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NSW, Australia



Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MARTIN, Herbert A  1918NSW, Australia I145
2 Minter, Alan Leslie  Aft 1934NSW, Australia I4183
3 Minter, Donald  4 Nov 1931NSW, Australia I4248
4 Minter, Douglas John  Abt 1932NSW, Australia I4253
5 Minter, Edward Anthony  Aft 1922NSW, Australia I4638
6 Minter, Ernest James  20 Aug 1944NSW, Australia I4046
7 Minter, George Henry  11 Apr 1920NSW, Australia I4113
8 Minter, Gordon  1949NSW, Australia I4404
9 Minter, Graeme Harold  Aft 1947NSW, Australia I250
10 Minter, Jean  10 Apr 1923NSW, Australia I4115
11 Minter, Kevin Ross  24 Nov 1942NSW, Australia I4258
12 Minter, Neville James  17 Jun 1941NSW, Australia I4434
13 Minter, Robert Raymond  1939NSW, Australia I148
14 Minter, Ronald Aubrey  26 Feb 1940NSW, Australia I4621
15 Minter, Scott Douglas  10 Aug 1971NSW, Australia I4255
16 Minter, Una  7 Oct 1926NSW, Australia I4119
17 Minter, William Thomas  23 Apr 1935NSW, Australia I1037
18 Minter, Zelma Doris  27 Apr 1927NSW, Australia I4098
19 MOONEY, Bertha Eileen  1894NSW, Australia I736
20 OBERG, Donald Maxwell  Abt 1926NSW, Australia I762
21 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean  Between 1905 and 1915NSW, Australia I1303


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATTENBOROUGH, Merrilyn Joy  13 Jun 2008NSW, Australia I4161
2 BRIDGE, Bertha Eileen  31 Mar 1975NSW, Australia I3369
3 CLARK, Valerie Jean  Bef 15 Nov 1995NSW, Australia I3182
4 FENNELL, Sarah Anne  27 Aug 1975NSW, Australia I4035
5 FREEMAN, Muriel  14 Aug 1989NSW, Australia I176
6 GRASSICK, Dorothy Minter  13 Jun 1974NSW, Australia I1234
7 HARTUP, Rita May  1977NSW, Australia I3362
8 LANGFORD, Florence  13 Jun 1976NSW, Australia I758
9 Margaret Pearl Philomena, TRICKER  1999NSW, Australia I1126
10 Minter, Alice Eleanor  7 Feb 1968NSW, Australia I969
11 Minter, Arthur William Alfred  17 Feb 1974NSW, Australia I2066
12 Minter, Campbell Alexander  10 Jan 2011NSW, Australia I512
13 Minter, Clifford  23 Sep 1977NSW, Australia I507
14 Minter, David Clifford  28 Apr 1995NSW, Australia I519
15 Minter, Edward Anthony  1984NSW, Australia I4638
16 Minter, Ernest James  17 Aug 1963NSW, Australia I4046
17 Minter, Florence Grace  12 Sep 1976NSW, Australia I550
18 Minter, Hugh  21 Jul 1910NSW, Australia I506
19 Minter, James Ernest  10 Aug 1987NSW, Australia I3313
20 Minter, Jean Grace  1980NSW, Australia I135
21 Minter, John Robert  26 Jun 1977NSW, Australia I2262
22 Minter, Judith  1949NSW, Australia I1042
23 Minter, Kenneth Charles  13 Sep 2008NSW, Australia I612
24 Minter, Mervyn  1977NSW, Australia I532
25 Minter, Zelma Doris  24 Oct 1928NSW, Australia I4098
26 PHILLIPS, Elizabeth Jane  23 Jul 1916NSW, Australia I502
27 RIVERS, Helen Esther  29 Jan 2009NSW, Australia I4606
28 SCANLON, Freda Maud  1975NSW, Australia I4069
29 STEER, Eleanor Lucy  28 Apr 2006NSW, Australia I802
30 TONKIN, Enid Joyce  5 Sep 2011NSW, Australia I3959
31 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jean  2000NSW, Australia I1303