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Woolwich RD



Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURNETT, Kenneth William  2 Feb 1923Woolwich RD I380
2 BUTT, Silver M  Sep 1919Woolwich RD I174
3 BUTT, Walter V A  Sep 1913Woolwich RD I172
4 BUTT, William F B  Dec 1915Woolwich RD I173
5 COOK, Donald  Jun 1914Woolwich RD I1209
6 CRAIGIE, Winifred Elizabeth  23 Jul 1917Woolwich RD I256
7 CURLEY, Olive E M  Dec 1913Woolwich RD I181
8 HAMMOND, Alice Lilian H  Sep 1903Woolwich RD I161
9 HAMMOND, James T W  Mar 1914Woolwich RD I164
10 HAMMOND, Rosie A H  Sep 1917Woolwich RD I165
11 HEARN, Florence Bertha  29 Mar 1891Woolwich RD I273
12 HURLEY, Grace  14 Jan 1903Woolwich RD I919
13 JARRATT, Vera Lucille  11 Oct 1912Woolwich RD I1428
14 LAFFERTY, Richard James  Jun 1907Woolwich RD I68
15 LAFFERTY, Stephen Thomas  Sep 1906Woolwich RD I67
16 MANN, Douglas R  Sep 1919Woolwich RD I159
17 MANN, Kenneth W  Dec 1915Woolwich RD I167
18 MANN, Leslie W  Sep 1914Woolwich RD I166
19 Minter, Beryl Grace  31 Mar 1925Woolwich RD I920
20 Minter, Billy  Sep 1925Woolwich RD I87
21 Minter, Charles C  Sep 1913Woolwich RD I544
22 Minter, Charles John Edward  30 Nov 1903Woolwich RD I33
23 Minter, Cyril Sidney  Dec 1928Woolwich RD I93
24 Minter, Cyril Stanley  29 Mar 1915Woolwich RD I1434
25 Minter, Donald Victor  26 Apr 1934Woolwich RD I23
26 Minter, Edward Samuel  25 Sep 1922Woolwich RD I3831
27 Minter, Eileen Mary  5 Sep 1916Woolwich RD I3779
28 Minter, Elizabeth Louise  3 Jul 1907Woolwich RD I122
29 Minter, Frank John  11 Jul 1911Woolwich RD I540
30 Minter, John Edward  Dec 1920Woolwich RD I3830
31 Minter, Leslie Henry  25 Jan 1914Woolwich RD I1432
32 Minter, Peggy Mildred  5 Jul 1920Woolwich RD I71
33 Minter, Robert Charles David  1 Jun 1903Woolwich RD I536
34 Minter, Ronald Arthur  22 Aug 1916Woolwich RD I1437
35 Minter, Stephen  9 Jul 1921Woolwich RD I111
36 Minter, Sydney George  Dec 1918Woolwich RD I3780
37 SAMPSON, Margaret Josephine  24 Aug 1892Woolwich RD I4311
38 SMITH, Enid Mabel  16 Jun 1908Woolwich RD I2159
39 SMITH, Gladys S  5 Oct 1911Woolwich RD I5183
40 SMITH, Leonard C  Jun 1915Woolwich RD I5186
41 SMITH, Walter W H  Jun 1913Woolwich RD I5185
42 WEST, Dorothy Grace  Mar 1915Woolwich RD I98
43 WEST, Gordon Henry  12 Sep 1918Woolwich RD I101
44 WEST, Maisie Kathleen  20 Feb 1911Woolwich RD I99
45 WEST, Marjorie Evelyn  Jun 1913Woolwich RD I100


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABSOLOM, Mary Elizabeth  Sep 1956Woolwich RD I262
2 BLOSS, Harriett  6 Jun 1918Woolwich RD I693
3 CANE, Annie LAFFERTY nee  Dec 1947Woolwich RD I15
4 COOK, Frederick A G  Mar 1919Woolwich RD I3540
5 CROUCH, Ada Sinclair  Jun 1922Woolwich RD I407
6 CURLEY, John  Dec 1941Woolwich RD I12
7 HALES, Georgina  22 Oct 1906Woolwich RD I3527
8 KRECKELER, Charles George  Dec 1881Woolwich RD I856
9 LAFFERTY, Richard James  Jun 1907Woolwich RD I68
10 LAFFERTY, Stephen Thomas  Sep 1906Woolwich RD I67
11 Minter, Albert  Dec 1949Woolwich RD I1536
12 Minter, Albert Albury P  Bef 15 Dec 1897Woolwich RD I1720
13 Minter, Albert Edward Sidney  Mar 1923Woolwich RD I561
14 Minter, Amelia Jane  Sep 1960Woolwich RD I7
15 Minter, Charles C  Sep 1915Woolwich RD I544
16 Minter, Edward  17 May 1929Woolwich RD I3582
17 Minter, Eva Ethel  Bef 21 Sep 1932Woolwich RD I94
18 Minter, Florenda Maud  Sep 1927Woolwich RD I41
19 Minter, John Edward  5 Aug 1922Woolwich RD I3830
20 Minter, Mary Ann  Bef 7 Aug 1913Woolwich RD I1537
21 Minter, Thomas  Mar 1916Woolwich RD I3
22 MUNDAY, Ann  Mar 1902Woolwich RD I213
23 TUSTIN, John Thomas  Sep 1909Woolwich RD I5179
24 VENABLES, Mary Ann  Mar 1924Woolwich RD I468
25 YOUNG, Minnie  Mar 1896Woolwich RD I3583


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUTT / Minter  Sep 1894Woolwich RD F20
2 CURLEY / Minter  Mar 1890Woolwich RD F7
3 HOLMES / Minter  Dec 1910Woolwich RD F51
4 HULFORD / Minter  Dec 1904Woolwich RD F536
5 MADAMS / KILLICK  Dec 1881Woolwich RD F204
6 Minter / BURGESS  Sep 1946Woolwich RD F30
7 Minter / CANE  Mar 1916Woolwich RD F8
8 Minter / DAVIES  Jun 1947Woolwich RD F849
9 Minter / JARRATT  Mar 1934Woolwich RD F519
10 Minter / KING  Sep 1901Woolwich RD F15
11 Minter / LANGRIDGE  20 Mar 1920Woolwich RD F510
12 Minter / LITTLEFIELD  Sep 1922Woolwich RD F30
13 Minter / RAYNER  Mar 1904Woolwich RD F361
14 Minter / SAMPSON  Sep 1916Woolwich RD F837
15 Minter / STRINGER  Mar 1951Woolwich RD F525
16 Minter / WEBB  Sep 1945Woolwich RD F1459
17 SMITH / LANGRIDGE  Dec 1910Woolwich RD F1414
18 SMITH / WEST  Sep 1931Woolwich RD F123
19 TUSTIN / LANGRIDGE  Dec 1905Woolwich RD F1413
20 WEST / PACKHAM  Mar 1945Woolwich RD F117