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All the pictures on this page are from Tinch Minter unless otherwise indicated.

The three columns of pictures represent members of the families of three of the children of William Minter (c. 1803) and Rebecca Minter née Wright.

William Minter
born 23 November 1827, Marlesford, Suffolk

Martha née Leggett, born Benhall about 1816: her marriage to William Minter was registered in Ipswich in 1859.

Richard Dunnett Minter
born 4 February 1835, Marlesford, Suffolk

Strictly speaking, the identity of the person in this portrait is unknown.
However, Tinch Minter thinks it is Richard Dunnett Minter, who married Hannah Aylett
in 1863 and had three children, Richard Evan, Ellen and Annie Maud.

Richard Evan Minter
born Woodbridge, Suffolk 28 August 1864

Richard Evan Minter as Harry Edwin, Silhouette Artist, saw him (American Exhibition Art Souvenir)

Minnie Emily Wayling born about 1866

Minnie was Richard Evan Minter's wife - they married in Kingston, Surrey in 1902.

Minnie with son Richard Arthur

Richard Arthur Minter born 19 May 1905, Halstead, Essex

Richard in about 1920

Taken aboard ship, possibly in the Caribbean. In the centre is Richard Arthur Minter. The ladies, from the left, are Richard's wife Suzanne Minter nee Roberts, his aunt Ellen Minter, his mother (Minnie Minter nee Wayling) and his aunt Maud

Ellen Minter
born 1865 in Woodbridge, Suffolk

Two portraits of Ellen Minter, known to Tinch Minter as Aunt Nellie.

Annie Maud Minter
born 3 January 1871, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Portraits of Annie Maud, dates not known.

Annie with her bicycle in Woodbridge.

Annie Maud with her bicycle in Woodbridge.

A school photograph, probably from Woodbridge. Annie Maud Minter sits, the
fifth person from the left.

A school photograph, probably from Woodbridge. Annie Maud Minter sits, the
fifth person from the left.

Annie Maud in her later years.

Henry Minter
born 9 June 1837, Marlesford, Suffolk

No picture of Henry Minter is avaible but Joy Dean has provided this photo of The Bell Inn, Marlesford, where Henry was innkeeper in the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s.

Annie Martha Minter born Marlesford, Suffolk in 1871

Annie was the daughter of Henry Minter and Elizabeth née Harper. She married Charlie Drew Hall in 1907 and their son Henry George was born in 1909. This photo of Annie and her son must date from a few years later.

Photo provided by Nicky Bentley