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Nottingham RD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DEXTER, Mary Ann  Abt 1852Nottingham RD I1382
2 GOUGH, Esther Florence  3 Jul 1896Nottingham RD I3286
3 HUNSLEY, Elsie M  Mar 1914Nottingham RD I1434
4 HUNSLEY, Emily Dexter  Sep 1888Nottingham RD I1384
5 HUNSLEY, Herbert  Sep 1919Nottingham RD I1436
6 HUNSLEY, Kathleen Elizabeth  Mar 1916Nottingham RD I1435
7 HUNSLEY, Thomas Wattam  Sep 1859Nottingham RD I1380
8 HUNSLEY, Thomas William  3 Oct 1879Nottingham RD I1383
9 Minter, Fanny  Bef 21 Aug 1883Nottingham RD I3002
10 Minter, Vernon Paul  18 Mar 1955Nottingham RD I3787
11 POCKLINGTON, Frank Vernon  15 Jun 1915Nottingham RD I3290


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADDISON, Elizabeth  Mar 1861Nottingham RD I1236
2 BETTERIDGE, Dorothy Esmeralda  Dec 1991Nottingham RD I1441
3 BRINLEY, Anthony William  Sep 1975Nottingham RD I1438
4 CALLAHAN, Anne  Jun 1897Nottingham RD I2385
5 CAYLESS, John  Jun 1930Nottingham RD I658
6 CREE, Lucy  Bef 29 Jan 1958Nottingham RD I1427
7 DAVEY, Annie Mary  Jun 1916Nottingham RD I2400
8 DEXTER, Mary Ann  Jun 1930Nottingham RD I1382
9 FAWCETT, Hannah  Dec 1893Nottingham RD I1378
10 HALLETT, George  Sep 1915Nottingham RD I2463
11 HANCOCK, Aubron Arthur  Sep 1873Nottingham RD I3268
12 HANCOCK, Augustus Wyvill  Sep 1941Nottingham RD I3262
13 HANCOCK, Catherine Maud  Sep 1933Nottingham RD I3266
14 HANCOCK, Frederick Arthur  Mar 1866Nottingham RD I3265
15 HANCOCK, Samuel  Mar 1866Nottingham RD I3257
16 HANCOCK, William Robinson Smart  Jun 1923Nottingham RD I3264
17 HUNSLEY, Alfred  Sep 1932Nottingham RD I1429
18 HUNSLEY, Charles Edward  Mar 1926Nottingham RD I605
19 HUNSLEY, Charles William  Bef 10 Oct 1975Nottingham RD I1428
20 HUNSLEY, Elsie M  Jun 1939Nottingham RD I1434
21 HUNSLEY, Emily Dexter  Bef 30 Aug 1967Nottingham RD I1384
22 HUNSLEY, Florence Elizabeth  Sep 1895Nottingham RD I606
23 HUNSLEY, Florence Hilda  Jun 1951Nottingham RD I1431
24 HUNSLEY, George  Mar 1891Nottingham RD I1389
25 HUNSLEY, Herbert  Sep 1919Nottingham RD I1436
26 HUNSLEY, Jane  Jun 1881Nottingham RD I603
27 HUNSLEY, Joseph Fawcett  Dec 1917Nottingham RD I1379
28 HUNSLEY, Thomas Wattam  Dec 1876Nottingham RD I1380
29 HUNSLEY, Wattam  Mar 1884Nottingham RD I1370
30 JARVIS, Sarah Ann  Dec 1903Nottingham RD I3739
31 LAKE, Frank Addison  Dec 1933Nottingham RD I2388
32 LAKE, Gertrude Annie  Dec 1952Nottingham RD I2390
33 LAKE, Harriet  Dec 1884Nottingham RD I2402
34 LAKE, Harriet  Sep 1916Nottingham RD I2448
35 LAKE, Harriet Ann  Mar 1895Nottingham RD I2407
36 LAKE, Harriett Ann  Jun 1954Nottingham RD I2389
37 LAKE, Henry  Jun 1909Nottingham RD I1240
38 LAKE, Herbert William  Dec 1906Nottingham RD I3736
39 LAKE, Julia Ann  Dec 1892Nottingham RD I2346
40 LAKE, Nora Phyllis  Jan 2000Nottingham RD I2379
41 LAKE, Percy Addison  Dec 1937Nottingham RD I2369
42 LAKE, Thomas  Dec 1868Nottingham RD I413
43 LYMBERY, William Roe  Mar 1871Nottingham RD I2405
44 Minter, Fanny  Bef 21 Aug 1883Nottingham RD I3002
45 Minter, Gertrude Mabel  Dec 1952Nottingham RD I2173
46 Minter, Lillian Mabel  Sep 1980Nottingham RD I2154
47 Minter, Violet Ada  21 Mar 2004Nottingham RD I53
48 PALMER, Florence Rose Kate  Dec 1956Nottingham RD I336
49 PLACE, Emma  Mar 1876Nottingham RD I1393
50 SAUNDERSON, Arthur Ernest  Feb 1986Nottingham RD I1437

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRINLEY / HUNSLEY  Dec 1923Nottingham RD F530
2 HUNSLEY / CREE  Jun 1899Nottingham RD F528
3 HUNSLEY / DEXTER  Dec 1873Nottingham RD F506
4 HUNSLEY / MARSHALL  Sep 1902Nottingham RD F507
5 HUNSLEY / PLACE  Dec 1871Nottingham RD F511
6 HUNSLEY / WILSON  Jun 1867Nottingham RD F505
7 LAKE / DAVEY  Sep 1888Nottingham RD F801
8 LAKE / HAINES  Sep 1893Nottingham RD F796
9 LAKE / TYLER  Sep 1911Nottingham RD F791
10 Minter / EBORALL  Jun 1942Nottingham RD F920
11 PRINCE / LAKE  Dec 1870Nottingham RD F788
12 SAUNDERSON / HUNSLEY  Mar 1928Nottingham RD F529
13 STEVENSON / ROBERTS  Jun 1888Nottingham RD F23
14 THURMAN / LAKE  Sep 1874Nottingham RD F792
15 WILMOT / HANCOCK  Dec 1886Nottingham RD F1088