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Bromley, Kent


Tree: Ickham, Kent

Latitude: 51.4056832, Longitude: 0.0143497

Tree: Ash, Kent

Latitude: 51.4056832, Longitude: 0.0143497

Tree: Canterbury, Kent

Latitude: 51.4056832, Longitude: 0.0143497

Tree: Folkestone, Kent

Latitude: 51.4056832, Longitude: 0.0143497

Tree: Fritton, Norfolk

Latitude: 51.4056832, Longitude: 0.0143497

Tree: Rochford, Essex

Latitude: 51.4056832, Longitude: 0.0143497


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARRECK, William Joseph  10 Dec 1866Bromley, Kent I419
2 DOWLING, Annie  Abt 1867Bromley, Kent I1423
3 IGGLESDEN, Margery Joan  Sep 1900Bromley, Kent I422
4 McGUINNESS, Ernest James C  20 Apr 1936Bromley, Kent I4191
5 McGUINNESS, John Patrick  10 Oct 1938Bromley, Kent I4192
6 McGUINNESS, Michael Eric  18 Oct 1942Bromley, Kent I4193
7 Minter, Annie Marguerite  6 Jul 1888Bromley, Kent I1424
8 Minter, Cecil Wellard  19 May 1894Bromley, Kent I1396
9 Minter, Colin Charles  14 Mar 1951Bromley, Kent I910
10 Minter, Dennis Frank L  1 Jan 1929Bromley, Kent I767
11 Minter, Edna Jenny Maud  5 Jun 1903Bromley, Kent I1765
12 Minter, Frances  Mar 1914Bromley, Kent I1785
13 Minter, Geoffrey G  Sep 1935Bromley, Kent I761
14 Minter, Gordon Geoffrey  22 Dec 1938Bromley, Kent I762
15 Minter, Henry Thomas  5 Feb 1906Bromley, Kent I1778
16 Minter, June C  Mar 1946Bromley, Kent I907
17 Minter, Mary  Sep 1912Bromley, Kent I1784
18 Minter, Robert William  9 Nov 1899Bromley, Kent I666
19 PEARCE, Beulah Dorothy Minter  Mar 1910Bromley, Kent I833
20 PEARCE, Charles Henry  11 Feb 1893Bromley, Kent I829
21 PEARCE, Edith Amelia  6 Jun 1884Bromley, Kent I836
22 PEARCE, Ethel  21 Nov 1891Bromley, Kent I831
23 PEARCE, Eva  Abt 1879Bromley, Kent I838
24 PEARCE, Florence Kate  1 Mar 1895Bromley, Kent I830
25 PEARCE, Frederick Arthur  29 Mar 1887Bromley, Kent I826
26 PEARCE, Gertrude Sarah  22 Oct 1882Bromley, Kent I825
27 PEARCE, Mabel Hetty  4 Mar 1890Bromley, Kent I828
28 PEARCE, Sydney George  17 Aug 1888Bromley, Kent I827
29 PEARCE, William Herbert  31 Oct 1885Bromley, Kent I837
30 RANDS, Marion Joan  Abt 1889Bromley, Kent I832


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Minter, Cecil Wellard  22 Jul 1894Bromley, Kent I1396


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BISHOP, Mary Prince  30 May 1934Bromley, Kent I1394
2 CROUCH, Edmund William John  Mar 1912Bromley, Kent I403
3 GIBSON, Jane Emily  14 Feb 1953Bromley, Kent I843
4 GURNEY, Mary Ann  Jun 1852Bromley, Kent I50
5 HALL, Edward W  2 Feb 1982Bromley, Kent I2830
6 Minter, Alfred James  5 Sep 1990Bromley, Kent I688
7 Minter, Charles John  Dec 1964Bromley, Kent I900
8 Minter, Dennis Frank L  Feb 1990Bromley, Kent I767
9 Minter, Frances  Mar 1914Bromley, Kent I1785
10 Minter, Frank Albert  13 Sep 1968Bromley, Kent I758
11 Minter, Geoffrey G  Sep 1935Bromley, Kent I761
12 Minter, Henry Thomas  Jun 1981Bromley, Kent I1778
13 Minter, John F E  Mar 1942Bromley, Kent I849
14 Minter, John Robert  Oct 1989Bromley, Kent I905
15 Minter, June C  Mar 1946Bromley, Kent I907
16 Minter, Leonard Walter  Bef 27 Nov 1989Bromley, Kent I248
17 Minter, Mary  Sep 1912Bromley, Kent I1784
18 Minter, Percy  Mar 1932Bromley, Kent I916
19 Minter, Robert William  Mar 1919Bromley, Kent I664
20 Minter, Robert William  21 Mar 1968Bromley, Kent I897
21 Minter, Ronald Alfred  5 Oct 1980Bromley, Kent I1443
22 Minter, Thomas Frank  27 Apr 1978Bromley, Kent I669
23 Minter, William Thomas  Mar 1904Bromley, Kent I863
24 MUNCEY, Beatrice Alexandra  25 Feb 1982Bromley, Kent I853
25 NICHOLLS, Sarah  Jun 1923Bromley, Kent I887
26 OSBORNE, Rhoda  9 Dec 1920Bromley, Kent I366
27 PALMER, Daisy Ellen  13 Jul 1989Bromley, Kent I766
28 PEARCE, Edith Amelia  Jun 1887Bromley, Kent I836
29 PEARCE, William Herbert  Mar 1887Bromley, Kent I837
30 RICHARDSON, Florence A. A.  Jul 1990Bromley, Kent I1779
31 ROWE, Joyce Maude  Apr 1988Bromley, Kent I691
32 SMITHSON, Violet May  Feb 1992Bromley, Kent I906
33 TYRODE, Florence Langley  25 Oct 1964Bromley, Kent I1439
34 VALLENS, Kate Elizabeth  Mar 1974Bromley, Kent I670
35 WALSH, Isabella Maud  Sep 1972Bromley, Kent I901
36 WHEATLEY, Fanny  Dec 1936Bromley, Kent I665
37 WILLIAMS, Clara  1955Bromley, Kent I1126


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLIZZARD / Minter  Mar 1936Bromley, Kent F195
2 HARRIS / PEARCE  Sep 1911Bromley, Kent F308
3 HOAD / Minter  Jun 1891Bromley, Kent F241
4 KELLEY / Minter  Dec 1944Bromley, Kent F325
5 KING / Minter  Sep 1902Bromley, Kent F309
6 LONGHURST / Minter  Sep 1939Bromley, Kent F176
7 Minter / BISHOP  Sep 1893Bromley, Kent F243
8 Minter / CARTER  Dec 1953Bromley, Kent F298
9 Minter / CROSS  Sep 1942Bromley, Kent F340
10 Minter / FAVELLE  Jun 1942Bromley, Kent F332
11 Minter / HOUGHTON  Jun 1946Bromley, Kent F338
12 Minter / OLIVE  Dec 1921Bromley, Kent F244
13 Minter / RICHARDSON  Mar 1930Bromley, Kent F387
14 Minter / SEABROOK  Jun 1888Bromley, Kent F359
15 Minter / SMITHSON  Mar 1941Bromley, Kent F196
16 Minter / UNDERWOOD  Dec 1909Bromley, Kent F200
17 PEARCE / RANDS  Sep 1909Bromley, Kent F307
18 SCOTT / Minter  Sep 1935Bromley, Kent F382