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Mississippi, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Louisa  Feb 1840Mississippi, USA I7336
2 BAILEY, Matilda E "Mattie"  15 Jan 1840Mississippi, USA I2108
3 BRYANT, Lillie  11 Oct 1886Mississippi, USA I350
4 CRAFT, Mary  3 May 1842Mississippi, USA I1630
5 KING, Allen  Feb 1847Mississippi, USA I3749
6 LYNCH, Lena Lois  1904Mississippi, USA I4879
7 Minter, Birdie Jane  26 Dec 1867Mississippi, USA I7500
8 Minter, Charles Andrew  7 Feb 1868Mississippi, USA I4610
9 Minter, Charley  Abt 1862Mississippi, USA I7885
10 Minter, Cicero  Abt 1851Mississippi, USA I7446
11 Minter, Clara Henrietta  6 May 1861Mississippi, USA I7497
12 Minter, Elizabeth A  Abt 1853Mississippi, USA I7959
13 Minter, Francis  Abt 1841Mississippi, USA I5008
14 Minter, Henry  Abt 1870Mississippi, USA I7134
15 Minter, Isaac G "Ike"  21 Mar 1860Mississippi, USA I7447
16 Minter, James Tresvan  19 Nov 1851Mississippi, USA I7493
17 Minter, John  13 May 1852Mississippi, USA I7521
18 Minter, John Elzy  25 Sep 1865Mississippi, USA I7499
19 Minter, John Jesse  1 Aug 1847Mississippi, USA I5011
20 Minter, Judson  Abt 1845Mississippi, USA I5010
21 Minter, Laura Adeline  22 Jan 1854Mississippi, USA I7504
22 Minter, Leona  1856Mississippi, USA I7494
23 Minter, Manan  Abt 1843Mississippi, USA I5009
24 Minter, Margaret  Abt 1838Mississippi, USA I262
25 Minter, Marilyn Charlise  Abt 1924Mississippi, USA I5307
26 Minter, Marion Alice  Abt 1846Mississippi, USA I5107
27 Minter, May E  31 Oct 1854Mississippi, USA I7522
28 Minter, Nancy  1857Mississippi, USA I7523
29 Minter, Pernetta  Abt 1855Mississippi, USA I7448
30 Minter, Rhoda  Abt 1859Mississippi, USA I7496
31 Minter, Sallie R  1870Mississippi, USA I7502
32 Minter, Susan  1860Mississippi, USA I7524
33 Minter, Uzra  Abt 1850Mississippi, USA I5012
34 Minter, William Adolphus "Will" Jr.  16 Oct 1871Mississippi, USA I6677
35 Minter, William B  Abt 1873Mississippi, USA I7503
36 Minter, William D  7 Sep 1838Mississippi, USA I263
37 Minter, William R  Abt 1849Mississippi, USA I5108
38 MURPHY, Rufus James  22 Apr 1838Mississippi, USA I7525
39 PARKS, Hal  22 Jun 1903Mississippi, USA I7843
40 PITTMAN, Bettie  15 Apr 1864Mississippi, USA I7827
41 ROBINSON, Helen  5 Sep 1901Mississippi, USA I8918
42 SLATER, Caroline "Carrie"  Abt 1843Mississippi, USA I5180
43 SMITH, Annie Volena  27 Jun 1887Mississippi, USA I4055
44 SPARROW, Annie W  Feb 1865Mississippi, USA I7857
45 STUBBS, Sarah Elwell  Abt 1846Mississippi, USA I7883
46 THOMPSON, Robert H  Abt 1912Mississippi, USA I3696
47 UNKNOWN, Effie L  Abt 1894Mississippi, USA I3458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRADSHAW, Dosha  14 May 1943Mississippi, USA I5410
2 GROVES, D R  Bef 1900Mississippi, USA I7526
3 KOLB, Nancy Caroline  11 Jul 1865Mississippi, USA I7490
4 Minter, Clara Henrietta  1 Feb 1929Mississippi, USA I7497
5 Minter, James Tresvan  26 Mar 1873Mississippi, USA I7493
6 Minter, John  8 Nov 1889Mississippi, USA I7521
7 Minter, Laura Adeline  9 Mar 1857Mississippi, USA I7504
8 Minter, May E  26 Sep 1864Mississippi, USA I7522
9 Minter, Nancy  1930Mississippi, USA I7523
10 Minter, Susan  1936Mississippi, USA I7524
11 Minter, Thomas Jefferson  13 Jul 1859Mississippi, USA I7443
12 Minter, William  2 Sep 1864Mississippi, USA I312
13 MURPHY, Rufus James  17 Feb 1923Mississippi, USA I7525
14 SMITH, Thomas J  21 Sep 1931Mississippi, USA I7498


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Minter / LOVE  20 Sep 1866Mississippi, USA F2911