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Herne Bay, Kent


Tree: Ickham, Kent

Latitude: 51.3712867, Longitude: 1.1263365

Tree: Ash, Kent

Latitude: 51.3712867, Longitude: 1.1263365

Tree: Canterbury, Kent

Latitude: 51.3712867, Longitude: 1.1263365


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DAVIS, Hilda E  Abt 1878Herne Bay, Kent I3429
2 Minter, Alfred Stanley  2 Sep 1891Herne Bay, Kent I2570
3 Minter, Dorothy  Bef 28 Jan 1894Herne Bay, Kent I2571
4 Minter, Edith Alice  28 Dec 1891Herne Bay, Kent I1416
5 Minter, Flora Jane  2 Sep 1869Herne Bay, Kent I1190
6 Minter, George  Sep 1860Herne Bay, Kent I1393
7 Minter, Harry  19 Aug 1873Herne Bay, Kent I1387
8 Minter, Harry  Bef 3 Aug 1890Herne Bay, Kent I1426
9 Minter, Henry Harrison  4 Mar 1862Herne Bay, Kent I1403
10 Minter, Jack  Jun 1893Herne Bay, Kent I1417
11 Minter, John Harrison  24 Dec 1864Herne Bay, Kent I1422
12 Minter, Kate Marion  13 Aug 1870Herne Bay, Kent I1384
13 Minter, Lawrance  Sep 1863Herne Bay, Kent I1414
14 Minter, Mabel Janet  Bef 17 May 1891Herne Bay, Kent I1408
15 Minter, Marjorie Alice  11 Dec 1894Herne Bay, Kent I2572
16 Minter, Minnie  28 Nov 1870Herne Bay, Kent I1191
17 Minter, Philip  Sep 1868Herne Bay, Kent I1428
18 Minter, Philip  Bef 30 Apr 1893Herne Bay, Kent I1411
19 Minter, Ronald  Jun 1896Herne Bay, Kent I1413
20 Minter, Sarah Lawrance  2 Sep 1868Herne Bay, Kent I1381
21 Minter, Sydney  Mar 1899Herne Bay, Kent I2573
22 Minter, William Derisley  5 Jan 1891Herne Bay, Kent I1377
23 Minter, Winifred  31 Mar 1900Herne Bay, Kent I2574
24 RALPH, Nora  Jun 1899Herne Bay, Kent I1383


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Minter, Dorothy  28 Jan 1894Herne Bay, Kent I2571
2 Minter, Jack  14 Nov 1900Herne Bay, Kent I1417
3 Minter, Laura  14 Nov 1900Herne Bay, Kent I1419
4 Minter, William Derisley  6 Mar 1891Herne Bay, Kent I1377
5 Minter, William Henry  12 Nov 1900Herne Bay, Kent I1418
6 Minter, Winifred  3 Oct 1900Herne Bay, Kent I2574


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Minter, Alfred Stanley  24 Sep 1924Herne Bay, Kent I2570
2 Minter, Alice  2 Sep 1939Herne Bay, Kent I32
3 Minter, Grace Mary  13 Sep 1984Herne Bay, Kent I4308
4 Minter, Henry  30 Apr 1913Herne Bay, Kent I2403
5 Minter, Marjorie Alice  28 Jul 1973Herne Bay, Kent I2572
6 Minter, Sarah Ann  10 Apr 1944Herne Bay, Kent I36
7 MURTON, Emma Jane  26 Sep 1923Herne Bay, Kent I2404
8 NEAVES, Mary  9 Jun 1934Herne Bay, Kent I1370