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The history of the Minter family in Boxted, Essex

by Darren Bedingfield

October 2014

Darren Bedingfield is a descendant of the Minters of Boxted. His entertaining and well-illustrated history of the family spans six generations.

Click on the following links to read about each generation - each will open in a new window or tab:

Edward Minter (1765 - 1853) and Mary Johnson

Thomas Minter (1806 - 1845) and Mary Ann Surry

William Johnson Minter (1833 - 1913) and Harriet Dobson

George Henry Minter (1856 - 1910) and Ellen Allen

George Henry Minter (1878 - 1948) and Rebecca Steed

Ella Mildred Minter (1910 - 1977) and James Joseph Dunn Powell

Alternatively, click on the following link to open a document containing all six generations:

The Minters of Boxted