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Independent, Deal, Kent



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CHRISTIAN, Amelia Milnes  24 Apr 1832Independent, Deal, Kent I359
2 CHRISTIAN, Ann  26 Mar 1816Independent, Deal, Kent I354
3 CHRISTIAN, Ann Pilcher  26 Mar 1823Independent, Deal, Kent I404
4 CHRISTIAN, Benjamin Fisher  4 May 1779Independent, Deal, Kent I346
5 CHRISTIAN, Benjamin Fisher  6 Dec 1814Independent, Deal, Kent I349
6 CHRISTIAN, Catherine  11 Feb 1818Independent, Deal, Kent I392
7 CHRISTIAN, Charlotte  18 Feb 1820Independent, Deal, Kent I351
8 CHRISTIAN, Elizabeth  16 Sep 1821Independent, Deal, Kent I358
9 CHRISTIAN, Elizabeth Fisher  4 Aug 1822Independent, Deal, Kent I394
10 CHRISTIAN, Emma Judith  11 Feb 1818Independent, Deal, Kent I352
11 CHRISTIAN, George Dear  12 Jun 1816Independent, Deal, Kent I389
12 CHRISTIAN, Henry  11 May 1780Independent, Deal, Kent I379
13 CHRISTIAN, Henry Grigson  20 Feb 1811Independent, Deal, Kent I381
14 CHRISTIAN, John  27 Nov 1825Independent, Deal, Kent I356
15 CHRISTIAN, Judith Fisher  19 Sep 1828Independent, Deal, Kent I387
16 CHRISTIAN, Keith Milnes  30 May 1830Independent, Deal, Kent I357
17 CHRISTIAN, Mary  5 Nov 1823Independent, Deal, Kent I350
18 CHRISTIAN, Mary Ann  2 Nov 1814Independent, Deal, Kent I391
19 CHRISTIAN, Mary Pain  12 Feb 1817Independent, Deal, Kent I405
20 CHRISTIAN, Rebecca  26 Oct 1812Independent, Deal, Kent I353
21 CHRISTIAN, Richard May  30 Apr 1783Independent, Deal, Kent I396
22 CHRISTIAN, Richard May  25 Jan 1826Independent, Deal, Kent I393
23 CHRISTIAN, Samuel  14 Dec 1789Independent, Deal, Kent I401
24 CHRISTIAN, Samuel  17 Sep 1813Independent, Deal, Kent I400
25 CHRISTIAN, Samuel  7 Sep 1814Independent, Deal, Kent I403
26 CHRISTIAN, Sarah  19 Dec 1810Independent, Deal, Kent I348
27 CHRISTIAN, Sarah Minter  26 Oct 1812Independent, Deal, Kent I388
28 CHRISTIAN, Sophia  4 Mar 1828Independent, Deal, Kent I355
29 CHRISTIAN, William  16 Feb 1821Independent, Deal, Kent I406
30 CHRISTIAN, William Sayer  29 Dec 1830Independent, Deal, Kent I390