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Gainsborough RD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARRAND, Kate Fanny  12 Mar 1897Gainsborough RD I809
2 BELL, Ellen  10 Aug 1873Gainsborough RD I637
3 BROOKS, Charlotte Ann  27 Dec 1885Gainsborough RD I793
4 BROOKS, Miriam  18 Feb 1901Gainsborough RD I1681
5 EDLINGTON, Allan  30 Dec 1909Gainsborough RD I783
6 GRAY, Ada Jane  Dec 1882Gainsborough RD I486
7 HALL, Daisy May  18 Sep 1893Gainsborough RD I1200
8 HARE, Violet  16 Sep 1908Gainsborough RD I943
9 HUNSLEY, Albert Leslie  18 Oct 1906Gainsborough RD I934
10 HUNSLEY, Clifford John  3 Jul 1918Gainsborough RD I1053
11 HUNSLEY, Donald  Dec 1920Gainsborough RD I1054
12 HUNSLEY, Doris Edith  13 Oct 1915Gainsborough RD I941
13 HUNSLEY, Ethel  31 Dec 1911Gainsborough RD I938
14 HUNSLEY, Eva  Jun 1913Gainsborough RD I939
15 HUNSLEY, Florence Emily  Jun 1914Gainsborough RD I940
16 HUNSLEY, Frank Herbert  Dec 1917Gainsborough RD I942
17 HUNSLEY, George W  28 May 1932Gainsborough RD I1170
18 HUNSLEY, Hilda May  Mar 1908Gainsborough RD I935
19 HUNSLEY, Jacqueline  Mar 1950Gainsborough RD I1062
20 HUNSLEY, Joan M  14 May 1927Gainsborough RD I811
21 HUNSLEY, John William  4 Jul 1924Gainsborough RD I810
22 HUNSLEY, Joyce  15 Dec 1923Gainsborough RD I1559
23 HUNSLEY, Kathleen Mary  16 May 1912Gainsborough RD I781
24 HUNSLEY, Kenneth J  29 Nov 1915Gainsborough RD I782
25 HUNSLEY, Lucy Margaret  Mar 1942Gainsborough RD I1442
26 HUNSLEY, Mabel  Q3 1909Gainsborough RD I936
27 HUNSLEY, Margaret L  Dec 1920Gainsborough RD I796
28 HUNSLEY, Marjorie  Sep 1912Gainsborough RD I1555
29 HUNSLEY, Mary  Sep 1910Gainsborough RD I937
30 HUNSLEY, Mary  13 Aug 1919Gainsborough RD I489
31 HUNSLEY, Matilda  7 Feb 1922Gainsborough RD I490
32 HUNSLEY, Maureen Lesley  Mar 1943Gainsborough RD I946
33 HUNSLEY, Mildred Mary  1 May 1915Gainsborough RD I1052
34 HUNSLEY, Tom  Bef 6 Jul 1910Gainsborough RD I487
35 HUNSLEY, Tom  17 Dec 1913Gainsborough RD I488
36 HUNSLEY, William  Jun 1948Gainsborough RD I1056
37 HUNSLEY, William A  13 Nov 1913Gainsborough RD I1051
38 RODGERS, Olive Mary  6 Mar 1897Gainsborough RD I779
39 SAYERS, Ada H  Jun 1912Gainsborough RD I500
40 SAYERS, Dorothy I  Sep 1921Gainsborough RD I502
41 SAYERS, Ethel  Jun 1916Gainsborough RD I501
42 STOKES, Ernest W  Mar 1913Gainsborough RD I1882
43 STOKES, George Arnold  Jun 1923Gainsborough RD I1885
44 STOKES, Gordon Frederick  28 Aug 1928Gainsborough RD I1887
45 STOKES, Leslie  Dec 1919Gainsborough RD I1884
46 STOKES, Mary S  Sep 1917Gainsborough RD I1881
47 STOKES, Percy  Sep 1915Gainsborough RD I1883
48 TAYLOR, Gladys Rose  5 Nov 1900Gainsborough RD I1556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNETT, Martha  Dec 1938Gainsborough RD I641
2 BROWN, Gertrude Alice  Sep 1914Gainsborough RD I1546
3 CODD, Sarah  Jun 1902Gainsborough RD I616
4 DAY, Martha  Dec 1938Gainsborough RD I623
5 DREW, Edith  Bef 12 Feb 1937Gainsborough RD I933
6 DRIVER, Mary Jane  Bef 25 Apr 1931Gainsborough RD I478
7 DUFFIELD, Annie Eleanor  Mar 1971Gainsborough RD I1446
8 EDLINGTON, Allan  May 2000Gainsborough RD I783
9 GRAY, Ada Jane  Bef 5 Nov 1929Gainsborough RD I486
10 HARE, Violet  Jan 2001Gainsborough RD I943
11 HENSLEY, Lucy Emma  Jun 1909Gainsborough RD I287
12 HILL, Mary  Jun 1898Gainsborough RD I209
13 HORNER, Percy R  Mar 1931Gainsborough RD I653
14 HUNSLEY, Albert Leslie  Dec 1980Gainsborough RD I934
15 HUNSLEY, Barbara Edith  Mar 1991Gainsborough RD I1151
16 HUNSLEY, Dorothy  Jan 1985Gainsborough RD I1554
17 HUNSLEY, Elsie  Mar 1926Gainsborough RD I484
18 HUNSLEY, Florence Emily  Bef 7 Oct 1914Gainsborough RD I940
