, Dover in 1714.

Susannah Minter (born c. 1755, Kent)
The 1841 census includes Susannah, 86, of independent means in Charity House, St Paul Canterbury, Kent.

Talatha (or Tabitha) Minter (born c. 1756, Suffolk)
William Minter (born 1776, Suffolk).

Thomas Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Kent)
Thomas married Anna and had a daughter Marie Minter who was baptised at Ash, Kent on 5 July 1640.

Thomas Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
Thomas married Joanne Miller on 17 April 1615 at Newington next Hythe, Kent.

Thomas Minter (died 1645, Folkestone, Kent)
Thomas had four children, Judith Minter (born 1632, daughter of Thos. Mynte), John Minter (died 1638, son of Thos. Miniter), John Minter (buried 1639) and Ann Minter (married John Harvey in Folkestone on 5 December 1653, as daughter of Thos.).

Thomas Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Whitstable, Kent)
Thomas married Elizabeth Morris of Seasalter on 20 October 1778 at Whitstable; he was married as of Whitstable. Thomas and Elizabeth had three children. Martha Minter was baptised on 28 February 1779 at Whitstable and married James Carter of Whitstable at Whitstable on 12 October 1797. John Minter was baptised on 18 November 1780 at Herne, Kent. In 1841, aged 60, he was at St John's Hospital, Kent and died there on 3 October 1846, one of the brothers of that establishment, and was buried on 9 October 1846 at St Mary Northgate, Canterbury, aged 64. Elizabeth Minter was baptised on 11 July 1782 at Herne, Kent: she was possibly the mother of John Brooker Minter baptised on 27 March 1803 at Herne, Kent as the base born son of Elizabeth Minter.

Thomas Minter (born c. 1809, Fulham, London)
The 1851 census has Thomas, 42, unmarried, a labourer, as a visitor at 1 George Yard, St Saviour Southwark, London.

Thomas Minter (born c. 1843, Halstead, Essex)
The 1871 census has an entry for Thomas, aged 28 an agricultural labourer, unmarried, lodging at All Flats, Eastwood, Rochford, Essex.

Thomas Minter (born c. 1857, Canterbury)
The 1881 census taken at Aldershot includes Thomas, aged 24, a private soldier.

Walter Minter (born c. 1771)
Walter, 70, agricultural labourer, his wife Elizabeth, also 70 and (perhaps) their daughter Elizabeth Minter, 25, are in the 1841 census in Little Brockley, Lewisham, Kent. None was born in Kent. Walter was buried, aged 80 of Little Brockley, on 8 October 1848 at St Mary, Lewisham. His death was registered in Q4 1848 (Lewisham 5/241) (although the enhanced GRO index gives his age as 82). Walter's wife died in Q2 1850 (Lewisham 5/207) and was buried, aged 84 of Little Brockley, on 23 June 1850 at St Mary, Lewisham.

Walter Minter (born c. 1875, Tierra del Fuego)
The 1891 census includes Walter, a British subject, age 16 as a barman at 175 High Street, Stoke Newington, London.

Walter Richmond Minter (born 31 August 1872, 21 Richmond Street, St Marylebone, London)
Walter's birth certificate gives his father as George John Minter, a marble mason, and his mother as Mary Jane Minter, late Gilks, formerly Shaw. The birth was registered on 9 September 1872 by Walter Aspil, occupier of 26 Richmond Street.
The identity of Walter's father is a mystery. In March 2024 five George John Minters appear on Minter Exchange, six if you count John Fagg Minter, whose name appeared on his death certificate as George John Minter. A review of these six individuals suggests that none is likely to have been Walter's father.
Walter's first census appearance was in the 1881 census and provides a clue to the identity of his mother. The following people are listed at an address in Woodford Bridge, Essex: Susan CROOME (head, widow, 79, baker, born Stanningfield, Essex), Mary A (sic) GILKS (daughter, widow, 42, born Borough, Middlesex), Susanah SHAW (daughter, married, 40, born Woodford, Essex), William J CROOME (son, married, 38, baker, born Woodford, Essex) and Walter GILKS (grandson, 8, scholar, born Maded Hill(??), Middlesex). The last person listed is clearly he who would become Walter Richmond Minter. Mary J Gilks died aged 44 in Q3 1883 (West Ham 4a/108). Earlier that year it was widely reported that she had been charged with begging on behalf of her mother Mrs Croome. Mary Jane Gilks can be traced back through her marriage (as Mary Jane Croome) to Joseph Gilks in 1859 and to her birth in 1838
Walter hasn't been found in the 1891 census but Walter R Minter appears in the 1901 census at 5 Exeter Terrace, Maybank Road, Woodford, Essex; aged 28 he was a manager and philatelist and had with him his aunt, Susannah MAXFIELD, 60, a widow, shirt machinist, born Woodford Bridge, Essex. Walter's birth was registered in Q3 1872 (Marylebone 1a/573); he probably died aged 78 in Q1 1950 (Epping 5a/119). The 1911 census includes Walter Richmond Minter, age 38, single, living at 9 Waverley Road, South Woodford, Essex. He was then an assistant superintendant at the Refuge Assurance Co Ltd. His aunt Susannah MAXFIELD, now 70, was still living with him. The 1939 Register shows Walter Minter, born 31 August 1873, a retired insurance agent, living alone at The Lodge, Upshire Hill, Waltham Holy Cross, Essex.

William Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
William married Judith Saunders at Folkestone on 14 April 1642.

William Minter (died 1674, Folkestone, Kent)
William died 'a householder'.

William Minter (born 1776, Suffolk)
The 1841 census includes William, 65 a harness maker and Talatha Minter, 85, in Shottisham, Suffolk. Tabatha (Tabitha) may have been William's mother: her death was registered in Q1 1847 at Woodbridge (12/437). William appears in Ancestry's UK, Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811: on 18 February 1800 as a harness maker of Shottisham he took on an apprentice, William Paternoster. William died on 29 July 1844 (Q3 1844 Woodbridge 12/319). Stella Herbert has a copy of the death certificate which gives age as 69, occupation harness maker of Shottisham. The death was notified by Harriet Reeve.
The National Burial Index shows that William (69) and Tabitha (90) were buried at Shottisham St Margaret on 4 August 1843 (presumably a transcription error) and 19 January 1847 respectively.

William Minter (born about 1785, probably in Essex)
According to Essex Marriages And Banns 1537-1935 at, William married Ann WILKINS in 1815 at Elmstead, Essex. The Essex Burial Index 1530-1994 (also at indicates that William Minter was buried, aged 52, on 2 April 1837 at Great Bromley, Essex. His widow, as Ann Minter, married John PORTER on 27 October 1837 at Great Bromley, Essex. This marriage appears in Essex Marriages And Banns 1537-1935 at and in the BMD index, Q4 1837 Tendring 12/473. John (40, ag lab) and Ann (40) PORTER appeared in the 1841 census, living in Bromley Road, Ardleigh, Essex. John's death at age 71 was registered at Tendring in Q1 1849 (12/193); Ann's death at age 70 was registered in Q4 1858 at Tendring (4a/137).

William Minter (born 1783, Folkestone, Kent)
William was a taylor of High Street, Folkestone in 1803.

William Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, probably of Folkestone, Kent)
William married Mary Ladd on 15 October 1797 at Folkestone. Their son Henry Minter was born on 13 May 1799.

William Minter (dates of birth & death unknown, Folkestone, Kent)
William married Mary Smith of Dover at St Mary, Dover in 1814.

William Minter (born c. 1811, birthplace indecipherable)
The 1851 census includes William, 40, butler to Richard Wyatt Edgell, magistrate of Surrey, at Milton Place, Egham, Surrey.

William Minter (born c. 1825, Faversham, Kent)
William is in the 1851 census, aged 26, a tea dealer's and grocer's shopman at 36 New Bridge St, St Ann Blackfriars, London.

William Minter (born c. 1830, Lambeth, London
William and and his wife Mary A Minter appear in the 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses but have not been found in earlier censuses. William was born about 1830 in Lambeth and may have died in 1892. Mary A was born about 1830 in Deptford. No trace of their marriage has been found. The 1871 census includes a son, John E Minter, born about 1855 in Bermondsey, whose birth doesn't seem to have been registered and who hasn't been found in later censuses.

William Minter (born c. 1840, Ickham, Kent)
The 1861 census includes William, aged 21, a carter, living at Ratling Court, Nonington, Kent.

William Minter (born 7 September 1841, Shoreditch Workhouse, London)
William's birth certificate gives his father as William Minter, seaman, and his mother as Sarah Steward. Sarah was evidently in the Shoreditch Workhouse when William was born - she registered the birth there on 21 September 1841. William was probably the William, a 10 year-old nursechild of Henry and Charlotte Clark who appeared in the 1851 census at 3 Ruskin Lane, Bethnal Green, London. No later trace of him has been found. The identity of his father is unknown but he could have been one of the "Whitstable Minters".

William James Minter (born c. 1865, Pulham Market, Norfolk)
As Wm. Jas. Minter William is in the 1881 census in Thoroughfare Street, Redenhall, Norfolk as a 16 year-old draper's apprentice.

William Minter FOX (born c. 1828, Thanet, Kent)
According to the IGI, William Minter FOX was baptised in St John, Thanet on 4 May 1828, son of George FOX and Sarah. William married Sarah Maria DUFF on 23 February 1851 at St John, Waterloo, London. They appeared, together with Sarah's brother Henry F DUFF, in the 1851 census at 245 Belgrave Road, St John the Evangelist, Holy Trinity, Westminster, London. They had at least two children including two daughters who when they married gave their father's name as William Minter FOX:
- Sarah Maria FOX married Fred NELSON on 25 December 1876 at St Johns Church, Fulham, London.
- Jane FOX married Arthur Herbert COLGATE on 3 February 1878 also at St Johns Church, Fulham, London.

William Minter KING (born c. 1822, Folkestone, Kent)
According to the IGI, William Minter KING was born in Folkestone on 11 July 1821, son of James KING (died 25 April 1830) and Elizabeth HASTINGS (bap. 6 January 1788), who were married in the Faversham Parish Church on 9 July 1812. William Minter KING married Catherine Ellen EASTY on 25 April 1844 at St George's, Camberwell, London. William, his wife and three children appeared in the 1851 census, living in Harbury, Warwickshire. The census shows that Catherine was born in Penzance, Cornwall; her death on the 18th of March 1863 at Munster Lodge, Hampton Wick, was announced in The Morning Post of March 23 1863.