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These three pictures of Ash were taken in the Winter of 1912. In the right hand one an oast house associated with Ash Brewery can be seen beyond the house at Street End.

The pictures are from Jane Weller whose husband is descended from the marriage of Ruth Minter, born 10 Feb 1874, Ickham section, and Harry Howard.

The Ash scrapbook extends over several pages. Click on a title below - the name shows the person at the head of the family.

The pictures can be enlarged by running your mouse over them. To keep an enlarged picture on screen, hold your mouse over it.

There's a list below which shows whose pictures are included.

Henry Minter born 19 October 1817 in Worth, Kent

Martin George Minter born 14 August 1838 at Sparrow Castle, Margate, Kent

Edward Burden Minter born in 1836 in Stratford, Essex

Daniel Minter baptised 25 October 1795 in Ickham, Kent - includes members of the Sharpe family

Lydia Minter baptised 25 October 1789 in Ickham, Kent, brother of Daniel

Joseph Edmund Minter born 1852, Boulogne, France

Frank Minter born 1873, Newington, London

Charles Edward Minter born 1909, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire

SurnameFirst namesBirth yearFamily in which found
BaileyFrances Emily1870Edward Burden Minter
BensonMargaret Ann1879Martin George Minter
BishopLilian AnnEdward Burden Minter
ChapmanMary Ann1881Martin George Minter
CharltonGladys May1896Martin George Minter
DevlinRosannah1851Martin George Minter
FlintCharlotte Emma1851Henry Minter
HamptonJean MarthaMartin George Minter
MajorTheresa Olive1897Martin George Minter
MinterAlan1951Edward Burden Minter
MinterAlbert Edward1860Henry Minter
MinterAlfred Edward1895Edward Burden Minter
MinterAlfred Torrey1892Henry Minter
MinterAubrey Ernest1906Martin George Minter
MinterAustin1942Martin George Minter
MinterAustin Stanmore1907Martin George Minter
MinterCharles Daniel1854Henry Minter
MinterCharles Edward1909Charles Edward Minter
MinterCharles Robert1886Martin George Minter
MinterClifford David1931Martin George Minter
MinterCyril Desmond1929Martin George Minter
MinterDaisy E1886Henry Minter
MinterDerick Edward1917Henry Minter
MinterDoris Irene1900Henry Minter
MinterDulcie1925Martin George Minter
MinterEdna May1929Martin George Minter
MinterEdward George1901Edward Burden Minter
MinterElsie Frances1896Edward Burden Minter
MinterElsie Gwendoline1889Henry Minter
MinterEric James1918Martin George Minter
MinterErnest1883Martin George Minter
MinterEsther May1915Martin George Minter
MinterFrances Emily Kate1917Edward Burden Minter
MinterFrank1856Henry Minter
MinterFrank Albert1909Edward Burden Minter
MinterFrank Leslie1892Henry Minter
MinterFrank Norman1914Henry Minter
MinterGail Hilma1950Martin George Minter
MinterGeorge Henry1920Martin George Minter
MinterGeorge Martin1881Martin George Minter
MinterGladys Evelyn1933Martin George Minter
MinterGladys Irene1912Martin George Minter
MinterGladys Muriel1894Henry Minter
MinterGrace Emma1909Henry Minter
MinterHarold James1920Martin George Minter
MinterHenry1817Henry Minter
MinterHenry Morphew1876Martin George Minter
MinterHenry Morton1910Martin George Minter
MinterJane1849Henry Minter
MinterJean1923Martin George Minter
MinterJean Daisy1930Edward Burden Minter
MinterJohn Erroll1919Martin George Minter
MinterJohn Henry1851Henry Minter
MinterJohn Percy1884Joseph Edmund Minter
MinterJoseph George1916Martin George Minter
MinterKeith Clifford1913Martin George Minter
MinterKeith Mervyn1924Martin George Minter
MinterKevin James1931Martin George Minter
MinterKevin Ross1929Martin George Minter
MinterLydia1789Lydia Minter
MinterMabel Dorothy1896Frank Minter
MinterMarjorie Alberta1915Martin George Minter
MinterMartin George1838Martin George Minter
MinterNellie Fagg1906Edward Burden Minter
MinterReginald Charles1927Edward Burden Minter
MinterReginald Thomas1910Martin George Minter
MinterRobert Lawrence1922Henry Minter
MinterRoderick Thomas1903Henry Minter
MinterRuby Doris1908Martin George Minter
MinterSheila Mary1936Charles Edward Minter
MinterThomas Frank1893Edward Burden Minter
MinterThomas Henry1871Edward Burden Minter
MinterThomas Martin1912Martin George Minter
MinterThomas Richard1944Martin George Minter
MinterVicki1959Martin George Minter
MinterWilliam1845Henry Minter
MinterWilliam Raymond1896Martin George Minter
MinterWilliam Raymond1923Martin George Minter
RandleArthur Minter1887Henry Minter
SharpeReginald1869Daniel Minter
SharpeWinifred Monica1898Daniel Minter
SprattMaria1819Henry Minter
SweetlandAnne Maria1874Daniel Minter
ThornborrowDorothy Eleanor1918Frank Minter
ThornborrowFrederick Charles1882Frank Minter