19 HUNSLEY, Frank Herbert  Bef 30 Jul 1918Gainsborough RD I942
20 HUNSLEY, Hilda May  Bef 5 Mar 1919Gainsborough RD I935
21 HUNSLEY, John  Dec 1885Gainsborough RD I590
22 HUNSLEY, John William  Bef 26 Apr 1950Gainsborough RD I625
23 HUNSLEY, Kathleen Mary  Dec 1978Gainsborough RD I781
24 HUNSLEY, Lilian Joan  Jan 2003Gainsborough RD I1149
25 HUNSLEY, Lily  Nov 1984Gainsborough RD I1582
26 HUNSLEY, Lucy Margaret  Bef 7 Oct 1942Gainsborough RD I1442
27 HUNSLEY, Mary  Bef 23 Sep 1910Gainsborough RD I937
28 HUNSLEY, Mary Elizabeth  Dec 1946Gainsborough RD I622
29 HUNSLEY, Matilda Knott  Dec 1955Gainsborough RD I481
30 HUNSLEY, Mildred Annie  Dec 1951Gainsborough RD I652
31 HUNSLEY, Mildred Mary  Jul 1989Gainsborough RD I1052
32 HUNSLEY, Norah Selina  Bef 18 Mar 1918Gainsborough RD I485
33 HUNSLEY, Sidney Charles  Dec 1951Gainsborough RD I1549
34 HUNSLEY, Tom  Bef 6 Jul 1910Gainsborough RD I487
35 HUNSLEY, Tom  Bef 29 Jun 1927Gainsborough RD I480
36 HUNSLEY, Walter  Mar 1961Gainsborough RD I647
37 HUNSLEY, William  Dec 1897Gainsborough RD I1542
38 HUNSLEY, William  Jun 1948Gainsborough RD I1056
39 HUNSLEY, William A  Apr 1988Gainsborough RD I1051
40 HUNSLEY, William Harrison  Sep 1924Gainsborough RD I619
41 HUNSLEY, William John  Bef 10 Nov 1909Gainsborough RD I479
42 LASCELLES, George Henry  Nov 1990Gainsborough RD I1557
43 LAWRENCE, Leslie Frank  Jun 1997Gainsborough RD I494
44 LIDGETT, John Clarence  Jun 1982Gainsborough RD I1153
45 MASON, Kathleen  Feb 1991Gainsborough RD I1055
46 PAGE, Mary  Sep 1976Gainsborough RD I1050
47 ROSSINGTON, Lucy Elizabeth  Mar 1998Gainsborough RD I491
48 SAYERS, Ethelbert  Dec 1962Gainsborough RD I496
49 SWEETING, Elizabeth  Mar 1920Gainsborough RD I1177
50 TAYLOR, Gladys Rose  Nov 1984Gainsborough RD I1556

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Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / HEMSTEAD  Mar 1910Gainsborough RD F169
2 EDLINGTON / HUNSLEY  Mar 1960Gainsborough RD F247
3 GARRINGTON / HUNSLEY  Dec 1893Gainsborough RD F575
4 GUILLIATT / FRANKISH  Sep 1889Gainsborough RD F405
5 HALES / HUNSLEY  Dec 1945Gainsborough RD F583
6 HORNER / HUNSLEY  Jun 1919Gainsborough RD F207
7 HUNSLEY / ARRAND  Jun 1923Gainsborough RD F259
8 HUNSLEY / BARNETT  Sep 1882Gainsborough RD F205
9 HUNSLEY / BROOKS  Sep 1914Gainsborough RD F253
10 HUNSLEY / BROWN  Sep 1899Gainsborough RD F577
11 HUNSLEY / BUTLER  Jun 1887Gainsborough RD F206
12 HUNSLEY / CODD  Jun 1847Gainsborough RD F202
13 HUNSLEY / DAY  Sep 1873Gainsborough RD F203
14 HUNSLEY / DREW  Dec 1905Gainsborough RD F319
15 HUNSLEY / FITCHETT  Sep 1950Gainsborough RD F369
16 HUNSLEY / GRAY  Sep 1909Gainsborough RD F163
17 HUNSLEY / GRUNDY  Dec 1931Gainsborough RD F372
18 HUNSLEY / HARE  Jun 1929Gainsborough RD F320
19 HUNSLEY / HEMSTEAD  Jun 1901Gainsborough RD F168
20 HUNSLEY / HINCH  Dec 1940Gainsborough RD F248
21 HUNSLEY / HUNT  Sep 1934Gainsborough RD F436
22 HUNSLEY / MASON  Jun 1939Gainsborough RD F366
23 HUNSLEY / MELLESS  Sep 1946Gainsborough RD F370
24 HUNSLEY / PAGE  Sep 1913Gainsborough RD F365
25 HUNSLEY / RODGERS  Sep 1923Gainsborough RD F245
26 HUNSLEY / TAYLOR  Sep 1923Gainsborough RD F580
27 HUNSLEY / WHITELAM  6 Mar 1867Gainsborough RD F42
28 HUTSON / HUNSLEY  Jun 1946Gainsborough RD F457
29 LASCELLES / HUNSLEY  Dec 1931Gainsborough RD F581
30 LAWRENCE / HUNSLEY  Jun 1940Gainsborough RD F165
31 LIDGETT / HUNSLEY  Mar 1951Gainsborough RD F408
32 NEWBURN / HUNSLEY  10 Jun 1885Gainsborough RD F648
33 STOKES / DRAYTON  Sep 1930Gainsborough RD F712
34 STOKES / HUNSLEY  Sep 1912Gainsborough RD F171
35 THOMPSON / HUNSLEY  Dec 1940Gainsborough RD F368
36 WHITELAM / ROBSON  Dec 1839Gainsborough RD F43