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Minters in Australia

In the notes that follow, the story of many of the Australian Minters is outlined. Early emigrants to Australia came mainly from Kent and to a lesser extent from Suffolk, London and Essex. The notes are divided into county sections and within that into groups which align with the families identified in the website.

At the end is a section dedicated to 'waifs & strays', individuals and families who have been found in lists of Australian births, marriages and deaths and in Electoral Rolls but who have not been identified with any of the known Minter groups.

Entries in red show where further information is needed.

Ash, Kent

The Ash group has had the greatest influence on the population of Minters in Australia, where descendants of the Ash group are found almost exclusively in New South Wales.

Martin Minter, born 20 January 1799 in Dumpton, Kent

Martin Minter was the immediate ancestor of the most prolific of the Australian Minters. Martin himself was a baker all his life, most of which was spent on the Isle of Thanet, Kent. He and his wife Fanny Morphew (whose father was also a baker) had 9 children, two of whom emigrated to Australia:

Joseph Martin Minter was born in 1831 and evidently made several trips to Australia as a crew member before finally settling there around 1860. He married an Irish girl, Sarah Campbell, in St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney in 1860 and lived in the Macleay district of New South Wales (north of Sydney) before moving to the Sydney area towards the end of his life. As far as is known, Joseph and Sarah had no children.

Martin George Minter was born in Sparrow Castle (which is not a castle), Margate, Kent on 14 August 1838. He started his working life as a seaman and is said to have sailed seven times around the world before settling in Australia having jumped ship at Melbourne, Australia in the 1860s. It’s also said that Martin was one of three sailor brothers who left their ship at that time: Joseph Martin Minter was probably one of them but it’s not clear who the third was. In 1869 Martin married Rosannah Devlin of Sydney at Kempsey in the Macleay district and farmed in that area for several years. Later in life Martin became a cabinet maker; he died in New Lambton, Newcastle (about 150 Km north of Sydney) at the age of 84 in 1923.

Martin George Minter was the ancestor of more Australian Minters than anyone else. He had 10 children, nine of whom were boys who between them gave Martin and Rosannah 67 grandchildren. Martin's daughter Rosannah had 6 children, bringing the total to a barely believable 73. The details follow:

William Henry Minter (1870 – 1934). Married twice and had three children by his second wife Lillie Louise Edgtton:

  • Irene Julia Minter (1916, Burwood, NSW), married Royden Clarence Buckley in 1936.
  • James William Minter (1918 – 1970), married Ellen Ellsworthy (c. 1915 – 1948), then Marjorie Jane Stymann in 1954.
  • Charles George Minter (birth date unknown, died 2005), married Ena Roscoe in 1951 and had two daughters.

Rosanna Minter (1872 – 1942). Married Ernest John Springall and had 6 children.

Joseph George Minter (1874 – 1952). Married Emily Maud Hatherley in 1895 and had 8 children including six sons.

  • Joseph Martin (1895 - 1982), married Gladys May Charlton in 1915 and had ten children. Married again in 1943, Jean Martha Hampton.
  • William Henry (1898 - 1975).
  • Stella Maud (1900 - 1982), married Andrew King in 1922 and had four sons.
  • Reginald Morphew (1902 - 1949), married Ethel Hewett in 1926 and had eight children.
  • Ernest George (1903 - 1976), married Doris Hanlon in 1927 and had four children. Married again in 1945, Rita May Hartup, and had two sons.
  • Alice May (1905 - 1975), married Renson Anton Stanley Peterson in 1928.
  • Bertie (1907 - 1986), married Edith Mary Sams in 1929. Married again in 1939, Joyce Norbery, and had five children.
  • Herbert Roy (1912 - 1994), married Ida Humble in 1934 and had three children.

Henry Morphew Minter (1876 – 1933). Married Margaret Ann Benson in 1895. Margaret’s granddaughter, Gail Gniewosz reports that Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Benson and Charlote Batterson. Thomas was the son of John Benson a convict, and Charlotte was the daughter of Henry Batterson also a convict. Henry came from Cambridge and John from Nottinghamshire. Henry and Margaret had 15 children between 1896 and 1923. Henry Morphew Minter has several living descendants, some of whom have provided invaluable information about the family. As a result, the family’s history is well documented. The children:

  • William Raymond (1896 - 1966), married Theresa Olive Major in 1922 and had three children.
  • Constance Rita (1899 - 2000), married Sidney James Burnett in 1923.
  • Muriel M R (1901 - 1982), married James A Judd in 1921 and had two sons.
  • Henry Rawson M R (1903 - 1918).
  • Reginald Henry (1905 - 1966), married Mona Pearl Osborne in 1933 and had two sons. Married again in 1949, Veronica May Stacey.
  • Austin Stanmore (1907 - 2000) married Vera Gladys Colling in 1927 and had eight children.
  • Ina Camila (1909 - 1911).
  • Henry Morton (1910 - 1982), married Bertha Eileen Bridge in 1937 and had three daughters.
  • Thomas Martin (1912 - 1999), married Ethel Lily Wright in 1934 and had a daughter.
  • Keith Clifford (1913 - 1992), married Ada Evelyn Dempster in 1940 and had three children.
  • Lola M (1915 - 1987), married Bernard A Toohey in 1934.
  • John Errol (1919 - 2004), married Mavis Nellie Olsen in 1942 and had two children.
  • Eric James (1918 - 1985), married Joyce Beryl Cooke in 1941 and had four children.
  • Beryl Jean (1920 - 2008), married Ronald William Samuels in 1960 and had two children.
  • Betty Margaret (1923 - 2003), married Neville Charles Oliver in 1942.

John Frederick Minter (1877 – 1956). John was at one time an upholsterer, at another, a builder, and lived in Singleton and West Maitland, New South Wales. He married Harriet Cole in 1911 and had 8 children.

  • John Robert (1911 - 1977), married Joyce Heather Smith in 1933 and had three children.
  • George Martin (1912 - 1993), married Joan Margaret Smith in 1936 and had six children.
  • Frances Myrtle (1914 - 1931).
  • Adelaide F (1916 - 1917).
  • Netta Rose (born 1917), married Richard Edward Wallace MacDonough in 1934.
  • William Henry (1919 - 2003) married Peggy O'Halloran in 1947 and had a son.
  • Betty May (1920 - 1972), married Charles Patrick Drane in 1940.
  • Douglas Walter (1921 - 1921).

Charles Robert Minter (1880 – 1960). Charles was an upholsterer and later a builder’s labourer, living in New Lambton and East Kempsey, New South Wales. He married Hannah Oakley in 1901 and had 12 children including seven sons.

  • Charles Robert (1902 - 1963), married Zelma Doris Ann Parsons (born 1907) in 1924 and had ten children.
  • Rose Hannah (born 1904), married Robert A Parsons in 1926.
  • Arthur John (1906 - 1975), married Hazel Ellen Lathan in 1931.
  • George (1907 - 1998), married Elsie May Booth in 1936 and had two sons.
  • Annie (born 1910), married Albert Gardnir in 1927.
  • Arthur (1914 - 1915).
  • Irene May (1916 - 1916).
  • Frederick (1917 - 1968) married Doreen Kendall in 1937 and had two children.
  • Dorothy Hannah (birth year not known), married William George Oakley in 1938.
  • William Henry (1922 - 1986), married Gladys Julia Wills in 1944 and had four children.
  • James Ernest (1924 - 1987), married Sarah Anne Fennell in 1941 and had two sons.
  • Margaret Jean (born about 1927), married Ronald McKenna in 1949.

George Martin Minter (1881 – 1960). George was an upholsterer and later a builder’s labourer, living in New Lambton, East Kempsey and Redfern, New South Wales. He married Ethel Albertha (Elbertha on her 1920 headstone) Chapman in 1907 and had 6 children before Ethel died in 1920 aged only 37. George probably married again: the NSW index of marriages has George Martin Minter and Mildreth May Kelly marrying in the Sydney District in 1936.

