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Thanet RD



Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HARMER, Rosa Gertrude  Sep 1890Thanet RD I358
2 Minter, Alice Maud  Mar 1892Thanet RD I350
3 Minter, Ann  Sep 1857Thanet RD I346
4 Minter, Annie  Mar 1861Thanet RD I347
5 Minter, Ellen  Dec 1864Thanet RD I349
6 Minter, Fanny  Sep 1864Thanet RD I348
7 Minter, Henry Philip  Mar 1853Thanet RD I351
8 Minter, Isaac Robert  Mar 1890Thanet RD I353
9 Minter, James  Sep 1859Thanet RD I352


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FASSAM, Richard Charles  Dec 1971Thanet RD I193
2 FOX, Elizabeth  Sep 1884Thanet RD I159
3 GIFFORD, Jane  Bef 14 Oct 1853Thanet RD I138
4 GOODCHILD, Jemima Ann  Jun 1895Thanet RD I224
5 HARMER, Rosa Gertrude  Mar 1891Thanet RD I358
6 HARRISON, Sarah Ann  Dec 1895Thanet RD I178
7 LADD, Henry Stephen  Dec 1935Thanet RD I273
8 MARSHALL, Mary  Bef 2 Nov 1841Thanet RD I232
9 Minter, Alice Maud  Mar 1892Thanet RD I350
10 Minter, Ann  Sep 1857Thanet RD I346
11 Minter, Annie  Mar 1861Thanet RD I347
12 Minter, Annie  Jun 1936Thanet RD I192
13 Minter, Ellen  Dec 1864Thanet RD I349
14 Minter, Fanny  Sep 1864Thanet RD I348
15 Minter, Fanny Elizabeth  Jun 1949Thanet RD I190
16 Minter, Florence Mary  Mar 1895Thanet RD I189
17 Minter, Frederick Charles  Sep 1892Thanet RD I195
18 Minter, Henry Dean  Jun 1913Thanet RD I109
19 Minter, Henry Philip  Jun 1853Thanet RD I351
20 Minter, Isaac Robert  Mar 1890Thanet RD I353
21 Minter, James  Sep 1859Thanet RD I352
22 Minter, James  Dec 1875Thanet RD I143
23 Minter, James Robert  Bef 18 Jan 1893Thanet RD I187
24 Minter, Mary Ann  Mar 1872Thanet RD I191
25 Minter, Richard  Mar 1922Thanet RD I153
26 Minter, Richard Gifford  Bef 16 Jan 1891Thanet RD I150
27 Minter, Robert  Sep 1883Thanet RD I231
28 Minter, Robert Gifford  Mar 1902Thanet RD I177
29 Minter, Sarah Susan  Sep 1854Thanet RD I217
30 Minter, William  Bef 11 May 1842Thanet RD I108
31 Minter, William  Jun 1876Thanet RD I170
32 Minter, William Francis  Dec 1898Thanet RD I184
33 Minter, William Richard  Sep 1892Thanet RD I194
34 RAYNER, Edward Ernest  Sep 1885Thanet RD I332
35 SERJEANT, Maria  Jun 1888Thanet RD I144
36 SOLLY, Sarah  Dec 1924Thanet RD I154
37 STURGES, Mary Ann  Jun 1951Thanet RD I188
38 WILLIAMS, Mary Jane  Mar 1912Thanet RD I210
39 WOODWARD, Martha  Bef 11 Mar 1892Thanet RD I151


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FASSAM / Minter  Sep 1898Thanet RD F59
2 HARMER / Minter  Jun 1888Thanet RD F101
3 LADD / STURGES  Jun 1896Thanet RD F66
4 Minter / SNELLING  Dec 1864Thanet RD F56
5 Minter / STURGES  Sep 1888Thanet RD F58