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Surrey Mid E RD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Minter, James Alfred E  17 Apr 1937Surrey Mid E RD I1065
2 Minter, Joan R  Sep 1947Surrey Mid E RD I1077
3 PENROSE, Irene M  25 Sep 1938Surrey Mid E RD I1779


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAMS, William Leslie  7 Dec 1960Surrey Mid E RD I119
2 BLAKE, Agnes Annie  Sep 1953Surrey Mid E RD I3740
3 BLIGH, Robert George  Dec 1947Surrey Mid E RD I484
4 CHAPPEL, Martin Edward  Sep 1943Surrey Mid E RD I2090
5 CLOW nee Minter, Dorothy  Nov 1984Surrey Mid E RD I5300
6 CROUCH, Edith Emily  Mar 1942Surrey Mid E RD I405
7 CROUCH, Herbert Sinclair  Sep 1940Surrey Mid E RD I410
8 ELLIS, Rosa Nellie  May 1988Surrey Mid E RD I1119
9 ELMER, Amos  Jun 1937Surrey Mid E RD I3020
10 ELMER, John Butcher  Jun 1948Surrey Mid E RD I3107
11 GROOMBRIDGE, Lavinia  Jun 1967Surrey Mid E RD I810
12 HICKEY, Ellen  Sep 1939Surrey Mid E RD I3499
13 HILLARD, Abraham  Sep 1953Surrey Mid E RD I42
14 JULLIE, Ernest Augustus  Sep 1947Surrey Mid E RD I355
15 LOVELESS, William George Henry  Dec 1969Surrey Mid E RD I686
16 MAISEY, Hannah R  Sep 1962Surrey Mid E RD I592
17 Minter, Alice  Dec 1940Surrey Mid E RD I358
18 Minter, Ellen Eliza  Mar 1951Surrey Mid E RD I2770
19 Minter, Ellen Sophia  Dec 1936Surrey Mid E RD I40
20 Minter, Elsie Laura  Sep 1976Surrey Mid E RD I118
21 Minter, Esther  Dec 1966Surrey Mid E RD I22
22 Minter, Florence Jane  Mar 1970Surrey Mid E RD I189
23 Minter, Joan Lilian  Dec 1980Surrey Mid E RD I2032
24 Minter, Kathleen Louisa  Sep 1937Surrey Mid E RD I3741
25 Minter, Margaret Alice  Sep 1962Surrey Mid E RD I685
26 MORPHY, Helen Margaret  Dec 1994Surrey Mid E RD I5246
27 STEVENS, Barbara L  Sep 1935Surrey Mid E RD I3115
28 TILLEY, Harriett  Jun 1935Surrey Mid E RD I3046
29 TUNGATE, Arthur William  Mar 1973Surrey Mid E RD I1086
30 WITNEY, Susan  Sep 1955Surrey Mid E RD I362
31 WORLEY, Florence Rose  Sep 1964Surrey Mid E RD I146
32 WORLEY, Mildred  Sep 1948Surrey Mid E RD I482


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Minter / FELTHAM  Dec 1942Surrey Mid E RD F472
2 Minter / TRIBE  Dec 1946Surrey Mid E RD F487
3 NORTHERN / Minter  Dec 1938Surrey Mid E RD F443