  • Cyril George (1908 - 1955), married Dorothy Maud Lalor (1909 - 1939) in 1929 and had six children.
  • John Frederick (born 1910), married Ida May Bacon in 1934 and had a son.
  • Elsie Irene Alberta (born 1911), married Stephen Robinson in 1938.
  • Hazel Ethel (born 1914), married Roland James Harrison in 1939.
  • Leslie Harold (1916 - 1999), married Enid Joyce Tonkin in 1940 and had a daughter.
  • George Mervyn (1918 - 1985), married Josephine Patricia Drury nee Field in 1959 and divorced the following year.

Ernest Minter (1883 – 1950). Ernest was an upholsterer living in Kempsey, New South Wales. He married Mary Ann Chapman (1881 – 1933) in 1905 and had 8 children:

  • Aubrey Ernest (1906 - 1960), married Mary Katherine Guinea (c. 1908 - 1990) and had seven children whose history is well documented thanks to Cally Schneider.
  • Ruby Doris (1908 - 1997), married Ernest Lebrocq in 1924.
  • Reginald Thomas (born 1910) married Madge Ellem (c. 1917 - 2008) and had three sons.
  • Gladys Irene (1912 - 1995), married Norman James MacQueen in 1931.
  • Marjorie Alberta (born 1915), married Robert John Stone in 1935.
  • Ernest William (1917 - 2000), married Marion Avis (surname unknown) and had two sons and two daughters.
  • Harold James (1919 - 1996), married Esther Ruth Fick and had three sons and a daughter.
  • Keith Mervyn (born 1924), married Evelyn Alice Amey in 1946.

Ernest was married again in 1944 to Linda May Sevenoakes – they had a son who died in 1948.

Sidney Minter (1884 – 1942). Married Alberta Mary Elliott in 1905 and had 8 children.

  • Sidney Ellis (1905 - 1979), married Marrain Edith Burger in 1930 and had 11 children.
  • Lucy Alberta Rose (1907 - 1957), married Felix John O'Neill in 1927 and had a daughter.
  • Olive May (1908 - 1971), married Ernest Victor Amps in 1927 and had six children.
  • Son, unnamed born and died in 1909.
  • Byron Henry George (1911 - 1962), married Jeannie Pauline Frazer in 1935 and had 10 children, including 9 girls.
  • Ruby Irene (1913 - 1996), married Alexander William Creighton in 1931.
  • William Thomas (1914 - 1968) Robbie Charleston has filled in details of William Thomas's family. William married Elsie Iles in 1934 and had seven children.
  • Edward Mark (1917 - 1970) his story is well documented thanks to Dianne Newton. Edward married Gladys Audrey Cresswell (born c. 1919, died aged 88, 7 March 2007, late of Kurri Kurri, formerly of Weston) and they had four children.

Frederick George Minter (1886 – 1887). The only one of Martin George’s children to have died in infancy.

Henry Minter, born 19 October 1817 in Worth, Kent

Henry was a market gardener and it’s said that before that he was a sailor. He didn’t go to Australia himself but perhaps his days as a sailor imbued his children with a sense of adventure: they went not only to Australia but to America (and one died aboard ship in Rio de Janeiro). The Australian connection is as follows:

Henry’s son Charles Daniel Minter went to Canada after his second marriage and then to Australia about 1912: he married Hughina Cooke in Victoria and was 88 when he died there in 1942. He and Hughina had no children.

Henry’s grandson, Albert Edwards’s son, Frank Leslie Minter and Frank’s sister Elsie Gwendoline Minter both went to Australia. Elsie went to Adelaide in 1915 and married William Arthur Caesar (who was born in England) there the same year. Frank went to Australia originally in 1912, returned home and married Lillie Cooling, then returned permanently to Australia in 1914. Frank and Lillie lived in Mildura, Victoria where Frank was a fruit grower. (Mildura is about 530 Km north–west of Melbourne and about 420 Km east of Adelaide). The couple had four sons:

  • Frank Norman Minter who married Jean Woodford in 1938 in Victoria, and has living descendants, including Robin and Andrea Minter who farm near Mildura, Victoria and are known for their speciality, asparagus.
  • Derick Edward Minter who married Margarita May Jeanes in 1942 in Mildura, Victoria, and has living descendants
  • Robert Leslie Minter who married Lorna Allison Byron (date and place unknown), and has living descendants
  • Gordon Cooling Minter who married Gloria Jane Alexander Keeble Byron (date and place unknown), and has living descendants

Henry Teetgen Minter, baptised 30 June 1816 in Deal, Kent

Henry was one of the nine children of Hockaday Minter of Deal, Kent who married Hannah Maria Teetgen in 1808. Henry was apparently the only one of the nine who left England.

Henry married Catherine Greenfield (who died in France in 1861) in London in 1842 and was an inn–keeper in Dover in 1846. He emigrated to Australia in 1862 and was a publican at the Criterion Hotel, Young, New South Wales. The Criterion Hotel’s website has a picture of the hotel which is believed to date from 1865. The caption says the picture was provided by Lance Cook of Warrawang, Murami, a great–grandson of the then owner Henry Minter. Henry died in Young in 1890.

Henry’s six children were born in France, when he was a hotelier in Boulogne sur Mer. It appears that the children didn't go with their father to Australia in 1862. However, son Joseph Edmund eventually emigrated to Australia: after marrying in Islington, Middlesex in 1876, he and his wife had children in England up to 1884. But their last known child was born in Australia in 1887 soon after the whole family arrived in Victoria on the ’Liguria’.

Joseph Edmund Minter (1853 – 1906) arrived with his family in Victoria in 1887. There were six children:

  • Augustus Charles Minter (1876 – 1944) married Henrietta Emily Howard in Barmedan in 1908 and had two children, Doris Emily (1909, married Leoplod J Judd in 1931) and Mervyn Teetgen (1916 – 1993, married Helen Esther and had three children). Further details needed.
  • Ernest Edmund Minter (1878 – 1941) married Ada May Macauley in Barmedan in 1909 and had two children, Emily B (1911) and Eric Edmond (1913 – 1950). Eric married Linda E Stein in Sydney in 1933 and had a son Eric A who died in infancy. Ada died in 1921 at Auburn and Ernest married again at Auburn in 1922, Amy K Power.
  • Maud Langford (born 1880). No other information known.
  • Kate Eugenie (born 1882) married Emrys Williams in Barmedan in 1905 and Charles Edmund Gilbert Cook in 1922.
  • John Percy Minter (1884 – 1956) married Iris Dilia Josephine Forbes in Temora in 1916. Iris died later the same year.
  • Henry Teetgen Minter (1887 – 1940)

George Minter, born 28 April 1828 in Ickham, Kent

In 1841 George was living with his parents at Ickham. He got a Seaman’s Ticket at Ramsgate on the 21 March 1846 and in 1854 was buried at New Town Cemetery, Sydney, Australia. That is all that is known.

Albert Edward Minter, born 28 November 1924 in Penge, Surrey

Albert was an electrician, served in the Royal Navy and was discharged in 1944 in Australia, where he then continued to live. He married Valerie Jean Clark (who was cremated at Eastern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney on 15 November 1995) in 1950 in Sydney and they had a son Rodney John Minter in 1961. Nothing more is known about the family.

Edwin Thomas Minter, born 1894 in Hastings, Sussex
Frank Coquard Minter, born 1898 in Barking Essex

Edwin and Frank were brothers, two of the children of Henry Minter and his wife Helen Coquard.
It’s not known when either of them went to Australia but Frank was there in time to enlist in the Australian Imperial Force 1914 - 18 in Melbourne, Victoria. He married Freda Maud Scanlon (died 1975) in Victoria in 1941. Nothing more is known.
Edwin died in Victoria in 1976. He married Mary Alice Baxter (who died in 1960) and they had a son, Robert Henry Coquard Minter in 1927 - he maried Sylvia Veenie MacKinnon between 1949 and 1954 and had three daughters. Bob, as he was known, was a funeral director in Melbourne and died in April 2007.

