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North Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Mary  Abt 1806North Carolina, USA I6750
2 ALLEN, Martha R  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I6715
3 BARRY, Jackson  24 May 1811North Carolina, USA I7598
4 DUNN, William E  Abt 1907North Carolina, USA I1599
5 FIELD, Margarett J  Abt 1835North Carolina, USA I7958
6 GAULDIN, Ruby  2 Jun 1924North Carolina, USA I5266
7 JONES, Carnell Jessie  19 Sep 1918North Carolina, USA I2986
8 KING, Mary  Abt 1796North Carolina, USA I7954
9 LAWING, Samuel Graham  26 Aug 1897North Carolina, USA I1404
10 LEAZER, Mag Nealie  6 May 1886North Carolina, USA I7254
11 MILES, Robert Abner Jr.  13 Feb 1952North Carolina, USA I8138
12 Minter, Agnes Marie  17 Jun 1934North Carolina, USA I3323
13 Minter, Catherine Christina  9 Jun 1905North Carolina, USA I7280
14 Minter, Chancy  Jun 1896North Carolina, USA I5152
15 Minter, Clarence Wharton  21 Apr 1926North Carolina, USA I5133
16 Minter, David Lewis  2 Jan 1955North Carolina, USA I5346
17 Minter, David R  Abt 1913North Carolina, USA I7283
18 Minter, Dillard  Abt 1923North Carolina, USA I543
19 Minter, Gaynelle  19 Nov 1917North Carolina, USA I1363
20 Minter, Georgia Sanford "Georgie"  7 Mar 1906North Carolina, USA I3813
21 Minter, James Coleman  26 Oct 1915North Carolina, USA I1596
22 Minter, Jesse Newton  9 May 1895North Carolina, USA I4975
23 Minter, Jesse Newton Jr.  27 Jan 1923North Carolina, USA I5084
24 Minter, Jesse Woodrow  6 Mar 1915North Carolina, USA I3897
25 Minter, John Graves  28 Jun 1917North Carolina, USA I4972
26 Minter, John Perrin  9 Feb 1909North Carolina, USA I7282
27 Minter, Joseph  Abt 1790North Carolina, USA I7953
28 Minter, Joseph Gooch  Abt 1777North Carolina, USA I233
29 Minter, Laura  28 Jun 1925North Carolina, USA I1370
30 Minter, Lillian E  Abt 1912North Carolina, USA I1594
31 Minter, Lottie Mae  Abt 1925North Carolina, USA I545
32 Minter, Mary Ruth  4 Dec 1873North Carolina, USA I7983
33 Minter, Mildred L  Abt 1923North Carolina, USA I1597
34 Minter, Nina R  Abt 1914North Carolina, USA I1595
35 Minter, Rachel Idris  10 Jul 1923North Carolina, USA I1147
36 Minter, Sheila Lynn  22 Oct 1962North Carolina, USA I3852
37 Minter, Viola May  Abt 1915North Carolina, USA I4971
38 Minter, William S  10 May 1810North Carolina, USA I3244
39 NELSON, Viola  Abt 1894North Carolina, USA I4970
40 NEWSOME, Maggie A  Abt 1896North Carolina, USA I1460
41 PULLIAM, Walter May  13 Sep 1902North Carolina, USA I2982
42 RAMSEUR, Fannie Dodson  19 Jan 1845North Carolina, USA I7267
43 SLAYDON, Annie L.  7 Oct 1900North Carolina, USA I542
44 SMITH, Nancy Mae  21 Aug 1948North Carolina, USA I3376
45 STARNES, Lessie Mae  28 Dec 1891North Carolina, USA I5450
46 STONE, Lucy  Abt 1867North Carolina, USA I6804
47 UNKNOWN, Wilabel  Abt 1899North Carolina, USA I4924
48 VERNON, Hobson Pearson Jr.  21 Sep 1925North Carolina, USA I3334
49 WARR, Louisa T  Abt 1820North Carolina, USA I6709
50 YORKE, Margaret B  8 Sep 1900North Carolina, USA I4950


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHANDLER, Lucille  5 Jul 1997North Carolina, USA I1601
2 DUNOVANT, Lewis Handy  29 Apr 1972North Carolina, USA I3868
3 HALL, Mary Catherine  18 Jul 2005North Carolina, USA I3862
4 ISENHOUR, Ben Eugene  14 Jan 2012North Carolina, USA I8450
5 Minter, Charlie Cabel  11Nov 1998North Carolina, USA I1125
6 Minter, Clarence Wharton  17 Sep 2003North Carolina, USA I5133
7 Minter, David Revelle "Bo"  8 Sep 2006North Carolina, USA I3850
8 Minter, Ernest L  4 Jun 1999North Carolina, USA I1452
9 Minter, Gaynelle  3 Nov 2005North Carolina, USA I1363
10 Minter, Granville Woody  Between 1920 and 1930North Carolina, USA I4957
11 Minter, Jesse Newton  16 Aug 1950North Carolina, USA I4975
12 Minter, John Graves  8 Apr 1992North Carolina, USA I4972
13 Minter, John Oliver  14 Jun 1797North Carolina, USA I110
14 Minter, Laura  25 Aug 1968North Carolina, USA I1370
15 Minter, Margaret Ann  16 Feb 2003North Carolina, USA I1603
16 Minter, Mary Lou  1 Oct 1958North Carolina, USA I596
17 Minter, Phillip Ray  14 May 2005North Carolina, USA I5267
18 Minter, Rachel Elizabeth  1 Jan 2004North Carolina, USA I6937
19 Minter, Thomas Vermont  Dec 1964North Carolina, USA I3842
20 Minter, Webb  9 Jan 1948North Carolina, USA I544
21 Minter, William Henry "Willie"  12 Jul 1968North Carolina, USA I1109
22 PACE, Vernes Lee  21 Aug 1987North Carolina, USA I8205
23 PULLIAM, Walter May  1989North Carolina, USA I2982
24 RATHBURNE, Esther  27 Apr 1998North Carolina, USA I5251
25 REDD, Curtis Clarence  16 Oct 1977North Carolina, USA I5284
26 SMITH, Nancy Mae  6 Apr 1950North Carolina, USA I3376
27 WILLARD, Mary Elizabeth  28 Nov 1977North Carolina, USA I1126


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LONG / Minter  10 Sep 1942North Carolina, USA F396
2 Minter / ANGLE  25 Jun 1954North Carolina, USA F249
3 Minter / HALL  13 Mar 1987North Carolina, USA F593