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Sudbury RD



Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRAYBROOK, Charles Alfred G  1 Aug 1924Sudbury RD I488
2 DOWNEY, Gerald Allan  8 Sep 1921Sudbury RD I2899
3 DOWNEY, Harriet Lever  Sep 1850Sudbury RD I2906
4 KERRY, John Norman  8 Jun 1915Sudbury RD I1258
5 KERRY, Philip D  30 May 1914Sudbury RD I1257
6 MATTOCK, Blanche Dora  29 Dec 1912Sudbury RD I1505
7 SCRIVENER, Frank H  13 Apr 1897Sudbury RD I2901


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAM, Joseph William  Dec 1969Sudbury RD I2309
2 COE, Susan  Dec 1905Sudbury RD I2887
3 DOWNEY, Charles  Mar 1919Sudbury RD I2890
4 DOWNEY, David  Sep 1874Sudbury RD I2927
5 DOWNEY, David  Sep 1889Sudbury RD I2877
6 DOWNEY, Dorothy Eliza  Sep 1957Sudbury RD I2897
7 DOWNEY, Frederick Charles  Mar 1966Sudbury RD I2894
8 DOWNEY, Harry James  21 Jan 2001Sudbury RD I496
9 DOWNEY, Jack  Dec 1929Sudbury RD I2896
10 DOWNEY, John  Sep 1868Sudbury RD I2919
11 DOWNEY, Jonathan  Mar 1894Sudbury RD I2926
12 DOWNEY, Robert  Jun 1861Sudbury RD I2946
13 DOWNEY, Robert  Dec 1887Sudbury RD I2881
14 DOWNEY, Rose Florence  Jun 1961Sudbury RD I1331
15 DOWNEY, Samuel  Mar 1856Sudbury RD I2921
16 DOWNEY, William  Sep 1857Sudbury RD I1985
17 DOWNEY, William  Mar 1887Sudbury RD I1321
18 DRAKARD, Francis John  Jun 1956Sudbury RD I587
19 Elizabeth  Mar 1844Sudbury RD I2
20 EVERETT, Matilda  Dec 1892Sudbury RD I1322
21 JAGGARD, Alice Emily  May 2004Sudbury RD I3582
22 KENINGALE, Kate  Mar 1866Sudbury RD I3788
23 LAYZELL, Edith M  Sep 1945Sudbury RD I2898
24 MACER, Frederick Charles  Jun 1967Sudbury RD I697
25 Minter, Abraham  Sep 1840Sudbury RD I1
26 Minter, Abraham  Mar 1845Sudbury RD I4
27 Minter, Elizabeth  Sep 1845Sudbury RD I3
28 Minter, John  Bef 8 Feb 1871Sudbury RD I26
29 NEVARD, Hannah  Bef 4 Dec 1891Sudbury RD I2975
30 PEARTREE, Henry  Dec 1878Sudbury RD I10
31 PRITCHETT, Gordon Martin  Dec 2005Sudbury RD I487
32 SMITH, Emily Adelaide  Mar 1936Sudbury RD I2893
33 THEOBALD, Charlotte  Mar 1894Sudbury RD I2941
34 TWITCHET, Sarah  Jun 1913Sudbury RD I2318
35 UNKNOWN, Amelia  Bef 7 Feb 1858Sudbury RD I38
36 UNKNOWN, Mary  Sep 1844Sudbury RD I2873
37 UNKNOWN, Mary  Jun 1871Sudbury RD I2923
38 WOODGATE, William  Sep 1907Sudbury RD I2317


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABRAHAM / DOWNEY  Mar 1911Sudbury RD F776
2 BIRD / DOWNEY  Jun 1879Sudbury RD F953
3 DOWNEY / BIGG  Jun 1847Sudbury RD F964
4 DOWNEY / COE  Dec 1848Sudbury RD F952
5 DOWNEY / ELLISTON  Dec 1851Sudbury RD F970
6 DOWNEY / EVERETT  Jun 1847Sudbury RD F472
7 DOWNEY / JOSLYN  Dec 1852Sudbury RD F965
8 DOWNEY / LAYZELL  Sep 1916Sudbury RD F956
9 DOWNEY / MURRAY  Mar 1882Sudbury RD F450
10 DOWNEY / SMITH  Jun 1884Sudbury RD F955
11 DOWNEY / THEOBALD  Jun 1855Sudbury RD F974
12 DOWNEY / WHEATLEY  Jun 1861Sudbury RD F975
13 HEARD / DOWNEY  Dec 1867Sudbury RD F487
14 HONEYBALL / SADLER  Sep 1877Sudbury RD F133
15 Minter / APPLEBY  Mar 1850Sudbury RD F117
16 Minter / MATTOCK  Jun 1947Sudbury RD F541
17 PEARTREE / BERRY  Dec 1848Sudbury RD F1
18 POULTER / DOWNEY  Sep 1891Sudbury RD F779
19 SCRIVENER / DOWNEY  Mar 1922Sudbury RD F957
20 WOODGATE / TWITCHET  Jun 1852Sudbury RD F780