Rex William Minter, born 22 January 1926 in Balham, London

Rex was the only child of William Herbert and Eleanor Lucy Minter. He was in the Royal Navy and lived for a time in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, USA before leaving Los Angeles for Australia on 8 December 1964 on the ’Orsova’ with his wife Juanita Irene (nee Steward) who was born on 17 February 1926 and died on 9 April 2006, late of Balmain and Pennant Hills, and their two sons, who were both born in Los Angeles, Robert William Minter born 30 July 1957, married with two sons, and James Steward Minter born 28 August 1959, about whom noting else is known.

Rex was a high school teacher and keen genealogist and has contributed much to the history of the Kent Minters.

Reginald Charles Minter, born in Q2 1927 in Croydon, Surrey

Reginald, the son of Thomas Frank and Kate Elizabeth (nee Vallens) Minter, married Lilian Ann Bishop in 1950. They emigrated to Australia on 20 September 1965 and lived in Queensland, where Reginald died in 2010. Reginald and Ann (as she known) had no children.

Ickham, Kent

The Ickham group’s contribution to the Minter population of Australia is as follows.

William Minter, born 1842 in Goodnestone, Kent

In 1861 William was 19, a brewer’s clerk, boarding in Ash, Kent. He emigrated to Australia and joined New South Wales police in 1865, becoming a senior sergeant in 1869. He married Annie Hughston in the Scots Church, Sydney in 1867 and they had four children, three girls who married, and a son, William John who died at an early age and without marrying, in 1903. As far as is known, there are no Minter descendants of the family.

George Minter, born 14 October 1834 in Nonington, Kent

George and his wife Emily had nine children. The two youngest both emigrated to Australia although they arrived at different times and lived in different places.

  • Arthur William Minter was born on 7 April 1879 in Heronden, Eastry, Kent. He joined the Merchant Navy, settled in Nambucca, New South Wales, Australia and was employed on steam ships using the river. In 1917 he was a seaman in Carrington, New South Wales, in 1922 a labourer in Newcastle, New South Wales and in 1943 he had retired to Adamstown, New South Wales. Arthur married Mary Elizabeth Noakes, born in New South Wales, at Port Macquarie, New South Wales and they had five children, four girls, two of whom married, and a son Arthur William Alfred Minter.
    Arthur junior married Nina Winifred Hughes in 1933 in Macksville and they had four children, three girls, two of whom married, and a son, Arthur William Alfred Minter.
    Arthur William Alfred (1913 - 1974) married Nina Winifred Hughes (c. 1912 - 2007) in 1933 in Macksville and they had four children, three girls and a boy, Arthur George Minter.More information is needed about Arthur George and his sisters.
  • Ernest John Minter was born on 30 March 1882 in Farthing Gate, Eastry, Kent. Ernest left school at nine years of age and joined the navy about 1893. He put his age up by one year. He bought himself out about one year early, in 1907, for £20 at Port Adelaide, South Australia and settled there. He sent for Elizabeth Nicholls and they married six weeks after her arrival in South Australia. They had a farm at Kiopo Forest (Meadows) until a drought in 1914 forced them off the land. It’s believed he originally planned to go into market gardening with his brother–in–law, but his brother–in–law was killed in a wagon accident. This story hasn’t been confirmed.
    Ernest and Elizabeth had three children, two girls who married and a son, John Thomas Minter on 26 March 1921. John married Gwenda Barbara Merchant in Adelaide in 1944 and is understood to have had a son and a daughter but their names aren’t known. John died in 2002, Gwenda in 2003. More information is needed about John Thomas and his family.

Ada Blanche Minter, born Q2 1888 in Portsea, Hampshire

Ada is known to have left England for Adelaide in 1921, to have returned to England in 1928, and to have gone back to Adelaide the following year. No trace of her has been found subsequently.

Leonard Henry Minter, born Q1 1900 in Gravesend, Kent

It’s not known when Leonard left England but he’s believed to have married in Canterbury, NSW in 1929 to Florence May Kay (1906 - 1980). Leonard probably died in 1968 in the Campsie area. Leonard and Florence had two children, Molly who died in 1938, and David Herbert, who married Judith Margaret Kelly in 1957. It's not known whether David and Judith had a family.

John Minter, born Q3 1946 in Durham

John married Margaret Patterson in 1969 in Northumberland and they now live in Australia. Their daughter Susan was born in England in 1969 and also lives in Australia, in Perth, with her husband Paul Patrick Hogan. Paul was born in Glasgow in 1966 and married Susan in 2001 in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Henry Smith Minter, born 21 March 1849 in Tarbert, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Henry was the son of Henry Minter who was born in Kent in 1813, a Coastguard who initially worked in England but was transferred to Ireland in 1842. Henry Smith Minter married Elizabeth Charlotte Harness, the daughter of his father's friend, but appears to have left her for a new life in Australia. His life is a little shadowy but what is known is documented in the Ickham, Kent section.

Folkestone, Kent

Folkestone group’s contribution to the Minter population of Australia is as follows.

Michael Minter, born 12 January 1807 in Vlissingen (Flushing), Holland

Michael Minter was the son of John Minter, at one time mayor of Folkestone. John and his wife Ann had twelve children all born in Folkestone except for Michael, the youngest, who was born in Holland (a possible reason for this is that Michael's brother John had connections with Holland).

Michael was to become a doctor of medicine: he studied in London, became an MD in 1827 and was apprenticed to Dr Robert Peck at Newmarket, Suffolk. He then practiced in Whitstable, Kent between 1828 and 1837 and was a surgeon living in Folkestone at the time of the 1841 census with his first wife Sarah (Baldock) who died later in 1841 leaving no children.

In 1842, Michael married Eleanor Edmunds Jeffery and between 1843 and 1848 had four children. In 1849 Michael and Eleanor and their four young children emigrated to Australia aboard "The Brothers". They settled at Mt. Moriac, Geelong, Victoria, about 75 Km south–west of Melbourne.

The Minters were closely associated with the Peck and Hedley families. The story of these families is told in great detail in Helen Connell's 'The Hedley - Peck - Minter migration to Australia', which can be seen here.

Once settled at Mt. Moriac Michael and Eleanor had five more children and Michael evidently became a person of some importance in Geelong – by 1852 he was a magistrate. It’s also evident that partly through his own position and partly because of his apprenticeship with Dr Peck in Newmarket back in the 1820s, Michael Minter became very ’well–connected’. Dr Robert Peck was born on 20 July 1789 and in 1819 married Sarah Minter at Folkestone: Sarah was Michael Minter’s sister. This might explain why Michael did his apprenticeship in Newmarket although how Robert Peck met Sarah isn’t known. Robert and Sarah Peck’s first child was named Floyd Minter Peck. He and his brother James (who was 13 years younger than Floyd) went to Australia. Paul Saban has produced a fascinating website describing Newmarket medical history which includes Floyd Minter Peck and the medical Peck family In 1864, James Peck married Ada Minter, one of the four children who had gone to Australia in 1849 with Michael and Eleanor Minter – James and Ada were therefore first cousins.

A year before Ada married James Peck her elder sister Ella married Robert Copland Lethbridge. Robert was born in 1838, the son of Robert Copland Lethbridge of Launceston, Cornwall who married in 1826. Around 1830 Werrington House was built at South Creek, New South Wales, on land that had been granted in 1806 by the third Governor of New South Wales, Philip Gidley King, to his children. It was Governor King’s daughter Mary who married Robert Copland Lethbridge in 1826, thus the Australian branch of the Folkestone Minters became related through marriage to the Governor of New South Wales.

