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Wandsworth RD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABSALOM, Frederick Charles  13 Nov 1911Wandsworth RD I214
2 BODDINGTON, Grace Agnes  4 Nov 1903Wandsworth RD I537
3 BRYANT, Evelyn Edith M  Dec 1908Wandsworth RD I1253
4 CAYLESS, Betty Patricia  Oct 1923Wandsworth RD I649
5 CAYLESS, Frances M  Sep 1911Wandsworth RD I593
6 CAYLESS, Hilda Constance  Jun 1910Wandsworth RD I503
7 CAYLESS, Joan M  Jun 1916Wandsworth RD I595
8 CAYLESS, Olive K  Jun 1914Wandsworth RD I594
9 DIBBS, Dorothy Ellen T  Mar 1900Wandsworth RD I198
10 DIBLEY, Lilian Violet  9 Mar 1903Wandsworth RD I805
11 EWENS, Mary Gandell  16 Oct 1877Wandsworth RD I112
12 EWINS, Joyce M  Dec 1913Wandsworth RD I487
13 FOLEY, Betty M  Mar 1918Wandsworth RD I9
14 FOLEY, Ruth M  Sep 1915Wandsworth RD I11
15 FRANKLIN, Harry Thomas  12 Jun 1893Wandsworth RD I26
16 FRANKLIN, Harry Thomas  Sep 1893Wandsworth RD I32
17 HALES, Frederick Herbert P  27 Feb 1923Wandsworth RD I1561
18 HECKFORD, Elizabeth  23 Nov 1900Wandsworth RD I292
19 IRONS, John  15 Apr 1884Wandsworth RD I1198
20 LAWRENCE, Stella Gwendoline  10 Apr 1921Wandsworth RD I175
21 MACKRELL, Edgar Clarence  24 Dec 1896Wandsworth RD I42
22 Minter, Charles Samuel Buckingham  17 Aug 1929Wandsworth RD I691
23 Minter, Dorothea Emmeline  9 Nov 1904Wandsworth RD I463
24 Minter, Frederick Percival  Jun 1901Wandsworth RD I3599
25 Minter, George James  Dec 1883Wandsworth RD I58
26 Minter, Ivy Ethel  20 Feb 1916Wandsworth RD I1056
27 Minter, Jack W  Mar 1917Wandsworth RD I1556
28 Minter, Kenneth Charles  14 Aug 1898Wandsworth RD I1559
29 Minter, Lilian Rose  24 Nov 1918Wandsworth RD I716
30 Minter, Mary J  Mar 1917Wandsworth RD I715
31 Minter, Patrick Ernest  28 May 1929Wandsworth RD I3841
32 Minter, Sidney Charles  23 Apr 1913Wandsworth RD I3847
33 Minter, Terence  Mar 1935Wandsworth RD I2089
34 Minter, Violet Edith  30 Jul 1935Wandsworth RD I46
35 Minter, Willie  Mar 1901Wandsworth RD I57
36 NECK, Laurence Sydney L  5 Feb 1931Wandsworth RD I282
37 NEWELL, Gladys Dorothy  22 Nov 1895Wandsworth RD I2
38 PARKER, Dinah Mildred Haldon  21 Mar 1909Wandsworth RD I3848
39 SHRIMPTON, Ethel Mildred  5 Jul 1886Wandsworth RD I713
40 SIDWELL, John Sidney William  9 Nov 1879Wandsworth RD I13
41 SIMMONS, Esme Helen  24 Mar 1905Wandsworth RD I499
42 SINCLAIR, Euphemia Alice  10 Oct 1910Wandsworth RD I1396
43 STEED, Betty E  11 Jul 1912Wandsworth RD I426
44 WALKER, Helen Dorothy  17 Jul 1894Wandsworth RD I451
45 WHEATLEY, Edith Alexandra  7 Dec 1902Wandsworth RD I459
46 WILMOT, Marie S  Sep 1921Wandsworth RD I3284


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENTON, Florence Emmy  Dec 1973Wandsworth RD I426
2 BOWDLER, Doris Irene  Dec 1980Wandsworth RD I415
3 BURDEN, Francis William  Jul 1996Wandsworth RD I130
4 CAYLESS, Amelia  Dec 1964Wandsworth RD I514
5 CAYLESS, Philip John  Jun 1952Wandsworth RD I584
6 CHESHAM, Horace Stanley  Dec 1980Wandsworth RD I565
7 CHRISTIAN, Benjamin Fisher  Dec 1874Wandsworth RD I349
8 CLARIS, George Martin  Mar 1898Wandsworth RD I1158
9 CLARIS, William Minter  Dec 1909Wandsworth RD I858
10 COOPER, Gerald Alfred  Dec 1975Wandsworth RD I59
11 CROUCH, Harry Clement  Sep 1980Wandsworth RD I414
12 DADD, Phoebe Annie  Dec 1937Wandsworth RD I457
13 DUNN, Lizzie  Sep 1915Wandsworth RD I34
