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Eastry RD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Henry John  12 Mar 1926Eastry RD I439
2 ARNOLD, Winifred Betty  Sep 1914Eastry RD I437
3 ATTWATER, Leslie Ernest  31 Aug 1925Eastry RD I3269
4 BICKER, Marjorie Ethel  28 Dec 1904Eastry RD I176
5 BRACEY, Wilfred A  Mar 1918Eastry RD I1570
6 FILES, Mary Elizabeth  22 Apr 1930Eastry RD I166
7 GOODBAN, Faith  Mar 1900Eastry RD I2045
8 GOODBAN, George William  Jun 1871Eastry RD I2044
9 GRAHAM, Peggy Rosa  18 Aug 1928Eastry RD I3271
10 HYMERS, Bertram Sidney  Mar 1903Eastry RD I2668
11 KIRKBY, June Edgar  Mar 1930Eastry RD I441
12 KNIGHT, Frank Walter J  1 May 1900Eastry RD I167
13 KNIGHT, Henry W J  13 Dec 1926Eastry RD I571
14 KNOTT, Elizabeth  Sep 1864Eastry RD I3078
15 LACY, May Catherine  21 May 1891Eastry RD I1206
16 Minter, Albert George  Bef 16 Nov 1884Eastry RD I632
17 Minter, Charles William  Sep 1909Eastry RD I210
18 Minter, Eliza Pipps  Mar 1876Eastry RD I4187
19 Minter, Evelyn Raymonde  30 Oct 1920Eastry RD I1566
20 Minter, Frederick Leslie  1 Aug 1920Eastry RD I2969
21 Minter, George Henry  Sep 1854Eastry RD I1908
22 Minter, Henry Belsey  Dec 1855Eastry RD I1919
23 Minter, Kathleen Nellie  22 Jun 1913Eastry RD I2967
24 Minter, Robert Egerton  1 Aug 1920Eastry RD I148
25 Minter, Victor Hubert J  9 Nov 1927Eastry RD I165
26 Minter, Violet M F  14 Mar 1916Eastry RD I2968
27 PARSONS, Florence Alexandra  9 Aug 1902Eastry RD I2214
28 RALPH, Walter Frederick  1 Sep 1867Eastry RD I1382
29 REGIS, Winifred E M  25 Sep 1916Eastry RD I723
30 STRAND, Florence A.  1 Apr 1914Eastry RD I2545
31 TAYLOR, Thelma  Jun 1915Eastry RD I1195
32 WILKINS, John Horton  4 Jan 1867Eastry RD I1184
33 YOUNG, Harold Stanley  16 Jun 1911Eastry RD I1591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ann  Bef 14 Jan 1844Eastry RD I1248
2 ANSELL, Caroline  Bef 22 Jul 1851Eastry RD I1337
3 AXON, Charles Thomas  Sep 1934Eastry RD I2036
4 BELSEY, John  Dec 1863Eastry RD I2320
5 BROWN, Celia  Sep 1874Eastry RD I364
6 CAVELL, Rosa Eastes  1 Mar 1939Eastry RD I162
7 CHRISTIAN, Benjamin Fisher  Mar 1857Eastry RD I346
8 CHRISTIAN, John  Jun 1877Eastry RD I356
9 CHRISTIAN, Richard May  Dec 1856Eastry RD I396
10 CHRISTIAN, Sophia  Mar 1869Eastry RD I355
11 CHRISTIAN, Thomas  Mar 1940Eastry RD I4577
12 CHRISTIAN, William  Dec 1883Eastry RD I406
13 DRURY, Mary Jane  Mar 1927Eastry RD I1161
14 DUNBAR, Alice Eliza  Mar 1940Eastry RD I1292
15 FARRIER, Sarah  Jun 1859Eastry RD I1864
16 FERRIER, Ann  Mar 1876Eastry RD I2
17 FLINT, Charlotte Emma  Mar 1897Eastry RD I122
18 GOODBAN, George William  Mar 1936Eastry RD I2044
19 GOODSON, Mary  Mar 1875Eastry RD I2315
20 HAMMOND, Eliza Ann G  Sep 1910Eastry RD I408
21 HARDEN, Anna Maria  Dec 1887Eastry RD I1884
22 KELLEY, William Cato  Jun 1913Eastry RD I60
23 KEMP, Elizabeth  Dec 1871Eastry RD I6
24 KENNETT, Emma  Jun 1937Eastry RD I2108