Michael Minter’s children made other interesting marriages which would have cemented his position in Australia. Altogether, his children produced 43 grandchildren for Michael and Eleanor. However, Michael and Eleanor had only one son who survived beyond infancy:

Michael Minter who was born in Folkestone, Kent and died in Tatura, Victoria, Australia. Michael married Emma Cunninghame in 1867 and they had eight children including five sons:

  • Marie Emma Minter (1868 - 1958), married Owain Fargues Vaughan and had two daughters.
  • Ella Minter (1869 - 1869).
  • Robert Michael Minter (1870 – 1929), married Sarah Hunter in 1913 and had two children:
    • Robert George Minter (1914 - 1975), married Jenice Seekamp in 1941; they had two daughters, Patricia Marie Minter who died in Victoria in 1981 and Anne Dorothy Minter who died in Queensland in 2011.
    • Margaret Alison Minter (born in 1917)
  • Floyd Cunninghame Minter (1872 – 1939). Did not marry, as far as is known.
  • Charles John Minter (1874 – 1895). Charles died while trying to rescue his brother Jeffrey from drowning .
  • Alice Eleanor Minter (1875 - 1968). Married Peter Menzies (brother of Mabel Menzies, who married Albert Octavius Minter) and had four children.
  • Jeffrey Cuthbert Minter (1878 – 1895). Jeffrey was accidentally drowned.
  • Albert Octavius Minter (1880 – 1962), married Mabel Margaret Chalmers Menzies (sister of Peter Menzies who married Alice Eleanor Minter) in 1906 and had two children:
    • Albert Ronald Chalmers Minter (1907 - 1968). Albert Jnr. married Myra Isabel Nicholson in 1938 and they had three children, Vivienne Noel Minter, Robert Ian Minter and Michael Chalmers Minter. Albert Jnr. died in 1968, his wife Myra in 1981.
    • Marjorie Chalmers Minter in 1909. Marjorie didn't marry and died in New South Wales in 1993.

John Marsh Minter, baptised 28 September 1821 in Deal, Kent

John Marsh Minter was a solicitor in London between 1850 and 1853 and was listed in the 1857 East Kent Poll. He married Jemima Jones in 1841 in Stepney, London. It’s not known when the couple left for Australia but he evidently died there – the administration of his estate was granted (he was ’late of Sandhurst, Bendigo’) on 1 June 1861; he was buried at White Hills Cemetery and later re–interred in Bendigo Cemetery. Jemima arrived on the ’Norfolk’ at Port Philip, Melbourne, Australia in October, a widow, cabin passenger aged 30. They are not known to have had any children.

David Minter, born about 1823 in Holland

David Minter was the son of Michael Minter’s brother John who as noted above had connections with Holland, in fact several of his children were born there. David himself didn’t go to Australia but one of his sons by his second wife Rhoda Osborne went there:

Augustus Minter was born in Barking, Essex in 1866 and died in Parhan, Victoria in 1940. He married Alice Sabine Graham in 1892 and had two children. The family emigrated to Australia on 24 December 1909, leaving from London for Melbourne, on the ’Osterley’ and in 1919 were living in Yarra, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. Augustus and Alice’s daughter Gladys married Henry Gordon Brewster Swift in 1915 and son Percival Augustus married Ruby May Barratt in 1921. Percival August died in 1978, his wife Ruby in 1989. Both were cremated at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Clayton, Victoria. Percival and Ruby are known to have had a daughter – if that was their only child, this particular Minter line would have come to an end.

Alfred Thomas Minter, born 1858, Folkestone, Kent

Alfred was one of the sons of the Folkestone solicitor, John Minter and his wife Emmeline. It appears that Alfred originally left England for America with two brothers, Robert and Frank, and worked on a farm in Kansas. But by 1890 he was living in Sydney, NSW and was a law writer or solicitor's clerk. He married a widow, Adelaide Maria Sleeman in 1890. Adelaide had had a son, Thomas Clarence, with her first husband in 1887. At some point Thomas Clarence dropped his original surname Lloyd and adopted Minter in its place. Thomas Clarence (and probably his mother) moved to Western Australia and worked as a lumper on the docks. He married Maitland Alice Drummond in 1925 and they had two daughters Mary and Bobbie about whom nothing is known.

It's not known what became of Alfred Thomas Minter or his wife Adelaide.

Albert Minter, born 1865, Barking, Essex

Albert Minter and his wife Alice Jane, born about 1866 in Camberwell, arrived in Victoria in 1912. They don’t appear to have had any children. Alice died in 1947 and Albert in 1952, both in Victoria.

Ernest Reginald Minter, born 1881, Islington, London district

Ernest, together with his wife Ethel and son Denys Biron, first left for Australia in 1913 on the ’Demosthenes’ and in subsequent years made a number of trips between England and Australia. Ernest probably died in Sydney in 1928 and it appears that Ethel and Denys returned to England, where Ethel later died and Denys married.
The son, Denys Biron Minter, his wife Hilda Mary and three children Denys John Biron, Felicity Mary and Guy Dudley Biron, left Tilbury in December 1948 and arrived in Brisbane in January 1949. Their subsequent history isn’t known, except that (1) Denys John Biron died in Queensland in 1962 and (2) Guy Dudley Biron married Anne Rosa Owen in 1966 in Brisbane and had two sons, David John (1967) and Michael Robert (1970), both of whom are married.

Canterbury, Kent

Two Canterbury groups contributed to the Australian Minter population. The first selection of names below is from the main Canterbury group. Herbert Minter of 1846 appears in the website group known as Canterbury(2).

George Minter, born 15 November 1790 in Canterbury, Kent

George was the son of a Canterbury butcher Charles Minter. At the age of 21 he joined the 3rd Ceylon Regiment as an ensign and remained in the Army until 1844. He married Emma Wood in Canterbury in 1824 and his wife evidently accompanied him when he went to New South Wales soon after they married. Their first child Robert Brownrigg Minter was born in Aberdeen, NSW in 1825. Other overseas postings followed, including a spell in India where George and Emma’s next two children were born. In 1840 George arrived in Sydney, New South Wales on a convict ship, the ’Woodbridge’ as an Army Captain in charge of 229 male convicts, but also on board were his wife and their six children. A seventh child was born in Sydney in 1841: it’s not known whether she survived but probably not because in 1842 it was reported that Captain Minter sailed from Sydney for Bombay with his wife and four children. It’s not clear who was left behind (or perhaps the report was inaccurate) but it is clear that George’s eldest son Robert Brownrigg Minter was to take up life in New South Wales. George and Emma eventually retired to England and spent their last days in Bristol.

Robert Brownrigg Minter, born 2 November 1825 in Aberdeen, New South Wales

Robert attended Kings School, Parramatta, New South Wales between 1840 and 1842. He qualified as a solicitor and set up a firm in Windsor. In 1852 Robert married Mary Gordon in Cooks River and they had four sons:

George William Minter (born 1852, died 1929). Moved to New Zealand, married Elizabeth McFadyen Cargill in 1880 and had two daughters, Alice Gordon (1880 - 1978) and Kathleen Mary (1881 - 1882). Elizabeth died in 1913 and George married again, to Emma Augustus Perry (c. 1863 - 1931), in 1919.

Alexander Robert Minter (1854 – 1929). Alexander was admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales on 2 September 1888 worked in Hunter Street, Sydney, Australia in 1919. He became a partner in the firm of what became Minter Simpson & Co, solicitors in Sydney, Australia in 1884. Minter Simpson later became Minter Ellison and remained relatively small until the 1970s. Since then it has expanded enormously and is one of the largest law firms in the Asia Pacific region. Alexander married Tempe Florence Chapman in Sydney in 1882 and had five children:

  • Hugh Minter (1883 – 1910).
  • Clifford Minter (1885 – 1977). Followed his father into Minter Simpson, married with four children, one of whom, John Alexander Minter (1919 – 1984) also went into Minter Simpson, married Patricia Mary Marsland (died 20 July 2001) and had two children.
  • Edith Minter (1888 – 1962) married Norman George Pilcher (died 1957) and had four children.
  • Bruce Minter (1891 – 1986) after distinguished military service in WW1 became a grazier in New South Wales. He married Doris Catherine Remington in 1920. His son and grandson followed in his footsteps. He also had three daughters all of whom married.
  • Mervyn Minter (1893 – 1977) married Mabel Dorothy Wilkinson (c. 1904 – 1988) and had two sons and two daughters.

