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South Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza  Abt 1861South Carolina, USA I8052
2 BRIGGS, Eva Mae  Abt 1920South Carolina, USA I8072
3 BRIGGS, Jonathan C  23 Mar 1877South Carolina, USA I8049
4 BRIGGS, Judson B  Abt 1848South Carolina, USA I8051
5 BRIGGS, Olga J  Abt 1902South Carolina, USA I8071
6 CARTER, Minnie Roberta  22 Jun 1894South Carolina, USA I6564
7 FAIR, Thomas Adolphus  15 Apr 1820South Carolina, USA I8611
8 GILHAM, Jane  21 Apr 1773South Carolina, USA I4520
9 HILL, Zora Ellen  12 May 1890South Carolina, USA I2726
10 LOVE, Adeline  4 May 1804South Carolina, USA I4527
11 LOVE, Mary Lucretia  18 Nov 1830South Carolina, USA I7491
12 MILLS, Louise M  14 Apr 1892South Carolina, USA I5413
13 Minter, Ann Hardin  Abt 1919South Carolina, USA I6577
14 Minter, Annie B  Oct 1895South Carolina, USA I6559
15 Minter, Clarissa Adeline  6 Jan 1832South Carolina, USA I6537
16 Minter, Cynthia Ann  Abt 1869South Carolina, USA I6551
17 Minter, Docia A  30 Jul 1860South Carolina, USA I6671
18 Minter, Ebenezer J  Abt 1812South Carolina, USA I5001
19 Minter, Edward Perrin  7 Mar 1879South Carolina, USA I7273
20 Minter, Elizabeth Jane  11 Feb 1855South Carolina, USA I6547
21 Minter, Ethelwin Love  9 Jan 1824South Carolina, USA I6660
22 Minter, Fannie Dodson  26 Jul 1869South Carolina, USA I7269
23 Minter, George Barnes  22 Jul 1858South Carolina, USA I6549
24 Minter, George Blair  6 Aug 1928South Carolina, USA I6566
25 Minter, Hannah Claudia  9 Feb 1898South Carolina, USA I6560
26 Minter, Hardin  Abt 1900South Carolina, USA I6561
27 Minter, Henrietta  18 Dec 1847South Carolina, USA I6545
28 Minter, Ira Marshall  11 Feb 1894South Carolina, USA I6558
29 Minter, Jacob  1 Feb 1783South Carolina, USA I4517
30 Minter, James  19 Aug 1774South Carolina, USA I4513
31 Minter, Janie May  Abt 1908South Carolina, USA I6563
32 Minter, Jesse Blairs  24 Nov 1833South Carolina, USA I6538
33 Minter, Jesse Jackson  26 May 1806South Carolina, USA I4526
34 Minter, John Neely  14 Aug 1838South Carolina, USA I6540
35 Minter, John Russell  4 Jul 1833South Carolina, USA I6665
36 Minter, John Russell  12 Aug 1871South Carolina, USA I7270
37 Minter, Joseph  15 May 1780South Carolina, USA I4516
38 Minter, Joseph T  Abt 1818South Carolina, USA I264
39 Minter, Josephine  12 Aug 1877South Carolina, USA I7272
40 Minter, Josiah  25 May 1776South Carolina, USA I4514
41 Minter, Leroy  2 Oct 1846South Carolina, USA I6544
42 Minter, Lily B  Feb 1890South Carolina, USA I6556
43 Minter, Lorenza Dow  26 Sep 1843South Carolina, USA I6543
44 Minter, Louise Ann  Abt 1920South Carolina, USA I5414
45 Minter, Luther Mills  16 May 1922South Carolina, USA I5415
46 Minter, Marjorie G  Abt 1916South Carolina, USA I7277
47 Minter, Martha Amelia  8 May 1840South Carolina, USA I6541
48 Minter, Mary  6 Mar 1778South Carolina, USA I4515
49 Minter, Mary Ann  15 Mar 1804South Carolina, USA I4525
50 Minter, Mary Jane  2 Sep 1836South Carolina, USA I6539

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eliza  Between 1893 and 1900South Carolina, USA I8052
2 CARTER, Annie Laura  18 Mar 1948South Carolina, USA I6576
3 CARTER, Minnie Roberta  13 Sep 1982South Carolina, USA I6564
4 EGGER, Elizabeth Orr  2 Feb 1870South Carolina, USA I6971
5 EVANS, Helen  8 Feb 1992South Carolina, USA I5439
6 GILHAM, Jane  24 Sep 1834South Carolina, USA I4520
7 GOOCH, Anna Mariah  1802South Carolina, USA I229
8 HARDIN, Mary Ann  31 Oct 1911South Carolina, USA I6546
9 MILLS, Louise M  7 Mar 1985South Carolina, USA I5413
10 Minter, Cynthia Ann  1909South Carolina, USA I6551
11 Minter, Elizabeth Jane  18 Mar 1934South Carolina, USA I6547
12 Minter, George Barnes  1 Jan 1927South Carolina, USA I6549
13 Minter, Hannah Claudia  30 Sep 1971South Carolina, USA I6560
14 Minter, Ira Marshall  2 Apr 1963South Carolina, USA I6558
15 Minter, Joseph  1784South Carolina, USA I109
16 Minter, Josephine  10 May 1960South Carolina, USA I7272
17 Minter, Martha  26 Apr 1853South Carolina, USA I4522
18 Minter, Mercy  Abt 1817South Carolina, USA I253
19 Minter, Monroe  11 Oct 1908South Carolina, USA I6536
20 Minter, Pressley  30 Apr 1976South Carolina, USA I6562
21 Minter, Thomas M  1948South Carolina, USA I6552
22 Minter, Willa Jean  3 Apr 2006South Carolina, USA I3705
23 Minter, William  1 Mar 1931South Carolina, USA I6548
24 Minter, William Gelder  1 May 1965South Carolina, USA I7276
25 Minter, William Sumter  22 Jun 1951South Carolina, USA I6557
26 Minter, William Sumter Jr.  4 May 2009South Carolina, USA I6565
27 POLK, Janie Mae  13 Jul 2004South Carolina, USA I6574
28 PRESSLEY, Ira Ann  13 Apr 1947South Carolina, USA I6555
29 RICHARDSON, Fannie  20 Aug 1967South Carolina, USA I6572
30 WRENN, Jefferson W  28 Oct 1978South Carolina, USA I6575


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Minter / CARTER  Abt 1920South Carolina, USA F2544
2 Minter / GILHAM  22 May 1792South Carolina, USA F2179
3 Minter / LOVE  28 Mar 1824South Carolina, USA F2180
4 Minter / MILLS  Abt 1917South Carolina, USA F706
5 Minter / NEAL  Abt 1907South Carolina, USA F2542
6 Minter / PRESSLEY  Abt 1889South Carolina, USA F2543
7 Minter / RICHARDSON  Abt 1924South Carolina, USA F2547
8 PARKMAN / Minter  1775South Carolina, USA F90