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Hampstead RD



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DAVEY, Nora Phyllis Irene  13 Jan 1906Hampstead RD I1768
2 ELFORD, Annie Violet  Mar 1899Hampstead RD I133
3 ELFORD, Elsie Annie  Dec 1895Hampstead RD I135
4 ELFORD, Eva Adelaide  Sep 1897Hampstead RD I134
5 ELFORD, Robert Henry Allen  Jun 1893Hampstead RD I142
6 ELFORD, Thomas Victor  Mar 1901Hampstead RD I143
7 FEW, Henry Jesse  Jun 1894Hampstead RD I556
8 HOARE, Caryl Margaret  12 Sep 1901Hampstead RD I1741
9 MILLS, Frank  Mar 1920Hampstead RD I18
10 Minter, Arthur  Mar 1877Hampstead RD I803
11 Minter, Frank William  Jun 1878Hampstead RD I805
12 Minter, Henry Robert  18 Sep 1915Hampstead RD I928
13 Minter, John Bernard  29 Apr 1937Hampstead RD I122
14 Minter, Winifred Mary  Sep 1912Hampstead RD I216
15 RITSON né RITTENBERG, David M  Dec 1924Hampstead RD I14
16 RITSON née RITTENBERG, Linda E  Dec 1920Hampstead RD I13
17 WHICKER, Annie Amelia  Mar 1882Hampstead RD I8


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Agnes Evangeline  Jun 1893Hampstead RD I137
2 CAYLESS, Mabel  Mar 1888Hampstead RD I451
3 ELFORD, Annie Violet  Mar 1899Hampstead RD I133
4 GURL, Jane Ann  Jun 1887Hampstead RD I59
5 HALFPENNY, Selina Nash  Dec 1866Hampstead RD I412
6 HARPER, Emily  Mar 1946Hampstead RD I19
7 MILLS, Frederick Arthur  Dec 1964Hampstead RD I22
8 Minter, Arthur  Bef 20 Mar 1879Hampstead RD I803
9 Minter, Dorothy Johanna  Sep 1949Hampstead RD I10
10 Minter, Elizabeth  Bef 6 Apr 1880Hampstead RD I12
11 Minter, Frank William  Bef 20 Mar 1879Hampstead RD I805
12 Minter, William  Mar 1939Hampstead RD I14
13 RICE, Philip Edward  Mar 1970Hampstead RD I1667
14 VAUGHAN, Lavinia Amie  Mar 1892Hampstead RD I1561
15 WORLEY, William John  Sep 1863Hampstead RD I542


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AYLWARD / Minter  Sep 1943Hampstead RD F1110
2 BRIDGES / REES  Sep 1950Hampstead RD F114
3 ELFORD / SEMPER  Sep 1895Hampstead RD F46
4 MAXWELL / VIGORS  Mar 1938Hampstead RD F170
5 Minter / BOLLEN  Sep 1930Hampstead RD F52
6 Minter / KING  Sep 1926Hampstead RD F9
7 PRITCHETT / ROBERTS  Dec 1936Hampstead RD F171