Edward Unwin Minter was born on 3 July 1856 in Maitland East, New South Wales. He was apparently a mining licensee in Queensland between 1871 and 1934, when he died.

Gordon Kennedy Minter (1858 – 1930). Gordon was a grazier; he married Helena Townsend in Cowra in 1881 and they had ten children. Gordon died in 1930 at Parramatta and Helena died in 1936 also at Parramatta

Walter Minter, born 1862 in Camberwell, London

Walter Minter was the son of William Honeywood Minter who although born in Canterbury spent most of his life in London and Surrey, variously a butcher, a cowkeeper, a farmer and a dairyman. Walter was born while the family was in London, one of eight children, and married Frances Elizabeth Youngman in 1883, in London. They had three sons, all of whom emigrated to Australia. Walter and Frances evidently emigrated as well: both died in Queensland, Walter in 1940, Frances in 1931. Two of the sons, William Honeywood Minter and Henry Ernest Minter left London in 1907. Their brother’s departure date isn’t known but he was in the Australian army by 1917.

William Honeywood Minter was born in 1885 and registered in the Paddington, London district. In 1901 he was working as a milk carrier, possibly for his father, who was a dairyman. He and his brother Henry left London for Sydney on 28 June 1907 on the ’Ortona’. William’s age was given as 22, his occupation, clerk. In 1914 William married Rebecca Gillespie (who died in 1948) in Queensland. Their first son Reginald William (about 1917 - 1998) married Emily Stainsbury and they had 16 children between 1937 and 1964. William and Rebecca's second son Ronald James married Myrtle Lilian (surname unknown) and they had a son Jeffrey James Minter.

Arthur James Minter was born in 1887 and registered in the Twickenham, Middlesex district. He was 14, a solicitor’s clerk living with his parents in 1901. It isn't known when Arthur went to Australia but he served in WW1 as a member of the Australian Imperial Force, Reinforcements, Imperial Camel Force. Arthur married Bertha Eileen Mooney in 1911 in Mosman, New South Wales; they had four children:

  • Walter Frank, born 12 September 1911 in St Leonards, New South Wales; married Hazel Gabriel Young. Walter died on 22 July 2000 and Hazel, at the age of 93, on 23 February 2004 (funeral on 27 February), both of Maryborough, NSW. They had a son Geoffrey Arthur Minter.
  • Elizabeth Phyllis Jean Minter born 1913, Gosford, NSW, married Ronald Francis Roylance and had three daughters.
  • Arthur E Minter born 1915 in Paddington, NSW.
  • Ronald A Minter died 1916 in St Leonards, NSW.

Henry Ernest Minter was born in 1888 and registered in the Twickenham, Middlesex district. He was 12 and clerk living with his parents in 1901. He and his brother William left London for Sydney on 28 June 1907 on the ’Ortona’, age given as 19, a clerk. Henry Ernest married Emily Grace Chessum in Queensland in 1914. Both died in Queensland: Henry Ernest in 1961 and Emily Grace in 1952. They had a daughter Dorothy Grace Minter.

William Charles Thanet Minter, born 1877 in St Pancras, London

William was one of the seven children of William Minter who was born on the Isle of Wight, and Martha Emma Mott and, as far as is known the only one to emigrate. William’s emigration is deduced from the fact that he died in Marrickville, New South Wales in 1947. He married in Lena Coldham in 1903 and they had a daughter Evelyn Lottye Minter in 1905. More information needed.

Canterbury(2), Kent

Herbert Minter Marsh, born 1846 in Fordwich, Kent

Herbert was the son of Edward Marsh, one of the three illegitimate children of Sarah Marsh. The father of at least one of the children, Edward, was probably a Minter since Edward’s middle name was Minter. Herbert had two sons both of whom left for Australia:

Athelstan Herbert Minter, born 6 February in Kingscott, Torrington, Devon
Athelstan married Elvie Pope in 1919 apparently at that time serving in the military. Shortly afterwards they moved to Rhodesia where their three sons were born. The eldest Erroll came back to England and married Hazel S Banner and had two children. The middle son Dick married Jeanne Venema, died in New Zealand but had two daughters Gillian and Janet in Australia. They both married there. The youngest son married Brenda, had a daughter called Jane and died in Redcliffe, Queensland. There are no known Minter descendants.

Richard Minter, born 25 July 1888 in Kingscott, Torrington, Devon
Richard left England on the ship ’Oroya’ 1908 serving as a baker, arriving in Brisbane on 19 October 1908. He married Florence Heloise Tomlin in Brisbane in 1915 and had three daughters. Richard died in 1925 and his widow married Robert Burns in 1925 in Queensland. One of Richard daughters was alive and well in 2006 but as far as is known, there are no Minter descendants, Richard having produced no sons.

Whitstable, Kent

Thomas Minter, born Q3 1847, Deptford, Kent (part of London)

Thomas was the son of Henry Minter, who was born in 1819 in Charlton by Woolwich, Kent, and his wife Susan Barker. Thomas married Elizabeth Jane Phillips in 1872 in Queensland: he didn’t appear in the 1871 UK census so presumably left for Australia in the late 1860s or very early 1870s. Thomas is believed to have died in 1900 in Western Australia. Their first two children were born in Queensland, the rest in NSW:

  • Susan Jane Minter, 7 June 1873, Brisbane, Queensland; died in Burwood, NSW in 1914. Married James G Wilson in 1900 at Redfern, NSW.
  • Charlotte Hannah Martha Minter, 26 January 1875, Brisbane, Queensland. Married James Clark in 1894 at Redfern, NSW, witnessed by her sister Susan Jane.
  • Ellen Ada Minter, 1877, Sydney, NSW. Married John Crutchfield in 1901 in Queensland.
  • Florence Maud Minter, 1880, Sydney, NSW. Married Ebenezer Robert Ashlin in 1909 in Queensland.
  • Henry Joseph Minter, 1882, Paddington, NSW. Married Annie O’Toole at Paddington in 1910 and died in 1946 at Kogarah, NSW. Annie died, aged 90, late of Fairlight, formerly of Sans Souci, on 9 October 1973. Had (at least) two children:
    • Henry Vincent Minter (born 1910, Newtown, died 5 September 2002, late of Eleebana, formerly of Sans Souci, aged 91). Married Esther Mary Donohue (died 16 June 1988, late of Sans Souci) in 1936 at Kogarah, NSW.
    • Beryl Minter (1915, Annandale). Married Francis Alfred Johnson in 1942 at Kogarah, NSW.
    • Kenneth Charles Minter (1924, Sydney). Married Joan Florence Fleming in 1946 and had two sons, Paul and John. Kenneth was an Australian champion in 16 foot skiff racing. Both Kenneth and Joan died in 2008.
  • Eliza Louisa Minter, 1884, Paddington, NSW, died 1885, Paddington, NSW.
  • Arthur J Minter, 1886, Redfern, NSW, died 1887, Redfern, NSW.
  • Rose A Minter, 1889, Waterloo, NSW. Had a daughter, Iris E Minter in 1910 at Waterloo (no father’s name shown). Married Samuel Bowden in 1919 at Sydney. Iris married John Alfred Carroll Horgan in 1932.
  • Ruby Minter, 1891 – 1892, Redfern, NSW.
  • Ivy Cecilia Minter, 1893, Redfern, NSW. Married George Edward White in 1913 at Redfern. It seems likely that Ivy had a son, Philip F Minter, birth registered at Waterloo in 1910, death at Camperdown the same year.

Thomas Henry Minter, born 1869, and Charlotte Elizabeth Minter, born 1871, Deptford, Kent

Thomas and Charlotte were brother and sister, two of the children of Henry Edward and Louisa Minter. Thomas arrived in Australia, aged only 16, in 1884 and was followed in 1888 by Charlotte. Both married in Queensland.

