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Hammersmith, London


Tree: Ash, Kent

Latitude: 51.4929163, Longitude: -0.2257916

Tree: Canterbury, Kent

Latitude: 51.4929163, Longitude: -0.2257916

Tree: Hammersmith, London

Latitude: 51.4929163, Longitude: -0.2257916

Tree: Thorpe le Soken, Essex

Latitude: 51.4929163, Longitude: -0.2257916


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLACK, Margaret  Abt 1792Hammersmith, London I2
2 FIELD, Ann  Abt 1811Hammersmith, London I23
3 HOPSON, Benjamin  Abt 1821Hammersmith, London I202
4 KNOWLES, Ada  Dec 1879Hammersmith, London I11
5 KNOWLES, Ada Caroline  23 Apr 1873Hammersmith, London I312
6 KNOWLES, Alfred  19 Nov 1855Hammersmith, London I305
7 KNOWLES, Charlotte Elizabeth  4 Mar 1854Hammersmith, London I304
8 KNOWLES, Eleanor Anna Maria  23 Jun 1863Hammersmith, London I307
9 KNOWLES, Emma Eliza  23 Jul 1869Hammersmith, London I310
10 KNOWLES, George  23 May 1863Hammersmith, London I10
11 KNOWLES, James  29 Apr 1867Hammersmith, London I309
12 KNOWLES, Maria Matilda  12 Mar 1858Hammersmith, London I301
13 KNOWLES, Mary Ann  15 May 1871Hammersmith, London I311
14 KNOWLES, Minnie Priscilla  5 Oct 1876Hammersmith, London I313
15 KNOWLES, Robert  23 Feb 1865Hammersmith, London I308
16 KNOWLES, Susan Martha  18 Mar 1859Hammersmith, London I306
17 KNOWLES, William  23 Jun 1852Hammersmith, London I303
18 MacKENZIE, Walter Nicholas  Jun 1870Hammersmith, London I748
19 Minter, Caroline Emma  Bef 18 Feb 1880Hammersmith, London I29
20 Minter, Edward  Bef 13 Dec 1818Hammersmith, London I279
21 Minter, Edward  Sep 1847Hammersmith, London I203
22 Minter, Elizabeth Ada  1 Mar 1884Hammersmith, London I30
23 Minter, Emma  Bef 13 Dec 1818Hammersmith, London I3
24 Minter, Emma  Sep 1848Hammersmith, London I24
25 Minter, George  Abt 1821Hammersmith, London I4
26 Minter, Hannah Mary  Abt 1854Hammersmith, London I187
27 Minter, John Ernest Thomas  1 Jun 1887Hammersmith, London I106
28 Minter, Mary Sophia  8 May 1879Hammersmith, London I321
29 Minter, Nellie Jane Frances  29 Oct 1889Hammersmith, London I107
30 Minter, Reginald Roy Gordon  22 Mar 1920Hammersmith, London I195
31 Minter, Richard  Abt 1785Hammersmith, London I1
32 Minter, Richard  Abt 1851Hammersmith, London I26
33 Minter, Sarah Jessie Margaret  26 Jun 1882Hammersmith, London I252
34 Minter, Thomas  Abt 1850Hammersmith, London I25
35 Minter, Thomas  Dec 1858Hammersmith, London I27
36 REID, Andrew Montague  15 Aug 1852Hammersmith, London I314
37 SMITH, Frederick Charles Hornsby  4 Dec 1881Hammersmith, London I11
38 WARREN, Edith Lydia  Abt 1894Hammersmith, London I758
39 WARREN, Edward Albert  Abt 1903Hammersmith, London I762
40 WARREN, Elsie Minnie  Abt 1901Hammersmith, London I761
41 WARREN, Ernest Edwin  Abt 1905Hammersmith, London I765
42 WARREN, Francis James  Abt 1905Hammersmith, London I764
43 WARREN, Freda Emily  Abt 1900Hammersmith, London I760
44 WARREN, Frederick William  Abt 1895Hammersmith, London I759
45 WARREN, George Whitby  Abt 1892Hammersmith, London I757
46 WARREN, John Henry  Abt 1904Hammersmith, London I763
47 WARREN, Violet Amelia  Abt 1906Hammersmith, London I766


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Minter, Caroline Emma  18 Feb 1880Hammersmith, London I29
2 Minter, Edward  13 Dec 1818Hammersmith, London I279
3 Minter, Emma  13 Dec 1818Hammersmith, London I3


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KNOWLES, Ada Caroline  Jun 1874Hammersmith, London I312
2 KNOWLES, Minnie Priscilla  Jun 1877Hammersmith, London I313
3 Minter, Albert Thomas  Bef 12 Feb 1979Hammersmith, London I826
4 Minter, Caroline Emma  Sep 1881Hammersmith, London I29
5 Minter, Edward  Bef 26 Mar 1837Hammersmith, London I279
6 Minter, Edward  Dec 1847Hammersmith, London I203
7 Minter, John Ernest Thomas  Mar 1897Hammersmith, London I106
8 Minter, Mary  Bef 19 Mar 1837Hammersmith, London I274
9 Minter, Robert  Bef 22 Jan 1832Hammersmith, London I273
10 Minter, Sarah Jessie Margaret  Jun 1884Hammersmith, London I252
11 Minter, Sophia  Bef 12 Jun 1831Hammersmith, London I276
12 Minter, William  Bef 2 Jan 1822Hammersmith, London I278
13 WIFFEN, Margaret C  1917Hammersmith, London I286


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Minter, Henry Thomas  10 Oct 1847Hammersmith, London I242