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Worthing RD



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABSALOM, Frederick Charles  Jul 1997Worthing RD I214
2 BALL, Betty E  Oct 2005Worthing RD I258
3 BIBBY, Leonard  Mar 1972Worthing RD I2698
4 BOARDMAN, Sarah Alice  Jun 1969Worthing RD I351
5 BOLTON, Sarah Jane  Dec 1973Worthing RD I2709
6 BUTLAND, Joseph Adam  Mar 1983Worthing RD I454
7 CAYLESS, John William J  Feb 2001Worthing RD I545
8 COWDY, Henry Leslie  18 Oct 1954Worthing RD I2120
9 COWDY, Jessie Mary  29 Aug 1945Worthing RD I2115
10 COWDY, May Helena  28 Jan 1949Worthing RD I2116
11 COZENS, Thomas Albert  Sep 1965Worthing RD I322
12 CYSTER, Ronald  22 Oct 1985Worthing RD I34
13 EWINS, Herbert George John  Mar 1953Worthing RD I320
14 GRANDE, Edgar Joseph  Jun 1967Worthing RD I44
15 HARRINGTON, Frederick Cecil  Jan 1984Worthing RD I374
16 HORE, Cyril Edward  Oct 1987Worthing RD I481
17 INGLIS, Ivy Winifred  May 1993Worthing RD I546
18 JESTY, Edward George  Aug 1995Worthing RD I1510
19 LANE, Edith Harrison  May 1997Worthing RD I4830
20 MARCH, Arthur William  Dec 1954Worthing RD I300
21 Minter, Annie Louisa  Mar 1946Worthing RD I154
22 Minter, David Lewis  Feb 1990Worthing RD I1104
23 Minter, Dorothy Florence  Jul 2006Worthing RD I213
24 Minter, Dorothy Helen  21 Nov 2002Worthing RD I1506
25 Minter, Dorothy Margaret K  Jun 1957Worthing RD I159
26 Minter, Elizabeth  Aug 1985Worthing RD I20
27 Minter, Elizabeth Rhoda M  Dec 1999Worthing RD I251
28 Minter, Ernest Frank  27 Apr 1996Worthing RD I31
29 Minter, Florence Amy  Jun 1952Worthing RD I157
30 Minter, Jean Alice  19 Aug 2010Worthing RD I355
31 Minter, Joan Kathleen  Apr 1993Worthing RD I339
32 Minter, Leonora Mary  7 Oct 1991Worthing RD I146
33 Minter, Marion Emma  Sep 1947Worthing RD I759
34 Minter, Ronald Arthur  19 Oct 2002Worthing RD I1437
35 Minter, Winifred Jane  Jun 1980Worthing RD I757
36 NOTLEY, Hilda Maud  Jun 1976Worthing RD I151
37 REEVE, Dorothy Miriam  Sep 1963Worthing RD I1026
38 ROLLINSON, Dorothy Terry  Mar 2005Worthing RD I1964
39 SEARLE, Ernest Philip  Sep 1969Worthing RD I323
40 SIMPSON, George Hugh  Mar 2001Worthing RD I4079
41 STRINGER, June Doreen  21 Mar 2007Worthing RD I1438
42 WORLEY, Evelyn Grace  Jul 1993Worthing RD I24
43 WORLEY, Miriam Maude  May 1990Worthing RD I23


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CYSTER / WORLEY  Jun 1940Worthing RD F9
2 MCDONALD / HARDY  Sep 1955Worthing RD F767
3 Minter / JAKES  Dec 1954Worthing RD F85
4 Minter / LANGRIDGE  Sep 1946Worthing RD F110