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West Bergholt, Essex


Tree: Dedham, Essex

Latitude: 51.907508, Longitude: 0.856427

Tree: Great Horkesley, Essex

Latitude: 51.907508, Longitude: 0.856427


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLSTON, Gertrude Doris  Dec 1901West Bergholt, Essex I2673
2 CANT, Susan(nah)  Abt 1780West Bergholt, Essex I2
3 CONSTABLE, Daniel  Abt 1816West Bergholt, Essex I2732
4 ELMER, Frank Albert  Jun 1874West Bergholt, Essex I3041
5 ELMER, Priscilla  Sep 1878West Bergholt, Essex I3043
6 ELMER, Selina  Mar 1876West Bergholt, Essex I3042
7 ELMER, Walter William  Sep 1872West Bergholt, Essex I3040
8 GENTRY, Alice  1879West Bergholt, Essex I720
9 GENTRY, Annie  1876West Bergholt, Essex I719
10 GENTRY, Emma  1874West Bergholt, Essex I717
11 GENTRY, Esther  22 Apr 1868West Bergholt, Essex I431
12 GENTRY, Harriett  1844West Bergholt, Essex I715
13 GENTRY, Walter  1866West Bergholt, Essex I716
14 GIBBLING, Ellen  Jun 1843West Bergholt, Essex I2967
15 MARSHALL, Harriet  Abt 1839West Bergholt, Essex I3014
16 Minter, Edward  Bef 17 Jun 1739West Bergholt, Essex I577
17 Myntar, Edward  9 Jul 1721West Bergholt, Essex I837
18 Myntar, John  Bef 25 May 1707West Bergholt, Essex I1799
19 Myntar, Joseph  Bef 9 Jul 1721West Bergholt, Essex I2811
20 Myntar, Thomas  Bef 7 Nov 1708West Bergholt, Essex I1800
21 PEACHEY, Ann  Bef 20 Oct 1805West Bergholt, Essex I2859
22 PEACHEY, Arthur John  Sep 1890West Bergholt, Essex I1664
23 PEACHEY, Bertha Emma  Dec 1886West Bergholt, Essex I1663
24 PEACHEY, Charles  Dec 1884West Bergholt, Essex I1662
25 PEACHEY, Ernest  Mar 1881West Bergholt, Essex I1661
26 PEACHEY, Harriet  Bef 24 Apr 1803West Bergholt, Essex I2858
27 PEACHEY, John  Bef 10 Jun 1798West Bergholt, Essex I2856
28 PEACHEY, John  Bef 16 Apr 1826West Bergholt, Essex I2860
29 PEACHEY, Sarah  Bef 6 Jul 1800West Bergholt, Essex I2857
30 RUFFLE, Matilda  Abt 1847West Bergholt, Essex I3038
31 SURRY, Mary Ann  1814West Bergholt, Essex I775
32 WAYLEN, Alfred  Jun 1888West Bergholt, Essex I822
33 WILBY, Hannah  Abt 1796West Bergholt, Essex I6


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Minter, Edward  17 Jun 1739West Bergholt, Essex I577
2 Myntar, Anne  23 Feb 1748West Bergholt, Essex I857
3 Myntar, Elizabeth  9 Jul 1721West Bergholt, Essex I845
4 Myntar, Elizabeth  7 Aug 1743West Bergholt, Essex I849
5 Myntar, John  25 May 1707West Bergholt, Essex I1799
6 Myntar, Joseph  9 Jul 1721West Bergholt, Essex I2811
7 Myntar, Joseph  24 Jun 1744West Bergholt, Essex I852
8 Myntar, Mary  15 Mar 1741West Bergholt, Essex I847
9 Myntar, Mary  17 Nov 1745West Bergholt, Essex I853
10 Myntar, Susannah  4 Jan 1747West Bergholt, Essex I855
11 Myntar, Thomas  7 Nov 1708West Bergholt, Essex I1800
12 Myntar, Thomas  4 Jan 1747West Bergholt, Essex I854
13 Myntar, William  29 Aug 1742West Bergholt, Essex I848
14 PEACHEY, Ann  20 Oct 1805West Bergholt, Essex I2859
15 PEACHEY, Harriet  24 Apr 1803West Bergholt, Essex I2858
16 PEACHEY, John  10 Jun 1798West Bergholt, Essex I2856
17 PEACHEY, John  16 Apr 1826West Bergholt, Essex I2860
18 PEACHEY, Sarah  6 Jul 1800West Bergholt, Essex I2857


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HOUGHTON, Elizabeth  Bef 26 Aug 1773West Bergholt, Essex I838
2 Myntar, Edward  Bef 10 Apr 1795West Bergholt, Essex I837
3 PEACHEY, Elizabeth  Bef 29 Jul 1802West Bergholt, Essex I2853


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anne  8 Nov 1741West Bergholt, Essex I843
2 HOUGHTON, Elizabeth  26 Aug 1773West Bergholt, Essex I838
3 LAY, Rebecca  23 Jan 1750West Bergholt, Essex I841
4 Myntar, Anne  23 Feb 1748West Bergholt, Essex I857
5 Myntar, Edward  10 Apr 1795West Bergholt, Essex I837
6 Myntar, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1774West Bergholt, Essex I849
7 Myntar, John  8 Nov 1741West Bergholt, Essex I842
8 Myntar, John  12 Aug 1759West Bergholt, Essex I1799
9 Myntar, Joseph  19 Aug 1744West Bergholt, Essex I852
10 Myntar, Lydia  13 Nov 1711West Bergholt, Essex I844
11 Myntar, Mary  19 May 1741West Bergholt, Essex I847
12 Myntar, Mary  11 Apr 1747West Bergholt, Essex I853
13 Myntar, Mary  23 Feb 1748West Bergholt, Essex I856
14 Myntar, Richard  14 Nov 1735West Bergholt, Essex I839
15 Myntar, Sarah  1 Apr 1722West Bergholt, Essex I846
16 Myntar, Susannah  11 Apr 1747West Bergholt, Essex I855
17 Myntar, Thomas  18 Mar 1747West Bergholt, Essex I854
18 Myntar, William  3 Oct 1742West Bergholt, Essex I848
19 PEACHEY, Elizabeth  29 Jul 1802West Bergholt, Essex I2853


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Myntar / HOUGHTON  30 Nov 1738West Bergholt, Essex F168
2 Myntar / LAY  11 Feb 1707West Bergholt, Essex F170