Thomas Henry (died Queensland 1945) ,married Alice Elizabeth Burrows (1875 - 1931) in 1894 and had four daughters:

  • Gladys Eleanor Myra Minter (1895) married Archibald James Lindsay in 1917.
  • Irene Ruth Minter (1897) died the same year and was buried at Toowong Cemetery, Queensland.
  • Iris Victoria Florence Minter (1898) married Thomas George Irwin Stumbles in 1920.
  • Marjorie Jean Julia Minter (1911) married Archibald William Fogg on 14 March 1936 and had four children, all born in Brisbane.

Charlotte married Sven Adolf Svensson in 1890.

Earl Stonham, Suffolk

John Minter, born 1843

John Minter was originally John Minter HAILL, one of the children of William & Anna HAILL of Earl Stonham, Suffolk. He appeared with his parents in the 1851 and 1861 censuses. It's unclear why John's second name was Minter; although the surname of his mother is unknown, there's no evidence that it was Minter.

In 1864, as John Minter HAILL, John married Jane Elizabeth Haskell in London. This marriage cannot have lasted since in 1871 Jane was living (shown as 'married') as a boarder in London and John had become John MINTER and was living in Bolton, Lancashire with Mary Bates as his housekeeper. John and Mary eventually married. It's not known whether John and his first wife divorced, or whether Jane died before John remarried, or what became of Jane otherwise.

John (39), Mary (38) and their children Ellen (15), Annie (14), William (12), Lois (11), Arthur (8), John (1) and Bertha (infant) left Gravesend on 26 August 1884 on the steamer 'Dorunda'. They arrived at Brisbane, Australia on 21 October 1884.

Eyke, Suffolk

John Minter, born about 1829, Butley, Suffolk

John was born about 1829, one of the two sons of Samuel Minter and his wife Fanny. The other brother Matthew stayed in England. It’s not clear when John went to Australia but it must have been between the 1851 census (in which he appeared as a porter at the Burlington Hotel, St James, Westminster, London) and 1855, when he married Arabella Piercy in Victoria, Australia. Arabella was born about 1830 in London.
John and Arabella had four sons:

  • John Samuel Minter born 1856 in Maryborough, Victoria, died 1920 in Victoria. He married Mary Anne Soutter (1855 – 1934) in 1881 and had three children:
    • Edith Margaret Minter born 1882, married George Richard Baker in 1904, had 10 children and died in 1939.
    • Adeline Ellen Minter born 1887, married John Edward Castle in 1914, had 4 children and died in 1927.
    • Horace William Minter born 1893, married Jessie May Winifred Matthews (1897 – 1975) in 1921 and died in 1975. Horace and Jessie had 4 children
  • Alfred Minter born 1858 in Inkerman, Victoria, died in 1942 in the State Hospital and Home, Liverpool, NSW.
  • Thomas Minter born 1861 in Maryborough, Victoria, died in 1937 in Moree Hospital, NSW
  • William Minter born 1865 in Adelaide Lead, Victoria, married Jane Trickey in 1898 and had 9 children, including 6 sons, two of whom died in infancy. The other four were Eli William Minter (1900 – 1963), Alfred Howard Minter (1903 – 1979), Lindsay Minter (1920 – 1989) and Gordon Minter(1925 – 2012). All married (Alfred Howard married his first cousin once removed, Doris Edith Baker).

North Suffolk

Herbert Bertie Minter, born 1890, Peasenhall, Suffolk

Herbert was the son of Clifton Minter and his wife Ellen Naomi nee Kerridge. It's not known when Bertie went to Australia. He died on 15 August 1945 at the Sacred Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst, New South Wales and was cremated at the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium on 18 August; his ashes were taken away. Herbert married Leah (born about 1895, died 3 March 1980) and had four children, Jessie (who married Mr Patterson), Tressie, Marjorie Leah (who married Clyde Truitt Francis in 1944) and Douglas Herbert (who married Patricia Norma Riley in 1955).

James Minter, born 1831, Palgrave, Suffolk

James was the son of John Minter and Mary Knott, one of seven children. James married Sarah Judson (born in Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire) in Bourne Lincolnshire in 1852 and had two children, Mary and Robert both of whom died in infancy. On 14 January 1857 James and Sarah left Birkenhead, Lancashire on the ’Bee’ and arrived at Geelong, Victoria on 18 April.
The couple settled in Victoria and their son James was born at Ashby, Geelong on 14 May 1857. They went on to have nine more children, John in Ballarat, the rest in Bendigo, where they lived in a house owned by Sarah in Sheepwash Road, Sandhurst. Sarah died there on 26 April 1874 shortly after the birth of her daughter Emma who didn’t survive. After Sarah died her cousin Mary emigrated to Australia and married James in 1876. Of James and Sarah’s children the following is known:

James Minter (1857 – 1937) married Mary Anne Riley in Sandhurst in 1876 and had nine children. In his early working life James was a wood carter but is the mid–1880s the family moved to Axedale and James became a publican at the Raglan Hotel. Some time after 1900, James and his family moved to Ascot Vale, a suburb of the city of Melbourne, where he was a horse trainer (and later a racehorse owner). In 1912, they moved to ’Portland Place’ in Keilor Road, North Essendon where James had stables and trained horses including some that he and his wife owned. In addition, four of James’s sons (Jim, Henry William ’Bendy’, George & Jack) were jockeys at some time, with Jim and George later becoming trainers. James and Mary Ann celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in 1936. This line of Minters appears to have ended - as far as is known, none of James's sons produced surviving sons.

John Minter (1859 – 1924) married Emma Brock/Lammas on 7 August 1878 and had nine children including seven daughters. John was a carter and lived at 152 Bridge Street, Bendigo.

  • Phoebe Emma Minter (1878 – after 1924). Married in 1902, to Everitt Sydney Morcom.
  • Rosetta Emma Minter (1811 – after 1924). Married Daniel William Corr in 1899
  • Mabel Caroline Minter (1883 – 1884).
  • George Herbert Minter (1885 – 1965). Married Olive Blanche Beveridge (died 1949) in 1912. They had five children:
    • Douglas George Minter (1913 – 1976). Married Joyce Gwendoline Weller (1912 – 2001) in 1938 and had three children.
    • Blanche Isabel Minter (1916 - 1993). Married Leonard Balaam in 1943 and had a son.
    • Olive Emma Minter (born 1916). Married John Devlin and had a son.
    • Geoffrey William Minter (1917 – 1985). Married Thelma Joyce Linton (1919 – 2001) in 1941. Geoffrey and Thelma had two sons, Daryl Norman in 1945 and Ian Douglas (date unknown)
    • Derek Graham Minter (born 1931). Married Valerie Joan Finlayson in 1956 and had a son and three daughters, one of whom is the well-known tennis player Anne Minter
  • Ethel May Minter (1888 – after 1924). Married in 1916, to Matthew Lynch.
  • Florence Elizabeth Minter (1890 – 1891).
  • Elsie Victoria Minter (1892 – 1893).
  • Violet Elizabeth Minter (1894 – 1894).
  • William John Minter (1896 – 1973). Married in 1919, to Ivy Vera Bertram, who died in 1987. They had a son.

Elizabeth Minter (1861 – 1900) married Alfred Gibson on 31 August 1880 at Sandhurst.

William Minter (1861 – 1864).

Henry William Minter (1865 – 1944). Died in Adelaide, having married Sarah Jane Priscilla Choules (about 1875 - 1949) in 1933. It's thought that there were no children.

George Herbert Minter (1867 – 1880). George died as a result of an accidental kick by a horse.

Sarah Rosetta Minter (1869 – 1890) married John Robert Mather in 1890 and had a daughter Rose Jane.

Robert Minter (1871 – 1872).

Interestingly, members of both the families which originated in Suffolk were buried or cremated in the same place, Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia.

Some of the North Suffolk family was apparently Roman Catholic since the family members whose remains are at Fawkner Memorial Park lie in the RC section of the graveyard.