25 LAMBERT, Rebecca  Sep 1848Eastry RD I347
26 LAWS, Hannah  Mar 1912Eastry RD I941
27 LEFROY, Francis Buchanan  26 Sep 1913Eastry RD I1033
28 LUFF, George Richard  Jun 1874Eastry RD I13
29 MARSH, Jane  Jun 1847Eastry RD I2325
30 Minter, Albert George  Sep 1888Eastry RD I632
31 Minter, Charles William  Bef 20 Jan 1910Eastry RD I210
32 Minter, Elizabeth Harriet  Dec 1939Eastry RD I1912
33 Minter, Ethelbert  Bef 23 Aug 1845Eastry RD I2786
34 Minter, Frank  24 Sep 1910Eastry RD I134
35 Minter, George  Sep 1845Eastry RD I2354
36 Minter, George  Dec 1859Eastry RD I21
37 Minter, George  Jun 1879Eastry RD I8
38 Minter, George Frederick  5 Nov 1846Eastry RD I2064
39 Minter, George Henry  Dec 1854Eastry RD I1908
40 Minter, Gladys Muriel  2 Nov 1918Eastry RD I172
41 Minter, Harriet  1 Mar 1922Eastry RD I195
42 Minter, Henry  2 Oct 1890Eastry RD I62
43 Minter, Henry Belsey  Bef 5 Dec 1878Eastry RD I1853
44 Minter, John  Dec 1855Eastry RD I2239
45 Minter, John  Jun 1885Eastry RD I3
46 Minter, John Lushington  Bef 25 May 1861Eastry RD I1964
47 Minter, John William  Dec 1911Eastry RD I2097
48 Minter, Joseph M.  Sep 1915Eastry RD I1150
49 Minter, Julia  Dec 1909Eastry RD I310
50 Minter, Mary  Jun 1930Eastry RD I2035

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Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AMOS / Minter  Jun 1890Eastry RD F437
2 ARNOLD / Minter  Jun 1913Eastry RD F469
3 AXON / Minter  Dec 1891Eastry RD F476
4 BING / Minter  Mar 1926Eastry RD F297
5 BIRCH / Minter  Jun 1883Eastry RD F178
6 BOWTELL / CHRISTIAN  Dec 1858Eastry RD F678
7 CHRISTIAN / BROWN  Sep 1860Eastry RD F677
8 CHRISTIAN / HAMMOND  Mar 1872Eastry RD F688
9 COOPER / Minter  Sep 1910Eastry RD F697
10 DAVIS / HOLNESS  Dec 1842Eastry RD F633
11 DAVIS / WALL  Sep 1861Eastry RD F951
12 GOODBAN / Minter  21 Jan 1899Eastry RD F478
13 GOODSELL / Minter  Dec 1929Eastry RD F75
14 HARVEY / Minter  Dec 1881Eastry RD F179
15 HOLLOWAY / Minter  Jun 1900Eastry RD F126
16 HYMERS / Minter  Dec 1926Eastry RD F238
17 KIRKBY / Minter  Mar 1927Eastry RD F91
18 KNIGHT / Minter  Mar 1926Eastry RD F57
19 LOCK / Minter  Sep 1937Eastry RD F475
20 LUFF / Minter  Jun 1874Eastry RD F3
21 MEASDAY / MADAMS  Dec 1861Eastry RD F101
22 MEEK / Minter  Dec 1926Eastry RD F92
23 Minter / BULLEN  Jun 1922Eastry RD F55
24 Minter / COURT  Jun 1878Eastry RD F55
25 Minter / DRURY  Sep 1872Eastry RD F152
26 Minter / JEFFORD  Sep 1866Eastry RD F15
27 Minter / LACY  Sep 1911Eastry RD F175
28 Minter / PAIN  Mar 1873Eastry RD F130
29 Minter / PAIN  Sep 1893Eastry RD F123
30 Minter / PARSONS  Mar 1922Eastry RD F60
31 Minter / SPINNER  Mar 1869Eastry RD F101
32 Minter / WEATHERLEY  Sep 1908Eastry RD F53
33 PAGE / CHRISTIAN  Mar 1852Eastry RD F676
34 PAIN / BUSHELL  Sep 1869Eastry RD F700
35 PETLEY / BELSEY  Sep 1837Eastry RD F13
36 REYNOLDS / Minter  Jun 1885Eastry RD F797
37 RUMENS / Minter  Sep 1931Eastry RD F56
38 WILKINS / Minter  Jun 1897Eastry RD F160