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Liverpool, Lancashire


Tree: Great Horkesley, Essex

Latitude: 53.4107766, Longitude: -2.9778383

Tree: Ash(2), Kent

Latitude: 53.4107766, Longitude: -2.9778383

Tree: Folkestone, Kent

Latitude: 53.4107766, Longitude: -2.9778383

Tree: Ipswich, Suffolk

Latitude: 53.4107766, Longitude: -2.9778383


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIRCH, Herbert  Abt 1863Liverpool, Lancashire I1293
2 DAVIES, Annie  Abt 1872Liverpool, Lancashire I5029
3 DOUGLAS, Daniel  Jun 1875Liverpool, Lancashire I5020
4 DOUGLAS, Mary Jane  Abt 1880Liverpool, Lancashire I5021
5 DOUGLAS, Thomas  Abt 1870Liverpool, Lancashire I5019
6 DUNN, Lucy  Abt 1873Liverpool, Lancashire I5034
7 GREEN, John Henry  Abt 1879Liverpool, Lancashire I5022
8 PRICE, Richard  Abt 1852Liverpool, Lancashire I1395
9 SHERLOCK, Mary Ann Maria  Jun 1846Liverpool, Lancashire I310
10 STANDISH, Jane  Abt 1842Liverpool, Lancashire I5008
11 TAYLOR, John  1860Liverpool, Lancashire I771
12 TURKINGTON, Ellen  Dec 1840Liverpool, Lancashire I5015
13 TURKINGTON, Ellen  1 Sep 1898Liverpool, Lancashire I5026
14 TURKINGTON, Florence  Abt 1898Liverpool, Lancashire I5036
15 TURKINGTON, Francis  Mar 1844Liverpool, Lancashire I5016
16 TURKINGTON, Francis  9 Nov 1862Liverpool, Lancashire I5009
17 TURKINGTON, George Eric  14 Jul 1920Liverpool, Lancashire I5031
18 TURKINGTON, Herbert Arthur  28 Apr 1884Liverpool, Lancashire I5025
19 TURKINGTON, John  25 Aug 1867Liverpool, Lancashire I5012
20 TURKINGTON, Lilian Ann  Bef 9 Nov 1902Liverpool, Lancashire I5028
21 TURKINGTON, Mary  Dec 1850Liverpool, Lancashire I5017
22 TURKINGTON, Mary  Abt 1893Liverpool, Lancashire I5035
23 TURKINGTON, Samuel  Abt 1824Liverpool, Lancashire I5007
24 TURKINGTON, Samuel  10 Sep 1860Liverpool, Lancashire I5010
25 TURKINGTON, Samuel  1 Mar 1882Liverpool, Lancashire I5024
26 TURKINGTON, Samuel  Sep 1899Liverpool, Lancashire I5037
27 TURKINGTON, Samuel J  Sep 1920Liverpool, Lancashire I5032
28 TURKINGTON, Samuel Joseph  20 Feb 1900Liverpool, Lancashire I5027
29 TURKINGTON, Sarah Jane  Bef 20 Nov 1887Liverpool, Lancashire I5005
30 TURKINGTON, Thomas  13 Jan 1865Liverpool, Lancashire I5011
31 WAREING, Edwin  Abt 1849Liverpool, Lancashire I5006
32 WAREING, Edwin Arthur  Sep 1872Liverpool, Lancashire I5004
33 WILLIAMS, Emma  Abt 1806Liverpool, Lancashire I234
34 WRIGHT, Bryce McMurdo  18 Jan 1850Liverpool, Lancashire I277
35 WRIGHT, Elizabeth Richardson  4 Jan 1846Liverpool, Lancashire I330
36 WRIGHT, John Frederick  Sep 1848Liverpool, Lancashire I331
37 WRIGHT, Mary Jane  Abt 1845Liverpool, Lancashire I329


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DAVIES, Annie  Dec 1909Liverpool, Lancashire I5029
2 KENDRICK, Maud C  Mar 1957Liverpool, Lancashire I5030
3 McCREARY, Elizabeth  Mar 1857Liverpool, Lancashire I5014
4 Minter, Charles  6 Jun 1831Liverpool, Lancashire I809
5 TURKINGTON, Ellen  Sep 1899Liverpool, Lancashire I5026
6 TURKINGTON, Francis  Dec 1866Liverpool, Lancashire I5009
7 TURKINGTON, George Eric  Jan 2001Liverpool, Lancashire I5031
8 TURKINGTON, Herbert Arthur  Dec 1884Liverpool, Lancashire I5025
9 TURKINGTON, John  Mar 1861Liverpool, Lancashire I5013
10 TURKINGTON, John  Jun 1902Liverpool, Lancashire I5012
11 TURKINGTON, Samuel  Mar 1870Liverpool, Lancashire I5007
12 TURKINGTON, Samuel  Dec 1884Liverpool, Lancashire I5024
13 TURKINGTON, Samuel  Dec 1916Liverpool, Lancashire I5010
14 TURKINGTON, Thomas  Mar 1867Liverpool, Lancashire I5011


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DOUGLAS / STANDISH  Jun 1870Liverpool, Lancashire F1365
2 GREEN / DOUGLAS  Dec 1900Liverpool, Lancashire F1366
3 TURKINGTON / DAVIES  Dec 1899Liverpool, Lancashire F1368
4 TURKINGTON / DUNN  Mar 1895Liverpool, Lancashire F1370
5 TURKINGTON / KENDRICK  Jun 1920Liverpool, Lancashire F1369
6 TURKINGTON / STANDISH  Jun 1859Liverpool, Lancashire F1363
7 WRIGHT / SMITH  25 Sep 1842Liverpool, Lancashire F111