Francis Ronald Minter, born 1915, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Francis, his wife Florence Eleanor nee Woolven, born 1918, and their daughter Jean, born 1936, left the UK for Australia on 28 November 1951. Francis and Florence lived at first in New South Wales but moved to Queensland in the late 1960s. Jean married Oliver Bandini in 1954 and they had (at least) two children, Christina and Mario Francis.

Wickham Market, Suffolk

Leonard Victor Minter was born in the Woodbridge Registration area on 16 September 1924. Together with his wife Barbara Angela (nee Muncey) born 15 March 1925; daughter Susan Barbara Elizabeth born 17 July 1949; and daughter Lindsey Alison born 17 July 1952, he travelled on the ’Iberia’ departing Tilbury on 21 March 1964 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme.

Hammersmith, London

William Minter was born on 30 January 1857 in Turnham Green (then Middlesex, now part of Greater London). He is in the Hammersmith group because his grandfather was born there. Up until the 1871 UK census William lived with his parents. He doesn’t appear in the 1881 UK census and married Sarah Buttenshaw (1854 – 1915) in 1883 in Sydney, NSW. Research by Alan Buttenshaw suggests that William arrived in Brisbane on the 'Zoroaster' on 30 November 1874, having left London on 3 June. A few months later he appears to have been a passenger on the 'Civility' which arrived in Sydney from Brisbane on 30 November 1874. By the time she married William, Sarah Buttenshaw had had two children, both registered as Buttenshaw: Arthur in 1873 and Drusilla in 1879. Drusilla married James W Cook as Drusilla E Minter in 1918; Arthur's death as Arthur E Minter was registered at Sydney in 1918. It isn’t clear whether William was the father of Sarah’s first two children. After their marriage William and Sarah had four more children:

Percy James Minter (1886 – 1937). Probably married Grace Lillian M Horsfall (born 1880 at Newtown to Joseph and Mary Horsfall) in 1909 in Sydney. Percy died at Newtown, NSW in 1937. Grace died at Burwood in 1935. Percy and Grace had four children, all in Burwood:

  • Phyllis C Minter (born 1910). Possibly married as Phyllis Kathleen Minter in Marrickville, NSW in 1951, to Arthur Leslie Hoare.
  • Allan Donald Alexander Minter (1911 – 1938). Married Hilda Woods at Rockdale, NSW in 1937. As Alan Donald A Minter, died at Katoomba, NSW in 1938. Hilda may have re–married in 1941 at Randwick, NSW, to James Reginald Douglas.
  • Mary Sarah Minter (born 1915). Possibly married Harry Benjamin Joseph Ibbett in 1942 at Burwood.
  • Jean Grace Minter (born 1917). Possibly married Horace Norman Druce in 1938 at Ashfield.

Ivy M Minter (born 1888). No other trace, except that the death of an Ivy Margaret Minter was recorded in NSW in 1982. No family details are given in the index entry but the number '093' appears, which would have been Ivy's age by 1982.

Ruby Isobel Minter (1891 – 1963). Ruby had two children, Raymond Minter (1912 – 1989) and Harold Austin Minter (1915 – 1996), married Anita Catt in 1947) before she married Joseph Martin in Sydney in 1918. Ruby and Joseph had four children.

Raymond Minter retained the name Minter; he married Iris Jessie Georgina Smith on 14 November 1936 in Macot, NSW and had four sons:

  • Robert Raymond Minter (born 1939, died the same year).
  • Lindsay Harvey Weston Minter (1940 – 2008), married Beverley Ann Jorgenson in 1963 and had a daughter and two sons.
  • Raymond George Arthur Minter (1942, living), married Sandra Maxine Graham and has two daughters and a son.
  • Geoffrey David Minter (1946, living), married Annette Beresford Ward in 1967 and has four daughters.

Herbert W Minter (1894 – 1963). As a clerk, aged 20 of ’St Elmo’, Kembla Street, Enfield, Sydney (next of kin Mrs Sarah Minter, same address), embarked on the HMAT Euripides on 20 October 1914 at Sydney, serving as a Private in the 3rd Infantry Battalion. He married Muriel Freeman at Ashfield, NSW in 1921 and is thought to have had one child, Marjorie Enid, who married Gordon John Page in 1945. Died at Chatswood, NSW in 1963.

Further research by Alan Buttenshaw makes it clear that William Minter deserted his family and went off probably in search of riches in the goldfields of Western Australia. William probably left around 1897 and in 1899 his wife Sarah went to the authorities to see if they could help. This clearly had no effect and Sarah soldiered on, bringing up her children while working as a laundress. In 1915, about six months before she died, Sarah went for help to the police again.

It's not certain when and where William Minter died: the best estimate is 1933 in Perth, Western Australia.

Great Horkesley, Essex

Leslie Henry Minter was born in 1914 in the Woolwich district and married Marjorie Gray in 1942. He emigrated to Australia between 1951 and 1952 and married Moira Margaret Melbourne in 1958 in Victoria. They had three children, Amanda Moira, Daryl Leslie and Craig Donald, all of whom married. Leslie Henry died in Victoria in 1984 and was cremated at Springvale Botanical Cemetery on 14 March.

William Thomas Minter was born on 7 November 1944 in the Battersea, London district and died in Sydney where he was cremated at the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium, aged 62, on 20 September 2007. He is believed to gone to Australia in the 1960s, married and had two daughters, Allison and Susan.

Waifs & strays

This section is organised according to Australian States.

New South Wales

1. Sidney Minter married Catherine M R Jay in 1891 at Ashfield. They had a son on 13 October 1899 who was baptised as Sydney Edgar Beresford Minter at St Michaels, Surry Hills on 4 April 1900; the parents are shown as Sydney (a farmer) & Maud Minter of 78 Albion Street, Surry Hills. Sidney is possibly he of the Canterbury group (born c. 1859 at Cheshunt, Herts) who, aged 30, sailed from London on 8 May 1891 for Sydney, Australia on the ’Orizaba’.
The 1911 census has an entry which probably refers to Sidney’s wife and son: at 2 Bertram Street, Nottingham (5 rooms), Catherine, 51, married 13 years, 1 child, lacehand born Pinxton, Derbyshire, and Edgar her son, 11, born Sydney, Australia. Sidney himself hasn’t been found.
Sidney E B Minter married Elsie Hardy in the UK in Q3 1926 in the Bakewell, Derbyshire district. Their marriage certificate shows that Sidney Edgar Beresford Minter was 26, bachelor, a railway worker of Peveril Street, Nottingham and that Elsie Hardy was 30, spinster, of Vine Terrace, Matlock. Sidney gave his father’s name as Sidney Minter (deceased), farmer. Sidney E B Minter’s death at age 34 was registered in Q4 1934 at Nottingham Registration District (7b/244); he was buried on 13 October 1934 at Southern Cemetery (Wilford Hill), Nottingham (source The National Probate Calendar shows his address as 14 Boseley Square, Lenton Abbey, Nottingham and that he died at the General Hospital in Nottingham on 14 October. Administration of Sidney's effects, £422 7s 9d, was granted to his widow Elsie, who remarried in Q3 1943 at Nottingham, to Walter W Gregson.
It seems likely that Sidney and Catherine Minter returned to England (as their son did). Catherine’s death at age 72 was registered at Nottingham in Q4 1927. The National Probate Calendar gives Catherine's name as Catherine Maud Coke Minter, her address as 1 Machine Terrace, Alfreton Road, Nottingham, a widow who died on 16 December 1927. She left a Will; her effects were £9 11s 2d.
More research is needed to establish whether Sidney came from the Canterbury group.

2. William Minter married Eliza Ann Flack in Braidwood, NSW in 1882. Alberta F Minter, born in Moruya, NSW in 1889, may have been their daughter.

3. NSW births which are unconnected with any other event

The list which follows contains the names of individuals born in New South Wales who have not been identified as belonging to any of the families listed above.





Registration district

Reg no.








Parish register shows: Born 27 July 1890, baptised 21 Sep 1892, father Martin George Minter of Waterloo, labourer, mother Sarah.