14 EAST, Jane Elizabeth  Jun 1897Wandsworth RD I674
15 FARRINGTON, Abel  Dec 1941Wandsworth RD I3662
16 FURLONG, Charlotte R  Jun 1900Wandsworth RD I5236
17 GARROD, Emma  Sep 1959Wandsworth RD I29
18 GRAND, Alice Elizabeth  Dec 1927Wandsworth RD I1054
19 HALL, Edwin Lacy  Dec 1920Wandsworth RD I491
20 JOHN, Arthur Henry  Sep 1943Wandsworth RD I1092
21 KNIGHT, Rosie Sarah  Dec 1953Wandsworth RD I1086
22 LEINENWEBBER, Henry Herbert  Sep 1901Wandsworth RD I628
23 LEWIN, Walpole  Bef 23 Dec 1905Wandsworth RD I412
24 MARTIN, Jane Catherine  Dec 1898Wandsworth RD I1155
25 MASKELL, Mary Ann Elizabeth  Jun 1901Wandsworth RD I359
26 McCARTHY, Emily Mary  Dec 1945Wandsworth RD I825
27 McGREGOR, Lily Margaret  Bef 18 Mar 1960Wandsworth RD I2020
28 Minter, Abraham  Dec 1918Wandsworth RD I672
29 Minter, Amelia Eliza  Mar 1902Wandsworth RD I1
30 Minter, Clara Sarah  Dec 1926Wandsworth RD I654
31 Minter, Doris Kitty  Oct 1998Wandsworth RD I129
32 Minter, Dorothea Emmeline  Jul 1988Wandsworth RD I463
33 Minter, Esther  Dec 1915Wandsworth RD I676
34 Minter, Ethel Sarah  Sep 1927Wandsworth RD I429
35 Minter, Fanny Frances  Jun 1875Wandsworth RD I1173
36 Minter, Flora Jane  Mar 1943Wandsworth RD I1190
37 Minter, Gertrude Lilian  Dec 1972Wandsworth RD I42
38 Minter, Harriet  Mar 1897Wandsworth RD I367
39 Minter, Harry  Dec 1847Wandsworth RD I1111
40 Minter, Jack W  Jun 1918Wandsworth RD I1556
41 Minter, Judith Elizabeth Mary  23 Apr 2007Wandsworth RD I3058
42 Minter, Kenneth Charles  Sep 1898Wandsworth RD I1559
43 Minter, Lilly  Mar 1942Wandsworth RD I233
44 Minter, Muriel Herne  Jun 1983Wandsworth RD I58
45 Minter, Percival Leslie  Dec 1975Wandsworth RD I131
46 Minter, Terence  Sep 1935Wandsworth RD I2089
47 Minter, Thomas Richard P  21 Jan 2000Wandsworth RD I30
48 Minter, Willie  Mar 1901Wandsworth RD I57
49 MOYSES, Hickson Benjamin  Dec 1925Wandsworth RD I707
50 RAPER, Mabel Elsie  Sep 1958Wandsworth RD I97

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Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLCROFT / Minter  Sep 1934Wandsworth RD F176
2 BANFIELD / COWDY  Jun 1910Wandsworth RD F711
3 BEACH / BURDOCK  Jun 1906Wandsworth RD F427
4 BELL / CAYLESS  Dec 1911Wandsworth RD F201
5 BRAY / THOMAS  Sep 1933Wandsworth RD F648
6 CASELEY / MARTIN  Mar 1917Wandsworth RD F143
7 CAYLESS / HINTON  Jun 1938Wandsworth RD F171
8 CAYLESS / KENT  Dec 1925Wandsworth RD F229
9 CAYLESS / PRESTON  Mar 1928Wandsworth RD F215
10 CHESHAM / Minter  Jun 1940Wandsworth RD F200
11 CHESNEY / GRIFFITHS  Dec 1928Wandsworth RD F1503
12 JOHN / SHOOBERT  Jun 1916Wandsworth RD F399
13 Minter / ARMSTRONG  Jun 1928Wandsworth RD F437
14 Minter / BARNES  Dec 1896Wandsworth RD F318
15 Minter / DENNIS  Jun 1889Wandsworth RD F34
16 Minter / KAVANAGH  Mar 1932Wandsworth RD F676
17 Minter / LOGAN  Dec 1935Wandsworth RD F100
18 Minter / Minter  Dec 1893Wandsworth RD F4
19 Minter / PARKER  Sep 1936Wandsworth RD F434
20 Minter / PARTRIDGE  30 Jun 1897Wandsworth RD F7
21 Minter / TARNOWSKI  Sep 1939Wandsworth RD F504
22 Minter / WINKLEY  Jun 1966Wandsworth RD F54
23 O'LEARY / Minter  Jun 1956Wandsworth RD F22
24 PATTERSON / WALKER  Dec 1921Wandsworth RD F156
25 SEARLEY / KEMP  Jun 1921Wandsworth RD F309
26 SWANSON / Minter  Mar 1957Wandsworth RD F573
27 TUNGATE / Minter  Jun 1934Wandsworth RD F395