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Kensington, London


Tree: Great Horkesley, Essex

Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948

Tree: Ickham, Kent

Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948

Tree: Ash, Kent

Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948

Tree: Folkestone, Kent

Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948

Tree: Kensington, London

Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948

Tree: Rochford, Essex

Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948

Tree: Thorpe le Soken, Essex

Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948

Tree: Canterbury, Kent

Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARDREY, Edith Clara  Dec 1876Kensington, London I3523
2 ARMSTRONG, Dorothy May  31 Oct 1903Kensington, London I3840
3 CAYLESS, Alice Mary  Dec 1880Kensington, London I579
4 CAYLESS, Charles William  23 Mar 1885Kensington, London I582
5 CAYLESS, Doris  Mar 1901Kensington, London I590
6 CAYLESS, George Arthur  Dec 1883Kensington, London I581
7 CAYLESS, Lucy Mabel  Mar 1882Kensington, London I580
8 CAYLESS, Nellie  Mar 1887Kensington, London I583
9 CAYLESS, Winifred Edith  Mar 1903Kensington, London I591
10 DOWNEY, George Henry  15 Nov 1879Kensington, London I2905
11 DOWNEY, Henry Charles  Bef 11 Apr 1880Kensington, London I2910
12 FEW, Louis Cooper  Dec 1895Kensington, London I557
13 HANKS, Marina  Abt 1843Kensington, London I2911
14 LUKE, Georgina Ellen  Dec 1892Kensington, London I199
15 MacKENZIE, Elizabeth Victoria  Jun 1887Kensington, London I755
16 MacKENZIE, Ernest Harold  Sep 1889Kensington, London I756
17 MacKENZIE, Florence  Abt 1883Kensington, London I753
18 MacKENZIE, Frederick John  Dec 1877Kensington, London I751
19 MacKENZIE, Harry A  Abt 1874Kensington, London I750
20 MacKENZIE, Herbert H  Abt 1880Kensington, London I752
21 MacKENZIE, Maude A  Abt 1885Kensington, London I754
22 Minter, Alice  Abt 1846Kensington, London I7
23 Minter, Ann  Abt 1844Kensington, London I6
24 Minter, Arthur John  5 Jun 1863Kensington, London I2375
25 Minter, Bertie Charles  29 Nov 1896Kensington, London I2304
26 Minter, Caroline  Bef 26 Feb 1832Kensington, London I3
27 Minter, Charles Sidney James  Dec 1870Kensington, London I26
28 Minter, Clara Sarah  Jun 1873Kensington, London I654
29 Minter, Edward Alfred  Sep 1877Kensington, London I700
30 Minter, Edward Everett  22 May 1850Kensington, London I41
31 Minter, Eliza  Jun 1840Kensington, London I5
32 Minter, Elizabeth  Dec 1861Kensington, London I12
33 Minter, Emily  Dec 1859Kensington, London I10
34 Minter, Emma  Jun 1842Kensington, London I67
35 Minter, George Charles  11 Mar 1868Kensington, London I109
36 Minter, Gertrude Alice  27 Sep 1868Kensington, London I24
37 Minter, Harry Alfred  Sep 1867Kensington, London I14
38 Minter, Henry John  Mar 1871Kensington, London I653
39 Minter, James  Abt 1843Kensington, London I33
40 Minter, Jane Martha  20 May 1857Kensington, London I9
41 Minter, Joseph  26 Jul 1875Kensington, London I699
42 Minter, Leslie Joseph  20 Nov 1897Kensington, London I705
43 Minter, Mary  Abt 1845Kensington, London I34
44 Minter, Victor Percy  25 Feb 1873Kensington, London I497
45 Minter, Victor Roland  24 Sep 1914Kensington, London I1488
46 Minter, William  Abt 1837Kensington, London I4
47 Minter, Winnie Mary  3 Jan 1917Kensington, London I1489
48 MOTT, Eliza Margaret  19 Mar 1852Kensington, London I320
49 WILTON, Albert Eugene  24 Dec 1879Kensington, London I5078
50 WILTON, Henry Lionel  Oct 1882Kensington, London I5081


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Minter, Emma  Bef 11 Apr 1843Kensington, London I67
2 Minter, Filmer Henry  Sep 1852Kensington, London I253
3 Minter, George  Dec 1931Kensington, London I58
4 Minter, Horace  Bef 23 Feb 1860Kensington, London I2373
5 WEBSTER, Nellie  11 Mar 1965Kensington, London I681


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EIVERS / Minter  Dec 1856Kensington, London F118
2 Minter / BROCK  Dec 1897Kensington, London F129
3 Minter / SHRIMPTON  Sep 1912Kensington, London F131