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Chesterfield, Derbyshire


Tree: North Suffolk, Suffolk

Latitude: 53.2353575, Longitude: -1.4241462


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRIGGS, Caroline  Abt 1860Chesterfield, Derbyshire I1610
2 COOPER, Florence  23 Apr 1916Chesterfield, Derbyshire I427
3 FORREST, Bertha Elizabeth  Abt 1886Chesterfield, Derbyshire I1350
4 MARSDEN, Enid Mary  26 Feb 1930Chesterfield, Derbyshire I767
5 MILLWARD, Mary E.  14 Feb 1915Chesterfield, Derbyshire I96
6 Minter, Ann Maria  Jun 1891Chesterfield, Derbyshire I90
7 Minter, Benjamin  Dec 1864Chesterfield, Derbyshire I82
8 Minter, Benjamin  9 Sep 1883Chesterfield, Derbyshire I57
9 Minter, Carl  25 Apr 1935Chesterfield, Derbyshire I760
10 Minter, Christopher Ryan  22 Nov 1986Chesterfield, Derbyshire I351
11 Minter, Colin  8 Apr 1939Chesterfield, Derbyshire I101
12 Minter, Edward  Bef 17 May 1871Chesterfield, Derbyshire I84
13 Minter, Edward  Mar 1887Chesterfield, Derbyshire I60
14 Minter, Edward  22 Jan 1914Chesterfield, Derbyshire I95
15 Minter, Eileen  Jun 1920Chesterfield, Derbyshire I106
16 Minter, Elizabeth Ann  Jun 1862Chesterfield, Derbyshire I80
17 Minter, Ethel  2 Oct 1906Chesterfield, Derbyshire I66
18 Minter, Ethel Emma  24 Feb 1885Chesterfield, Derbyshire I59
19 Minter, Francis  26 May 1860Chesterfield, Derbyshire I53
20 Minter, Francis William  6 Nov 1889Chesterfield, Derbyshire I89
21 Minter, Hannah Maria  Jun 1867Chesterfield, Derbyshire I83
22 Minter, Hilda Heeds  Mar 1889Chesterfield, Derbyshire I87
23 Minter, Janet J  Mar 1963Chesterfield, Derbyshire I353
24 Minter, John Bowler  Mar 1889Chesterfield, Derbyshire I88
25 Minter, John Paul  25 Nov 1911Chesterfield, Derbyshire I94
26 Minter, Martha Ann  Bef 16 Jan 1884Chesterfield, Derbyshire I58
27 Minter, Mary Ellen  Bef 21 Dec 1881Chesterfield, Derbyshire I56
28 Minter, Minnie  13 Jul 1909Chesterfield, Derbyshire I78
29 Minter, Reginald  13 Jun 1915Chesterfield, Derbyshire I99
30 Minter, Richard  Dec 1872Chesterfield, Derbyshire I85
31 Minter, Richard Henry  Mar 1893Chesterfield, Derbyshire I61
32 Minter, Sidney  10 Dec 1907Chesterfield, Derbyshire I68
33 Minter, William Henry  30 Mar 1858Chesterfield, Derbyshire I52
34 ROBERTS, Emily  9 May 1885Chesterfield, Derbyshire I93
35 STEVENSON, Charles Edward  Mar 1884Chesterfield, Derbyshire I1246
36 TAYLOR, Sarah Ann  Abt 1861Chesterfield, Derbyshire I54


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOWLER, Esther  Mar 1942Chesterfield, Derbyshire I86
2 COOPER, Florence  Jun 1966Chesterfield, Derbyshire I427
3 MARSDEN, Enid Mary  5 Apr 1999Chesterfield, Derbyshire I767
4 MILLWARD, Mary E.  Dec 1986Chesterfield, Derbyshire I96
5 Minter, Ann Maria  Sep 1893Chesterfield, Derbyshire I90
6 Minter, Benjamin  8 Jan 1869Chesterfield, Derbyshire I82
7 Minter, Benjamin  Dec 1957Chesterfield, Derbyshire I57
8 Minter, Edward  Jun 1871Chesterfield, Derbyshire I84
9 Minter, Edward  8 Nov 1899Chesterfield, Derbyshire I60
10 Minter, Edward William  25 Sep 2000Chesterfield, Derbyshire I346
11 Minter, Elizabeth Ann  Jun 1900Chesterfield, Derbyshire I80
12 Minter, Francis  28 Aug 1949Chesterfield, Derbyshire I53
13 Minter, Francis William  Mar 1970Chesterfield, Derbyshire I89
14 Minter, Hilda Heeds  Sep 1889Chesterfield, Derbyshire I87
15 Minter, Janet J  Jun 1963Chesterfield, Derbyshire I353
16 Minter, John Bowler  Sep 1889Chesterfield, Derbyshire I88
17 Minter, John Paul  Jun 1967Chesterfield, Derbyshire I94
18 Minter, Mary Ellen  Sep 1882Chesterfield, Derbyshire I56
19 Minter, Reginald  May 1997Chesterfield, Derbyshire I99
20 Minter, Sidney  Sep 1979Chesterfield, Derbyshire I68
21 Minter, William Henry  Mar 1940Chesterfield, Derbyshire I52
22 MURPHIN, Edna Valerie  3 May 1995Chesterfield, Derbyshire I1344
23 ROBERTS, Blanche  Mar 1989Chesterfield, Derbyshire I65
24 ROBERTS, Emily  Jun 1968Chesterfield, Derbyshire I93
25 ROBERTS, Mary Jane  Jun 1949Chesterfield, Derbyshire I55


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HIVES / Minter  Mar 1944Chesterfield, Derbyshire F29
2 Minter / BOWLER  9 Jun 1888Chesterfield, Derbyshire F28
3 Minter / COOPER  7 May 1938Chesterfield, Derbyshire F173
4 Minter / MARSDEN  Sep 1958Chesterfield, Derbyshire F322
5 Minter / MILLWARD  Dec 1934Chesterfield, Derbyshire F32
6 Minter / ROBERTS  Sep 1905Chesterfield, Derbyshire F15
7 Minter / ROBERTS  Dec 1912Chesterfield, Derbyshire F31
8 Minter / TAYLOR  1 May 1881Chesterfield, Derbyshire F21
9 WALKER / Minter  Sep 1930Chesterfield, Derbyshire F26