2005, 7 Nov

Emily Jane



















see death in 1909


Stanley W







William J







William J






4. NSW marriages which are unconnected with any other event


Minter name

Spouse surname

Spouse first names

Registration district

Reg no.












Edgar Sidney



Annie and Edgar appeared in the 1949 Electoral Roll, living in Crown Lands, Jesmond but they appear separately after that.


Annie M





Possibly Carl Olander, who died in NSW, Liverpool RD, in 1942. Annie not found in Electoral Rolls. The marriage certificate (at gives Annie's full name as Annie Maria Minter, here age as 50 and her parents as William Sleeman and Kate Fagen. This hasn't helped to establish Annie's story.


Charles W









Valerie Joyce





Dawn Ethel M


Desmond John







Betty Elen





Ellen Anne


Ross Lawrence





Janice Marie









Ronald Alwyn



Ronald appeared by himself at 197 Wollongong Road, Arncliffe, Macarthur, NSW in the 1958 Electoral Roll. Not found subsequently.


Margaret Joan


Arthur Joseph




Marianne Franchot


Jon Laurence



Probably Jon Lawrence Peterson, who appeared by himself in Electoral Rolls of 1958, 1963 and 1980. Marianne not found.


Pamela Alice


Sidney Ernest



Pamela and Sidney appeared in NSW Electoral Rolls from 1954 to 1980.


Pamela Amelda





Pamela and Rex appeared in NSW Electoral Rolls from 1963 to 1968 and Queensland Rolls in 1977 and 1980.


Raymond Clarence


Beryl Marjorie



Raymond and Beryl appeared in NSW Electoral Roll in 1980.


Rita Joyce






Valerie June


John Thomas





Vera L


Henry L



Henri Leon Prud-Homme appeared by himself as a chef in the 1930 Electoral Roll at 74 Thomson Street, Darlinghurst West, East Sydney. His death in 1945 was registered in Randwick, NSW RD. No trace of Vera found.

5. NSW deaths which are unconnected with any other event. Entries in black are from the NSW BMD index.

Entries in blue are from the Ryerson index of death notices published in Australian newspapers or from the Sydney Morning Herald archive.





Registration district or other details

Reg no.



















Died 16 or 17 Apr 1998, Newcastle Herald


Harvey Athol

Athol Lawrence K

Olive Eva






54 yrs mental hospital















at Crowley Nursing Home, Ballina


Died 7 Sep 2007, aged 81. Northern Star (Lismore)




Sarah B














Rose H




6. NSW 1980 Electoral Roll entries not connected with known families.



1980 Address

Others at same address


Allan Thomas


20 Greaves Street, Inverell, New England

Diane Lillian, student, at 21 Greaves Street

First listing



24 Delprat Street, Beresfield, Newcastle

First listing

Gary James


2/14 Chaucer Street, Beresfield, Newcastle

First listing

Graham John

Restaurant manager

Karingal, Gilligans Road, Dural, Galston, Berowra

First listing

Harriet Rwyth


61 Stokes Street, Lane Cove, Bennelong. Also at 4 Abingdon Street, Balgowlah

First listing

Heather Joyce


Pitt Town

First listing

Jennifer Ann

Clerk typist

123 Wallsend Street, Kahibah, Charlestown, Shortland

First listing

Lee Douglas


5/47 Lucerne Road, Belmore, Graynler

Robyn Dawn

First listing



6/18 Blandford Avenue, Waverley, Bronte, Phillip

First listing

Martin George


38 Corlette Street, Newcastle

First listed in 1949

Paul David


1/252 Haldon Street, Lakemba, Blaxland

Ann-Louise Margaret

First listing

Phillip Joseph

Not known

1 Finch Crescent, Coffs Harbour, Cowper

First listing

Priscilla Catherine


Womens Hospital, Crown Street, Surry Hills, Wentworth

First listing

Raymond Clarence


17 McRae Street, Tamworth, New England

Beryl Marjorie (wife, married 1961), Robert Raymond (welder)

First listing

Stephen John


109 George Road, Wilberforce, Windsor, Mitchell

Lynette Ann

First listing



5/19 Ocean Street, Penshurst, Mortdale, Barton


First listing

Susan Carmel


16 Nightingale Street, Woolgoolga, Glenreagh, Cowper

First listing

Terry John


Promised Land Road, Glennifer, Bellingen, Cowper

First listing



7/11 O'Dowd Street, Waverley, Bronte, Phillip

First listing


1. Victoria births which are unconnected with any other event

The list which follows contains the names of individuals born in Victoria who have not been identified as belonging to any of the families listed above.





Reg no.





Rhoda Roy


Frank died in 1883


John William


Julia Bohmer


See parents' marriage in 1887

2. Victoria marriages which are unconnected with any other event


Minter name

Spouse surname

Spouse first names

Reg no.















Jane Anne






Mabel Winsall


Percy Otto D'amas






William Thomas








See birth of son John William in 1887; he died 1888

3. Victoria deaths which are unconnected with any other event. Entries in black are from the Victoria BMD index.

Entries in blue are from the Ryerson index of death notices published in Australian newspapers.





Reg no.







Cremated at Springvale Botanical Cemetery on 26 July 1951



Unknown SMITH





Jean Spenser

not recorded

not recorded


died on 7 June - source Altona Memorial Park, Victoria website. Buried 10 Jun 1992.








Mary Ellen




Also listed as Mary Ellen WAKE MINTER



not stated

not stated


William's death, on 9 July 1864, also appears in Australia, Deaths and Burials, 1816-1980 at He is described there as a farmer.

4. Victoria 1980 Electoral Roll entries not connected with known families.



1980 Address

Others at same address


David Andrew

Lonotype operator

9 Cronin Court, Cheltenham, Heatherton, Hotham

Margaret Anne

First listed 1963

Edward Charles

Plant operator

25 Sutton Road, Maryborough, Ballarat

Marie Elizabeth (hd), Gordon David (labourer), Larry Allan (labourer)

First listed 1963

Jean Spencer

Home duties

26 Stanley Street, Footscray, Gellibrand

First listed 1968. Death in 1992 in Victoria is listed above (as Jean Spenser Minter).

Lionel Robert


8 Cherrywood Court, Bundoora, Scullin

Gayle Lesley

First listed 1977

Sharon Maree

Process worker

642 Centre Road, Bentleigh, Moorabbin, Hotham

First listed 1977


All events took place in Queensland unless otherwise indicated.

1. Queensland births which are unconnected with any other event

None at present.

2. Queensland marriages which are unconnected with any other event

None at present.

3. Queensland deaths which are unconnected with any other event





Reg no.




Not stated



Buried at Toowong Cemetery, Queensland. Born Queensland, died at 2 months.

4. Queensland 1980 Electoral Roll entries not connected with known families



1980 Address

Others at same address


Arthur Bruce


23 Melbourne Street, Rockhampton, Fitzroy, Capricornia

Lorelei Anne

First listed 1963

Arthur James


5 Pine Street, Warwick, Darling Downs

Ethel Susan May

First listed 1972

Christine Joyce

Home duties

Pt. Curtis Caravan Park, Toolooa, Gladstone, Capricornia

First listed 1977

Gerald Norman


60 McKenney Street, Mackay, Dawson

Christine Grace

First listed 1972

Maree Josephine


34 Georgina Street, Salisbury, Moreton

First listing

Reginald Wayne


Christine Avenue, Cooee Bay, Livingstone, Dawson

Judith Ann

First listed 1977

Wayne Leslie


7 Thurlby Street, Mt Gravatt, Wishart, Moreton

First listing

Western Australia

All events took place in Western Australia unless otherwise indicated.

1. Western Australia births which are unconnected with any other event.


2. Western Australia marriages which are unconnected with any other event.


3. Western Australia deaths which are unconnected with any other event.


4. Western Australia 1980 Electoral Roll entries not connected with known families



1980 Address

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Desmond Reginald


190 Berehaven Avenue, Thornlie, Tangney

First listing