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Great Horkesley

George Charles Minter
born 1868, Kensington
(from Sue McKiddie)

George Charles Minter (born 1868, sitting on step) and his wife Bertha (Hollinsworth), son Henry Charles (born 1892 and grandchildren Jack (standing), Julie and Stephen (on the left) and George Charles's grandaughter Pat Ware. The photgraph was taken, probably in the early 1930s, by Pat Ware's father Arthur Charles Kirby (Jock) Ware in his back garden at Elmstead Avenue, Wembley. Jock was a professional photographer with a studio in London.

George Charles Minter aged 72, taken in Torquay, 1940.

George Charles Minter, date of photo not known.
(from Jackie Lefranc, great granddaughter)

Bertha Minter (nee Hollinsworth) with her four children (from left to right) Edith Annie (Dee-dee), Henry Charles, Bertram Thomas and Bertha Rose (Cissie), taken in the back garden of 87 Mortimer Road, Willesden, London.

Henry John Minter
born 1871, Kensington
(from Caroline Sanderson nee Minter)

Henry John Minter (born Kensington in 1871) in front of his shop at 67 Portobello Road, Notting Hill. Judging from the billboards, especially the one announcing a fire at Portsmouth Dockyard, this must have been taken in late December, probably between 21 and 25, 1913.

Victor Roland Minter (born Kensington on 24 September 1914, son of Henry John Minter, above) in front of the shop at 67 Portobello Road, Notting Hill. With him is his sister Winifred (born Kensington 1917). Taken in 1936 or 1937, judging from the advertisement for 'When Knights Were Bold' starring Jack Buchanan, which was made in 1936.

Taken on the same day as the above picture in front of the shop at 67 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, this one shows Winifred Minter with her husband-to-be Leslie Collins and her mother Annie May Minter, nee Dennis, who married Henry John Minter in 1898.

Believed to have been taken in the late 1930s, the Minter family in the back yard of 67 Portobello Road. Back row, from left to right are:
Leonard Minter, Harold Strange (Ethel Minter's husband), Jack Minter, George Minter, Ethel Minter, Victor Minter, Norah (Harry Minter's wife, Winifred Minter, Dolly (Leonard's wife) and Harry Minter.
At the front are:
Dennis Minter (George's son), Annie May Minter and, on her lap, Rosemary Strange (Ethel's daughter)

Gerald Richard (Dick) Minter
born 12 May 1915, Great Horkesley
(from Pauline Taylor)

This photo was taken on 17 June 1967 at an unknown location on the occasion of the wedding of Pauline Appleby, a neighbour of those shown, from left to right:
 Alfred Denton Russell and his wife Annie Rosetta (nee Balls) (Pauline Taylor's parents), Dick Minter and his wife Kathleen Ida (nee Pittock).

Elizabeth Minter
born 1807, Boxted
(from Alice Seaborne)

Elizabeth Minter married William Seaborn in 1826. Their eldest son, William Minter Seaborn emigrated to Canada and is the ancestor of a large family in America now called Seaborne. Many family pictures can be found on the Seaborne family trees at and in the Seaborne Family's photostream at A small selection from these sources, reproduced with the Seaborne family's permission and with the generous assistance of Alice Seaborne, can be found here

Rose or Rosannah Minter
born 1846
(from Hilary Wright)

Rose or Rosannah Minter (born 1846), wife of George Page, possibly  taken between 1860 and 1870.

Related families


The Downeys are related to the Minters via the marriage in 1964 between Pauline Downey and John Minter

(The pictures below are from Anne Wigle-Occhipinti, granddaughter of Ada Bevington nee Downey)

Ada Downey was born in 1894 in Selby, Yorkshire, the daughter of James Downey and Annie Maria Downey nee Murray. Ada married William John Bevington in Ipswich, Suffolk in 1917 and emigrated to Canada in 1923. Ada was a seamstress/tailor.

Mabel Downey, Ada's sister, born in Haverhill, Suffolk in 1896.


The Gregorys are related to the Minters via the marriage in 1938 between Florence Patricia Gregory and Harry Minter

George Gregory
born c. 1900, Baslow, Derbyshire
(from Pat Lindsay)

Cupola Cottage, Baslow, where George Gregory was born. Taken in 2008.

Lakes, Palmers & Spencers

These families are related to the Minters via the marriage in 1938 between Florence Patricia Gregory and Harry Minter

(from Daniel Spencer)

Florence Kate Palmer, wife of Ernest Lake (born 1881)

Photo taken on the occasion of Ezra Spencer's second marriage, in 1927 to Ethel Wilson. The boy in the back row is Ezra's son Arthur, born 1913.
(from Tricia Stevenson nee Spencer)

Ezra Spencer (born Rastrick, Yorkshire in 1884) in front of his shop in Brighton (date unknown).
(from Tricia Stevenson nee Spencer)

Arthur Spencer (born 1913) as a baby, with his mother Helena Spencer (nee Holdsworth)
(from Tricia Stevenson nee Spencer)

Arthur Spencer (born 1913).
(from Tricia Stevenson nee Spencer)

Arthur Spencer, his wife Winifred Jean (nee Lake) and daughter Kathryn

Alan Spencer (born 1945)


The Bibbys are related to the Minters via the marriage in 1829 between Sarah Bibby and Thomas Minter

(The three pictures below are from Roger Webb, grandson of Florence May Bibby)

On the left, Florence May Bibby, born 1893, with her husband Albert Victor Millsom and her sister Amelia Ellen Coote, nee Bibby, on the left.

A later picture of Albert and Florence Millsom.

William Bibby, born 1887, was Florence May Bibby's brother. He served in the Royal Field Artillery in WW1.