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Thanet RD



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAX, Arthur  28 Mar 1886Thanet RD I1550
2 BAX, Dorothy Kate  Dec 1909Thanet RD I1551
3 BING, Albert James  20 Jan 1899Thanet RD I1580
4 GOODSON, Esther J M  Sep 1911Thanet RD I3071
5 GOODSON, Marjorie Jean Minter  Jun 1915Thanet RD I3072
6 HOGBIN, Frederick A  Sep 1922Thanet RD I3272
7 HUGHES, Ethel Gertrude  10 Mar 1890Thanet RD I1803
8 HUGHES, Olive M  Jun 1913Thanet RD I700
9 Minter, Alfred William  19 Jul 1916Thanet RD I1804
10 Minter, Alice Irene  20 Jun 1918Thanet RD I1081
11 Minter, Eileen Patricia  8 Jan 1925Thanet RD I1086
12 Minter, Ernest C.  Jun 1916Thanet RD I1791
13 Minter, Francis Joseph  1 Mar 1922Thanet RD I1085
14 Minter, Frederick Josiah  17 Oct 1929Thanet RD I1088
15 Minter, Hilda May  20 May 1912Thanet RD I2029
16 Minter, Jane Elizabeth  Bef 30 Oct 1859Thanet RD I1290
17 Minter, John A  Dec 1913Thanet RD I1078
18 Minter, John Frederick Walter  Dec 1927Thanet RD I1307
19 Minter, Margaret M  Dec 1920Thanet RD I1083
20 Minter, Mary Jane  Bef 29 Jun 1856Thanet RD I1288
21 Minter, Norman Frank  26 Aug 1918Thanet RD I1810
22 Minter, Rosalie J  Sep 1927Thanet RD I1087
23 Minter, Winifred Mary  14 Jan 1916Thanet RD I1079
24 PAIN, Elsie Mabel  28 Oct 1900Thanet RD I1306


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AYLEN, Robert J  Jun 1952Thanet RD I1302
2 BAX, Arthur  Sep 1964Thanet RD I1550
3 BING, Albert James  Jun 1983Thanet RD I1580
4 BONE, De Barry  Mar 1958Thanet RD I1304
5 CHAPMAN, Donald Henry  30 Sep 1972Thanet RD I1703
6 DALTON, George Oliver  Mar 1976Thanet RD I114
7 GOODSON, Edward Minter  Mar 1929Thanet RD I485
8 HUGHES, John Daniel  Mar 1954Thanet RD I1788
9 LACY, May Catherine  Jun 1968Thanet RD I1206
10 LEWIS, Hilda Thora  Nov 1984Thanet RD I2448
11 LOVERIDGE, Edith Elizabeth  Sep 1980Thanet RD I1094
12 Minter, Ann  1 Feb 1842Thanet RD I1359
13 Minter, Charles  Mar 1936Thanet RD I2024
14 Minter, Charles  Sep 1941Thanet RD I1291
15 Minter, Charles Frederick George  Mar 1972Thanet RD I1299
16 Minter, Cicely May  Mar 1971Thanet RD I1301
17 Minter, Dorothy  Oct 1992Thanet RD I1592
18 Minter, Elizabeth Ellen  Dec 1968Thanet RD I2043
19 Minter, Ellen  Dec 1982Thanet RD I1568
20 Minter, Ethel  Jan 1994Thanet RD I1581
21 Minter, Ethel Jane  Jun 1950Thanet RD I1303
22 Minter, Frances Ruth  Mar 1963Thanet RD I2050
23 Minter, Frederick Arthur  Sep 1919Thanet RD I1296
24 Minter, Frederick Arthur  Dec 1974Thanet RD I1312
25 Minter, George William  Sep 1910Thanet RD I1265
26 Minter, Georgina  Mar 1925Thanet RD I1278
27 Minter, Gilbert George  Sep 1969Thanet RD I316
28 Minter, Jane Elizabeth  Jun 1867Thanet RD I1290
29 Minter, Jane Ellen  Jun 1956Thanet RD I1282
30 Minter, John A  Sep 1915Thanet RD I1078
31 Minter, Laurence  Dec 1980Thanet RD I290
32 Minter, Margaret M  Dec 1921Thanet RD I1083
33 Minter, Mary Jane  Bef 2 Mar 1857Thanet RD I1288
34 Minter, Rachel  Mar 1958Thanet RD I1579
35 Minter, Redvers John  Mar 1981Thanet RD I1305
36 Minter, Rosalie J  Sep 1928Thanet RD I1087
37 Minter, Rose May  Dec 1962Thanet RD I976
38 Minter, Victor Hubert J  Sep 1986Thanet RD I165
39 Minter, Winifred Mary  Aug 1996Thanet RD I1079
40 Minter, Winifred Norah  Dec 1992Thanet RD I100
41 MORGAN, Arthur Edward  Sep 1986Thanet RD I110
42 POINTER, Ada Elizabeth  Jun 1968Thanet RD I2503
43 STEVENS, Ellen  Mar 1917Thanet RD I1281
44 TIDEY, Jane  Sep 1880Thanet RD I1276
45 WELLS, Jane Catherine  Jun 1868Thanet RD I1653
46 WOOD, Helen Agnes  Mar 1951Thanet RD I1297


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATTWATER / FILES  Jun 1948Thanet RD F873
2 AYLEN / Minter  Mar 1917Thanet RD F211
3 BONE / Minter  Dec 1916Thanet RD F212
4 COX / Minter  22 Oct 1945Thanet RD F172
5 DALTON / Minter  Dec 1929Thanet RD F81
6 GIBB / FILES  Dec 1952Thanet RD F874
7 GOODSON / MASCALL  Dec 1880Thanet RD F717
8 HOGBIN / GRAHAM  Sep 1948Thanet RD F876
9 KNIGHT / WELLS  25 Feb 1841Thanet RD F356
10 Minter / DUNBAR  Mar 1892Thanet RD F206
11 Minter / KENNETT  24 Apr 1914Thanet RD F391
12 Minter / LEWIS  Mar 1937Thanet RD F9
13 Minter / PAIN  Dec 1925Thanet RD F213
14 Minter / SHARMAN  Sep 1934Thanet RD F299
15 Minter / WOOD  Jun 1885Thanet RD F208
16 READ / Minter  5 Jul 1939Thanet RD F70
17 RELF / Minter  Sep 1946Thanet RD F321
18 SEAL / Minter  Mar 1944Thanet RD F69
19 SELLMAN / Minter  Dec 1876Thanet RD F201