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Southwark RD



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROADSTOCK, William Charles  16 Mar 1907Southwark RD I3751
2 CLOW nee Minter, Dorothy  23 Oct 1901Southwark RD I5300
3 DUNT, Ronald Thomas  27 Aug 1933Southwark RD I504
4 FARRINGTON, Daniel George  23 Mar 1909Southwark RD I1029
5 GUNNER, Nellie Dinah  19 Jan 1909Southwark RD I4303
6 HODGES, Ivy R  21 Jul 1921Southwark RD I50
7 IRONS, John  Jun 1905Southwark RD I1200
8 IRONS, Mary Ann  Dec 1907Southwark RD I1199
9 Minter, Andrew Henry  Mar 1917Southwark RD I245
10 Minter, Charles Frederick  15 Oct 1901Southwark RD I36
11 Minter, Frieda Melanie  11 Apr 1916Southwark RD I8
12 Minter, Henry George  3 May 1931Southwark RD I1375
13 Minter, Iris Kathleen  7 Jan 1929Southwark RD I1080
14 Minter, Nellie  6 Jul 1908Southwark RD I365
15 Minter, Robert Harry  9 Nov 1921Southwark RD I672
16 MITTINS, Maureen Elizabeth  14 Apr 1938Southwark RD I987
17 RAMSWELL, Alice Jane  22 May 1923Southwark RD I673
18 SKELTON, Harry Edwin  15 Sep 1904Southwark RD I618
19 SPENCER, Lilian M  24 Dec 1924Southwark RD I45
20 STUMP, Audrey Olive  1 Feb 1930Southwark RD I3844
21 WHITSEY, Clarence William H  18 May 1926Southwark RD I1380
22 WILSON, John  28 Feb 1914Southwark RD I1646
23 WILSON, Thomas Edward  2 Feb 1921Southwark RD I1648
24 WILSON, Victor Henry  8 Aug 1916Southwark RD I1647


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BALDRY, Amy  Sep 1914Southwark RD I20
2 BONES, Caroline  Mar 1908Southwark RD I729
3 BRIDGES, Isaac John  Mar 1922Southwark RD I337
4 CAYLESS, Reuben  Dec 1955Southwark RD I441
5 DINE, George Arthur  Jan 1988Southwark RD I1204
6 JOCHAM, Lilian Margaret  Mar 1955Southwark RD I1027
7 Minter, Charles W  Dec 1912Southwark RD I1118
8 Minter, Edward Samuel  23 May 1994Southwark RD I3831
9 Minter, Edwin  Bef 25 Feb 1913Southwark RD I611
10 Minter, Florence May  Mar 1992Southwark RD I348
11 Minter, George Enoch  Sep 1909Southwark RD I1633
12 Minter, Hilda Maud  Dec 1936Southwark RD I1028
13 Minter, John Thomas  Bef 30 Sep 1902Southwark RD I212
14 Minter, Michael  Dec 1905Southwark RD I3839
15 Minter, Robert Harry  14 Jun 1984Southwark RD I672
16 Minter, Thomas Alfred  Mar 1925Southwark RD I21
17 Minter, William Lawrence  Mar 1903Southwark RD I5309
18 PEMBROOKE, Mary Jane  Dec 1955Southwark RD I641
19 SCROXTON, Emma  Mar 1963Southwark RD I75
20 SHAND, Walter C  Mar 1962Southwark RD I315
21 SMITH, Edward  Sep 1930Southwark RD I350
22 TURNER, Alice Eliza  Dec 1918Southwark RD I5479
23 WILSON, Thomas  Dec 1939Southwark RD I699
24 WILSON, Thomas John  Jun 1901Southwark RD I1649
25 WILSON, Thomas John  Sep 1912Southwark RD I1266
26 YOUNG, Marian Grace  Jun 1917Southwark RD I14


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOUTCHER / Minter  Mar 1928Southwark RD F245
2 BROUGHTON / GRIFFITHS  Mar 1911Southwark RD F1504
3 CUTTING / FOLKARD  Jun 1927Southwark RD F85
4 FARRINGTON / Minter  Sep 1933Southwark RD F381
5 Minter / BONE  Sep 1925Southwark RD F393
6 Minter / WALL  Sep 1890Southwark RD F238
7 SMITH / Minter  Sep 1931Southwark RD F136
8 UNWIN / BALLARD  Dec 1920Southwark RD F374