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Kentucky, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Aley  Abt 1825Kentucky, USA I7708
2 BREWER, Sarah "Sallie"  25 Nov 1839Kentucky, USA I7548
3 FINCH, Verna Emmaline  24 Mar 1900Kentucky, USA I7667
4 GILBERT, Maggie M  27 Oct 1853Kentucky, USA I6782
5 GILL, John W  27 Apr 1814Kentucky, USA I8664
6 GRIFFITH, Mary "Polly"  Abt 1815Kentucky, USA I7600
7 GRUGETTE, Catherine Louisa  10 Jun 1841Kentucky, USA I6618
8 HANDY, Mary  30 Apr 1844Kentucky, USA I8672
9 HOUSE, Edward  Abt 1914Kentucky, USA I6774
10 JOHNSON, Susie  17 Aug 1879Kentucky, USA I7650
11 LUCKY, Mary  20 May 1805Kentucky, USA I8574
12 MAINOUS, Cora Belle  15 Oct 1880Kentucky, USA I6789
13 MAJOR, Joseph Minter  5 Apr 1803Kentucky, USA I8643
14 McELROY, Emmet F  Abt 1878Kentucky, USA I8694
15 McELROY, Hugh L  3 Jul 1832Kentucky, USA I8673
16 McINTEER, Ada Lea  21 Dec 1887Kentucky, USA I895
17 Minter, Albert Sidney  26 Jan 1875Kentucky, USA I7554
18 Minter, Alma  1874Kentucky, USA I7576
19 Minter, Amanda  Abt 1852Kentucky, USA I7712
20 Minter, Anthony  1 Dec 1792Kentucky, USA I316
21 Minter, Bird E "Bert"  12 May 1913Kentucky, USA I7651
22 Minter, Byron  6 Sep 1867Kentucky, USA I6850
23 Minter, Cary  Abt 1851Kentucky, USA I7541
24 Minter, Charles L "Charley"  13 Nov 1875Kentucky, USA I7611
25 Minter, Cora W  Abt 1876Kentucky, USA I6855
26 Minter, Dallas  Aug 1882Kentucky, USA I7580
27 Minter, Daniel A  May 1850Kentucky, USA I5398
28 Minter, Edgar P  Nov 1876Kentucky, USA I6768
29 Minter, Edna  1908Kentucky, USA I6772
30 Minter, Elias  Abt 1853Kentucky, USA I7542
31 Minter, Elizabeth Caroline "Betty"  14 Mar 1869Kentucky, USA I6620
32 Minter, Ellen  Abt 1872Kentucky, USA I6783
33 Minter, Elvis F  Abt 1851Kentucky, USA I7531
34 Minter, Eugene  Abt 1855Kentucky, USA I7543
35 Minter, Eva  Mar 1872Kentucky, USA I6764
36 Minter, Evelyn  Abt 1907Kentucky, USA I6771
37 Minter, Fanny  3 Dec 1870Kentucky, USA I6763
38 Minter, Florence  Abt 1849Kentucky, USA I7540
39 Minter, Frances E  Abt 1861Kentucky, USA I7742
40 Minter, Frances L "Fannie"  Jan 1870Kentucky, USA I7616
41 Minter, Frances Margaret  Abt 1916Kentucky, USA I7652
42 Minter, Frank M  26 May 1867Kentucky, USA I6619
43 Minter, George Washington  Abt 1810Kentucky, USA I6708
44 Minter, Gerda Cora  Nov 1879Kentucky, USA I7776
45 Minter, Hallie Mae  31 Jul 1904Kentucky, USA I6793
46 Minter, Henrietta  Abt 1857Kentucky, USA I6761
47 Minter, Henry C  Abt 1858Kentucky, USA I7606
48 Minter, Henry Hargis  13 Oct 1902Kentucky, USA I6792
49 Minter, Henry Lee  Jun 1874Kentucky, USA I6621
50 Minter, James  14 Mar 1794Kentucky, USA I397

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAIN, Amanda  Between 1870 and 1880Kentucky, USA I7534
2 CHILDERS, Elmer E  31 Aug 1994Kentucky, USA I1519
3 GILBERT, Maggie M  23 Aug 1927Kentucky, USA I6782
4 HAMPTON, Sarah Elizabeth  6 Jan 1910Kentucky, USA I6752
5 JOHNSON, Susie  13 Jul 1957Kentucky, USA I7650
6 KIDD, Phillip Connor  15 Jan 1897Kentucky, USA I8683
7 Minter, Charles Hampton  1912Kentucky, USA I6753
8 Minter, Edgar P  1959Kentucky, USA I6768
9 Minter, Edna  1955Kentucky, USA I6772
10 Minter, Eva  31 Jan 1967Kentucky, USA I6764
11 Minter, Evelyn  1955Kentucky, USA I6771
12 Minter, James Silas  Aft 1910Kentucky, USA I6757
13 Minter, Jimmie  24 Aug 1910Kentucky, USA I6788
14 Minter, Leonard West  1952Kentucky, USA I6765
15 Minter, Roy B  1950Kentucky, USA I6766
16 Minter, Sinia  25 Mar 1884Kentucky, USA I7597
17 Minter, Thomas J  1891Kentucky, USA I7533
18 Minter, William  Aft 1880Kentucky, USA I2312
19 Minter, William A  3 Jul 1912Kentucky, USA I6758
20 Minter, William Burgin  7 Apr 1972Kentucky, USA I6778
21 Minter, William Burgin Jr.  9 Nov 1979Kentucky, USA I6780
22 OBERBACH, Amelia  1946Kentucky, USA I6781
23 OWSLEY, Mary  Jun 1874Kentucky, USA I2313
24 ROGERS, Richard F  1972Kentucky, USA I6775
25 RUNYAN, Mary Evelyn  7 Jul 1973Kentucky, USA I6779
26 SMITH, Francis Major  25 Dec 1881Kentucky, USA I2318
27 UNKNOWN, Mary J  1932Kentucky, USA I6754
28 WHITE, Ann Tiffin  1961Kentucky, USA I6776
29 WHITE, Nettie  1964Kentucky, USA I6770
30 WILLIAMS, Lucy Jane  Aft 1910Kentucky, USA I6762
31 WYATT, Ruby  27 Jun 2008Kentucky, USA I7679


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOUSE / Minter  Between 1930 and 1940Kentucky, USA F2625
2 Minter / ANDERSON  Bef 1845Kentucky, USA F3002
3 Minter / MAINOUS  Abt 1898Kentucky, USA F2631
4 Minter / THURMAN  Abt 1873Kentucky, USA F2944
5 Minter / WHITE  Abt 1900Kentucky, USA F2627
6 Minter / WHITE  Abt 1904Kentucky, USA F2624
7 Minter / WILLIAMS  Abt 1871Kentucky, USA F2622
8 ROGERS / Minter  Between 1930 and 1940Kentucky, USA F2626
9 WATKINS / HOLLOWAY  1834Kentucky, USA F3528
10 WATKINS / Minter  1797Kentucky, USA F106