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Marylebone RD



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARTRAM, Ada Jessie  11 Mar 1897Marylebone RD I455
2 BROOKS, Sophia Emily  30 Aug 1885Marylebone RD I55
3 CAYLESS, Ada Maria  Jun 1887Marylebone RD I621
4 CAYLESS, Arthur Edward  20 Oct 1882Marylebone RD I618
5 CAYLESS, Benjamin Basilwood  Dec 1891Marylebone RD I622
6 CAYLESS, Charles William  Mar 1879Marylebone RD I616
7 CAYLESS, Elizabeth Ann  Dec 1880Marylebone RD I617
8 CAYLESS, Joan E  Jun 1923Marylebone RD I556
9 CAYLESS, Lucy Emma  Jun 1887Marylebone RD I620
10 CAYLESS, Stephen  Mar 1877Marylebone RD I615
11 CAYLESS, Stephen John  Sep 1898Marylebone RD I624
12 CAYLESS, William George  13 Jul 1907Marylebone RD I626
13 COOTE, Osmond Edward J  Jun 1890Marylebone RD I2640
14 ESWORTHY, Ellen Margaret  16 Nov 1905Marylebone RD I565
15 FEW, Horace Sidney  Dec 1891Marylebone RD I555
16 FEW, Stanley  Sep 1911Marylebone RD I564
17 FINUCANE, Stephen Mortimer  Mar 1873Marylebone RD I214
18 FLOOD, Dorothy May  26 Nov 1908Marylebone RD I1527
19 GIBBS, James Edward  Dec 1901Marylebone RD I566
20 GOMM, Kenneth Leopold  Jun 1899Marylebone RD I211
21 HAMMOND, James Reginald  24 Oct 1889Marylebone RD I1144
22 JORDAN, Edith Frances  21 Feb 1896Marylebone RD I2028
23 KING, Dorothy Florence Pretoria  6 Aug 1900Marylebone RD I25
24 LANDELS, James Andrew  Jun 1892Marylebone RD I154
25 McGUINNESS, Ernest Charles  23 May 1914Marylebone RD I4190
26 Minter, Frank  Mar 1879Marylebone RD I806
27 Minter, Frederick George Harrison  27 Nov 1915Marylebone RD I295
28 Minter, George Richard  25 Jun 1920Marylebone RD I110
29 Minter, John Ivor  16 Apr 1932Marylebone RD I121
30 MOLINERIS, Catherine Eleanor  8 Apr 1914Marylebone RD I56
31 PADWICK, Mary Elizabeth  Sep 1909Marylebone RD I743
32 PENNYMORE, George  Sep 1860Marylebone RD I504
33 SOMNER, Joan Patricia  Dec 1918Marylebone RD I786
34 VAUGHAN, Lydia Mary  Dec 1871Marylebone RD I630
35 WILLEATTS, Cecilia Ann  9 Feb 1921Marylebone RD I1052
36 WORLEY, Evelyn  Dec 1917Marylebone RD I678


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AARONS, Lewis  7 Dec 1911Marylebone RD I1823
2 AARONS, Solomon Jervois  Jun 1923Marylebone RD I1820
3 ADAMS, Ellen Annie  Mar 1885Marylebone RD I1055
4 CAYLESS, Stephen  Jun 1926Marylebone RD I440
5 DOWNING, Sarah  Jun 1865Marylebone RD I53
6 EATON, Mary Ann  Sep 1909Marylebone RD I2105
7 LAKE, Elizabeth  Dec 1941Marylebone RD I614
8 Minter, Arthur William  Sep 1955Marylebone RD I300
9 Minter, Doris Mabel  Bef Nov 1918Marylebone RD I766
10 Minter, Frank  Mar 1879Marylebone RD I806
11 Minter, Henry  Dec 1895Marylebone RD I763
12 Minter, John Wilman  Sep 1874Marylebone RD I7
13 SEMPER, Edward  27 Jul 1870Marylebone RD I52
14 SEMPER, Jane Ann  Mar 1868Marylebone RD I94
15 STONE, Hannah  Dec 1890Marylebone RD I12
16 TAYLOR, Lydia JOB nee  Dec 1867Marylebone RD I643
17 WORLEY, Albert Edward C  Dec 1956Marylebone RD I676


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AARONS / LEE  Mar 1900Marylebone RD F618
2 BIBBY / SUTTON  Mar 1901Marylebone RD F900
3 CAYLESS / BARKER  Sep 1915Marylebone RD F225
4 CAYLESS / BRADLEY  Sep 1939Marylebone RD F197
5 CAYLESS / GAMMELL  Sep 1910Marylebone RD F188
6 CAYLESS / LAKE  Mar 1876Marylebone RD F217
7 GIBBS / ESWORTHY  Jun 1928Marylebone RD F199
8 GOMM / GRAND  Mar 1888Marylebone RD F389
9 IVES / SEMPER  Dec 1896Marylebone RD F48
10 KEMP / SHAW  Sep 1933Marylebone RD F291
11 Minter / HARRIS  Sep 1926Marylebone RD F92
12 MOLESWORTH / HOARE  Dec 1923Marylebone RD F585
13 ROLPH / Minter  Mar 1876Marylebone RD F960
14 SEABORN / SANDERS  Sep 1906Marylebone RD F1193
15 WOLFSOHN / Minter  27 Dec 1933Marylebone RD F4
16 WORLEY / YOUNG  Mar 1919Marylebone RD F244