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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Tree: Whitstable, Kent

Latitude: -27.46758, Longitude: 153.027892


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURROWES, Alice Elizabeth  1873Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I526
2 FOGG, Archibald William  7 Jul 1909Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I607
3 L√úCK OLDHAM, Terri  16 Apr 1980Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I4526
4 Minter, Charlotte Hannah Martha  26 Jan 1875Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I505
5 Minter, Gladys Eleanor Myra  6 Jun 1895Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I527
6 Minter, Irene Ruth  2 Mar 1897Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I528
7 Minter, Iris Victoria Florence  1898Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I529
8 Minter, John Arthur  21 Sep 1914Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I25
9 Minter, Marjorie Jean Julia  19 Jan 1911Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I530
10 Minter, Roy Oswald  27 Sep 1903Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I30
11 Minter, Susan Jane  7 Jun 1873Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMPS, Ernest Victor  22 Jul 1971Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I3886
2 ASHLIN, Ebenezer Robert  30 Mar 1936Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I522
3 BURROWES, Alice Elizabeth  13 May 1931Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I526
4 HAILL, Anna  30 Sep 1939Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I18
5 HODGE, Davyd  2014Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I71
6 LINDSAY, Archibald James  1939Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I531
7 LYNCH, Matilda  21 Jan 1938Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I23
8 LYNE, Anne  12 Aug 1998Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I4438
9 Minter, Annie  3 Oct 1938Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I4
10 Minter, Ellen  21 Dec 1949Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I3
11 Minter, Ellen Ada  1 Dec 1935Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I519
12 Minter, Florence Maude  8 Nov 1949Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I521
13 Minter, Gladys Eleanor Myra  25 Apr 1951Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I527
14 Minter, Irene Ruth  Bef 11 Mar 1897Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I528
15 Minter, John Arthur  5 May 1964Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I25
16 Minter, John Henry  6 Jun 1944Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I9
17 Minter, Marjorie Jean Julia  26 Sep 1985Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I530
18 Minter, Olive May  13 Aug 1971Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I3337
19 Minter, Thomas Henry  31 Jul 1945Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I297
20 Minter, Warren John  1990Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I4204
21 WORLEY, Francis Ayres  29 May 1970Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I646
22 WORLEY, Hilda Ashdown  12 Jan 1959Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I640


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Minter / GREEN  1936Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F15