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Scunthorpe RD



Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HUNSLEY, David  Dec 1945Scunthorpe RD I799
2 HUNSLEY, Harry  Sep 1945Scunthorpe RD I1189
3 HUNSLEY, Janet Louise  Sep 1955Scunthorpe RD I1096
4 HUNSLEY, Stuart  12 May 1950Scunthorpe RD I800


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARRAND, Kate Fanny  Jun 1965Scunthorpe RD I809
2 BARKER, Ivy Stella  Mar 1976Scunthorpe RD I1085
3 BROOKS, Charlotte Ann  Jun 1982Scunthorpe RD I793
4 BRUMPTON, Grace  Jun 1942Scunthorpe RD I1127
5 CHEESMAN, Annie Louisa  Jun 1977Scunthorpe RD I1088
6 FORD, Mary A  Aug 1991Scunthorpe RD I241
7 GUILLIATT, Annie Elizabeth  Mar 1954Scunthorpe RD I1147
8 HUNSLEY, Agnes  Jun 1956Scunthorpe RD I1070
9 HUNSLEY, Alfred  Dec 1942Scunthorpe RD I627
10 HUNSLEY, Clifford Leo  Dec 1966Scunthorpe RD I954
11 HUNSLEY, Edgar  2 Aug 1977Scunthorpe RD I1080
12 HUNSLEY, Edmund  Mar 1945Scunthorpe RD I217
13 HUNSLEY, Eliza  Sep 1956Scunthorpe RD I1067
14 HUNSLEY, Eric  Sep 1975Scunthorpe RD I1084
15 HUNSLEY, George Tom  Sep 1982Scunthorpe RD I1079
16 HUNSLEY, George W  Mar 1982Scunthorpe RD I1170
17 HUNSLEY, Herbert  4 May 1977Scunthorpe RD I232
18 HUNSLEY, James Harold  Jun 1972Scunthorpe RD I645
19 HUNSLEY, Joseph Lancelott J  Dec 1989Scunthorpe RD I240
20 HUNSLEY, Leedham  Dec 1968Scunthorpe RD I1072
21 HUNSLEY, Leslie  Dec 1980Scunthorpe RD I953
22 HUNSLEY, Nellie  Mar 1983Scunthorpe RD I1089
23 HUNSLEY, Percy  Mar 1973Scunthorpe RD I1069
24 HUNSLEY, Rhoda Sophia  Jun 1974Scunthorpe RD I470
25 HUNSLEY, Stuart  Mar 1973Scunthorpe RD I800
26 HUNSLEY, Thomas  Jun 1968Scunthorpe RD I469
27 HUNSLEY, William  Jun 1965Scunthorpe RD I233
28 JARVIS, Frances Mary  Mar 1982Scunthorpe RD I1196
29 JOHNSON, Frances Mary  Mar 1971Scunthorpe RD I63
30 MARKHAM, Ivan William A  Mar 1976Scunthorpe RD I1093
31 STOREY, Albert Henry  Dec 1956Scunthorpe RD I238


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HUNSLEY / ASKEW  Jun 1950Scunthorpe RD F260
2 HUNSLEY / CLOSE  Dec 1950Scunthorpe RD F409
3 HUNSLEY / DRURY  Mar 1947Scunthorpe RD F382
4 HUNSLEY / JACKLIN  Sep 1940Scunthorpe RD F430
5 HUNSLEY / SPENCER  Sep 1970Scunthorpe RD F419
6 HUNSLEY / SPINDLEY  Jun 1939Scunthorpe RD F426
7 HUNSLEY / TAYLOR  Sep 1944Scunthorpe RD F397
8 RICHARDSON / HUNSLEY  Sep 1941Scunthorpe RD F407