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Chichester RD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BODEN, Sydney  Sep 1972Chichester RD I1427
2 COMPER, Frederick James  Jun 1978Chichester RD I784
3 GREEN, Sydney  Apr 2006Chichester RD I5467
4 GREGORY, Kenneth George  10 Aug 1998Chichester RD I718
5 JACKMAN, Phyllis Grace  Jun 1975Chichester RD I1200
6 JARMAN, Charles Henry  Dec 1970Chichester RD I153
7 JONES, Heloise Marion  Sep 1946Chichester RD I1407
8 Minter, Amy Lila  Jan 1988Chichester RD I152
9 Minter, Dorothy Alice  Jun 1983Chichester RD I783
10 Minter, Dorthy May  Jan 1997Chichester RD I116
11 Minter, Edith Maud  Mar 1978Chichester RD I588
12 Minter, Gladys Ruby  Jul 1984Chichester RD I411
13 Minter, John Henry Christian  Mar 1973Chichester RD I155
14 Minter, Mark Steven  3 Jan 1999Chichester RD I726
15 Minter, Martha Charlotte  Mar 1943Chichester RD I831
16 Minter, Norah Eugenie  Apr 1991Chichester RD I1104
17 Minter, Peter Denis  29 Dec 1998Chichester RD I3926
18 Minter, Pheba Hannah  Dec 1984Chichester RD I80
19 Minter, Walter  Apr 1993Chichester RD I178
20 Minter, William Henry  Sep 1970Chichester RD I589
21 PEACHEY, Mary Anne  25 Dec 2007Chichester RD I727
22 SHERRING, Margaret Clare  Jun 1982Chichester RD I5245
23 SLAUGHTER, Edward Charles  Jun 1980Chichester RD I81


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Minter / PEACHEY  Feb 1985Chichester RD F262