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St Albans RD



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENTLEY, Albert E  24 Apr 1915St Albans RD I1198
2 BENTLEY, Beatrice  Jun 1912St Albans RD I1196
3 BENTLEY, Florence E  28 Jan 1920St Albans RD I1177
4 BENTLEY, Kate F  4 Jul 1916St Albans RD I1176
5 BENTLEY, Leonard J  Jun 1913St Albans RD I1197
6 CHAPMAN, Bryan H  Dec 1929St Albans RD I658
7 HALL, Christine Victoria Lacey  21 Jul 1939St Albans RD I454
8 Minter, Albert Henry  12 Aug 1906St Albans RD I2910
9 Minter, Deric Frank  9 Apr 1909St Albans RD I2923
10 Minter, Elsie  24 Aug 1904St Albans RD I2908
11 Minter, Janet Elizabeth  8 May 1903St Albans RD I2907
12 Minter, Kathleen  21 Nov 1911St Albans RD I2925
13 SEAR, Reginald Thomas  Jun 1904St Albans RD I161


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BECKWITH, Kimberley Susan Rose Ethel  Jun 1983St Albans RD I1749
2 BENTLEY, Hedley James  Jun 1962St Albans RD I2596
3 BRIDGES, Mary Elizabeth  Sep 1971St Albans RD I109
4 CAYLESS, George Edward  Sep 1974St Albans RD I574
5 CHAPMAN, Joseph Herman  Sep 1962St Albans RD I160
6 DAVIES, Vera Annie M  Jun 1973St Albans RD I1751
7 HUMPHREY, Dorothy Alice  Jul 1986St Albans RD I37
8 LEE, Emily Florence  Mar 1981St Albans RD I933
9 Minter, Albert Henry  Jun 1968St Albans RD I2910
10 Minter, Brian Albert  Mar 2000St Albans RD I2914
11 Minter, Charles Frederick  Mar 1973St Albans RD I36
12 Minter, Deric Frank  Aug 1994St Albans RD I2923
13 Minter, Edith Joanna  Jun 1958St Albans RD I931
14 Minter, Janet Elizabeth  Nov 1995St Albans RD I2907
15 Minter, Richard  Sep 1965St Albans RD I83
16 Minter, Sidney Albert  Sep 1958St Albans RD I938
17 SEAR, Reginald Thomas  Dec 1967St Albans RD I161
18 SEMPER, William Arthur  Mar 1937St Albans RD I98
19 WARD, Nellie Elizabeth  Mar 1977St Albans RD I2924


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAYLESS / HAGGER  Sep 1937St Albans RD F204
2 CHAPMAN / Minter  Jun 1924St Albans RD F88
3 Minter / BUCKINGHAM  Mar 1930St Albans RD F586
4 Minter / SMITH  Mar 1948St Albans RD F38
5 Minter / WARD  Dec 1934St Albans RD F6
6 MUNDY / Minter  Jun 1929St Albans RD F585
7 RICHARDSON / BECKWITH  Sep 1947St Albans RD F816
8 SEAR / Minter  Mar 1927St Albans RD F89