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The Minters of London

Many of the Minter families found in London originated in Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. Those listed in this section are possibly exceptions - no ancestry beyond that noted has been found. As time goes by it may be possible to relocate some of these families to their originating county.

In the 19th century, many of the places mentioned below were officially part of the counties which bordered London. Greenwich for example was in Kent. In an attempt to avoid confusion, today's 'Greater London' has been used as a container for such places.

If your ancestors lived in London at the end of the nineteenth century the map obtainable by clicking here may be of interest. The map which appears is the Booth Poverty Map of 1898/99, overlaid on Microsoft's Virtual Earth. Some of the London streets which existed in 1898/99 have disappeared and others have had their name changed. A list of the London streets associated with Minter families can be found here. Street names which appear in italics are the same today as they were in 1898/99; names which appear in bold have changed as indicated; names which appear in normal type are uncertain. Any information about addresses that no longer exist will be welcome.
I thank Dominic Moore for the help he provided in producing this map and the list of London streets and we would both like to thank the Archives at the London School of Economics for generous permission to make use of Charles Booth's Maps Descriptive of London Poverty on this website. All the map sections are protected by copyright, so must not be reproduced without individual permission from Archives, LSE. The complete maps, together with accompanying descriptive notebooks that were originally used to compile them, may be accessed at the LSE website

The placing of families in geographical locations is normally determined by the area inhabited by the earliest generations but sometimes by the area with which a family became most closely associated.


Charles Frederick Münter

This small family group appears to be one which belongs to the Minter clan by adoption of the name rather than by its ancestry. The family starts with Charles Frederick Münter. No trace of him has been found prior to his marriage in 1913 and the presence of an umlaut suggest he may have been of Dutch or German origin. He married as Charles Frederick Münter and his 4 children were registered as Münter. Use of the name Minter started some time after WW2.



Matthew Minter

Matthew Minter was born in Chelsea in 1823: the IGI gives his parents as Henry and Elizabeth Minter but nothing is known about them at present. Matthew may have had brothers, Henry William, born 1817, and two named John in 1831 and 1832, and a sister Mary in 1827. The baptisms all took place in St Luke, Chelsea. Matthew's family may be linked to the Chelsea (2) group below.


Chelsea (2)

William Minter

The head of this small family group is William Minter, born about 1814 in Chelsea. He married (or lived with) Mary Ann Norton who was born about 1826 in Fulham. They had nine children. More research is need to establish the origins of the family, which may be linked to the Chelsea group above.



John Minter

The head of this very small family group was John Minter who was probably born between 1790 and 1800. He married Elizabeth Stafford and they had two children, Mary Ann and Francis. More research is need to establish the origins of the family.



James Edward Minter

James Edward Minter was originally thought to belong in a separate Minter family, the Croydon Minters. He was actually a member of the Ash group, where he and his family can be found.



Walter Minter

Thomas and Richard Minter were born in Hammersmith about 1780 and 1785 respectively. Their father is thought to have been Walter Minter. The family also has connections with Chiswick, a few miles west of Hammersmith.

Margaret Young, Robert Clack, Tony Perrey, Geoff Minter, Dominique Encarnação, Brian Page, Janice Brown, Alan Buttenshaw


John Minter

Very little is known about this family, which was headed by John Minter, a stationer, probably born in the 1770s or 1780s.



Philip Minter

The choice of Islington as the location for this family is somewhat arbitrary. Philip was originally Philip MINTZ, born in Poland in 1900, the son of Izrael Icek MINTZ (born 1875, Przasnysz, Poland) and his (first) wife Malka Sura GOTTES. Philip's younger sister and brother are said to have been born in London in 1902 and 1905 respectively, suggesting the family moved to England in the early 1900s but they have not been found in the 1911 census. It's not known when they started to use the name Minter - the first indication of the change was the registration of the birth of Alan Minter in 1941.

Yehuda Eisenberg


John Minter

The son of John and Sarah Minter, William Minter was born about 1803 in Hertford, Hertfordshire; his wife Ann Evershed came from Sussex and the couple raised their family in London. The earliest trace of William and Ann is in 1851 when they lived in Kensington, and later generations lived in and around that area. The family has therefore been placed in Kensington, London but if more can be discovered about the ancestry of this family it can be moved to its proper location. Hertfordshire is not a county known to have produced any other Minter families.



William Pettet Minter

William Pettet Minter was born in Lambeth in 1777, apparently the son of Henry Minter, whose ancestry is unknown. One of William's grandchildren emigrated with her husband to New Zealand and had a large family there. Several of William's descendants have provided information about the family, as acknowledged below.
The Lambeth family have the distinction of being the home of the oldest known Minter, Mary Ellen, nee Jones, who was born in June 1873 and died in the first quarter of 1978.

Peter Hunt, Carol Kilford, Michelle Jones, Helen Dann, Karen Stevenson, Linda Button, Debbie Merry, Mel Morris, Christine Small, Shannon Minter, Norman Minter

Lambeth (2)

John Frederick Minter

John Frederick Minter was born about 1825 in Lambeth. Despite extensive searches the only thing that has been established concerning John's ancestry is that his father was James Frederick Minter, a tailor. No trace of the latter has been found. Sarah Ann Minter was a witness at John Frederick's marriage but no clue as to her relationship to John Frederick has been found.

Tracy Bennett


Alexander Minter

Alexander Minter and family first appear in the 1881 census. It would seem that they came to England from Germany in the 1870s: Alexander and his wife were both born in Saxony about 1843 and brought three children with them to England. It's just possible that Alexander was a British subject. More research is needed to establish his ancestry.

Rosemarie Osborn


William John Minter

Although born about 1846, William John Minter appeared for the first time in the 1871 census. His 1863 marriage certificate doesn't give the name of William's father but as of December 2011 it is thought that he was the son of William John Minter and Mary Martha Gardner of the Lambeth group. As a result all the records that were in the Westminster group have been transferred to the Lambeth group.

Malcolm Bates, Catherine Honey, Peter Minter


Thomas Minter

Thomas Minter appears to be a rare bird - a Minter born in the nineteenth century in a county other than the usual ones. Censuses consistently give his birthplace, about 1845, as the Gloucestershire village of Winstone. Unfortunately hardly anything is known about his ancestors. Thomas's 1865 marriage certificate gives his father's name as William Minter, a farmer, but this hasn't helped. A faint possibility is that Thomas started life as Midwinter - there were a few families of that name in Winstone in the 1850s and 60s - and for some reason changed his surname to Minter. Thomas evidently joined the Royal Artillery and spent time in India, probably spending much of the 1870s and early 1880s there with his wife and family. On returning to the UK Thomas settled in Woolwich which is why he is found in the London section. One of Thomas's sons, William James, as Billy Minter, played for and managed Tottenham Hotspurs between 1908 and 1929.

Susan Wyeth, Holly Minter, Julie Redpath, Craig Minter, Mel Willis, Paul Minter