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April 2013

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Phyllis Mary Minter born 1909, Ash, Kent
Phyllis Mary Minter born 1909, Ash, Kent
John Barrand (Phyllis Mary's nephew) says that it's "my Auntie Phyl [and] I know the photo was taken in Beach St, Sheerness, Kent (date unknown) outside a bric-a-bac shop close to the then boating pond. The shop was a bric-a-brac/house clearance shop and I remember my Mum Kathleen Barrand (née Minter) - Auntie Phyl's sister - taking me there sometimes on the way to the beach to look for "bargains"....I can still smell the mothballs!!"  
  3 Sep 2017


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Tree   Last Modified 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
ALLDREAD, Nicholas James 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
ALLEN, Dennis R 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
ALLEN, Olive M 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
ALLEN, Raymond J 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
ASTON, Alfred Louis 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
ASTON, Peter 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
ASTON, Tups 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
BARTLAM, Albert Henry 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017
BARTLAM, Andrew John 
   Ipswich, Suffolk 21 Sep 2017

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 I47  Frederick William Minter  I48  Grace Orford LEWIN  5 Oct 1929  Ipswich, Suffolk 20 Sep 2017
 I410  Herbert Sinclair CROUCH  I437  Ethel Florence G ANDREWS  Jun 1911  Ipswich, Suffolk 20 Sep 2017
 I428  Robert Churchyard STEED  I429  Emma SALTER  8 Dec 1862  Ipswich, Suffolk 20 Sep 2017
 I410  Herbert Sinclair CROUCH  I427  Ethel Beatrice STEED  11 Sep 1901  Ipswich, Suffolk 20 Sep 2017
 I423  Frank Vivian STEED  I409  Bessie Helena CROUCH  17 Oct 1900  Ipswich, Suffolk 20 Sep 2017
 I420  Walter IGGLESDEN  I408  Florence Marion CROUCH  16 Sep 1897  Ipswich, Suffolk 19 Sep 2017
 I421  John Bartlett COPPLESTONE  I408  Florence Marion CROUCH  Dec 1908  Ipswich, Suffolk 19 Sep 2017
 I417  Reginald Henry PEET  I407  Ada Sinclair CROUCH  5 Jul 1892  Ipswich, Suffolk 19 Sep 2017
 I414  Harry Clement CROUCH  I415  Doris Irene BOWDLER  Jun 1934  Ipswich, Suffolk 19 Sep 2017
 I406  Harry Percy Williams CROUCH  I413  Florence CLEMENT  Jun 1900  Ipswich, Suffolk 19 Sep 2017