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Blything RD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GARDINER, Olive Selina  Dec 1902Blything RD I596
2 GRIMSEY, Charlotte  Dec 1856Blything RD I336
3 GRIMSEY, Elizabeth Chilvers  Mar 1853Blything RD I335
4 GRIMSEY, Harry Rust  Bef 11 Jul 1862Blything RD I337
5 MINNS, Maggie  19 Jun 1912Blything RD I237
6 Minter, Arnold Eric  Mar 1905Blything RD I1175
7 Minter, Basil Robert  23 Dec 1923Blything RD I556
8 Minter, Bernard Foulsham  Jun 1925Blything RD I601
9 Minter, Brenda Jean  1 Jan 1922Blything RD I555
10 Minter, Dennis Jack  7 Jun 1924Blything RD I599
11 Minter, Derek Robert  27 Jul 1926Blything RD I721
12 Minter, Edith J  29 Apr 1917Blything RD I1053
13 Minter, Frederick  Jun 1868Blything RD I1628
14 Minter, Herbert  Jun 1862Blything RD I1625
15 Minter, Phyllis Vera  21 Sep 1914Blything RD I1052
16 Minter, Robert Eltham  Jun 1898Blything RD I1631
17 Minter, William Arthur  Sep 1866Blything RD I1627
18 MOBBS, Ethel May  20 Apr 1891Blything RD I554
19 VINCENT, Evelyn Dora  Mar 1922Blything RD I723


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Sep 1867Blything RD I339
2 BANTOFT, Alice Mary  Apr 1895Blything RD I298
3 CHILVERS, Elizabeth  Jun 1892Blything RD I289
4 CHILVERS, Robert  2 Jan 1861Blything RD I293
5 CRANE, Ann  Mar 1908Blything RD I602
6 DUNNETT, Jonathan  Mar 1875Blything RD I1611
7 FOULSHAM, Alice Constance  Sep 1927Blything RD I590
8 GIRLING, Frances  Dec 1858Blything RD I1612
9 GRIMSEY, Charlotte  Dec 1857Blything RD I336
10 GRIMSEY, Elizabeth Chilvers  Jun 1857Blything RD I335
11 GRIMSEY, Harry Rust  Mar 1863Blything RD I337
12 GRIMSEY, John  Dec 1865Blything RD I338
13 Minter, Arnold Eric  Jun 1905Blything RD I1175
14 Minter, Frederick  Jun 1868Blything RD I1628
15 Minter, George Dunnett  Sep 1914Blything RD I605
16 Minter, Herbert  Dec 1862Blything RD I1625
17 Minter, Herbert  Bef 25 May 1901Blything RD I603
18 Minter, Julia  Sep 1863Blything RD I627
19 Minter, Robert Eltham  Jun 1899Blything RD I1631
20 Minter, Sophia  Bef Oct 1863Blything RD I626
21 PAGE, John Thomas  Jun 1859Blything RD I322
22 WHITE, Emma  Mar 1853Blything RD I482


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GRIMSEY / CHILVERS  Mar 1852Blything RD F114
2 GROOM / JOHNSON  Dec 1868Blything RD F127
3 Minter / EVERRETT  6 Aug 1880Blything RD F206
4 Minter / GARDINER  Dec 1922Blything RD F233
5 Minter / KERRIDGE  Sep 1872Blything RD F189
6 Minter / MOBBS  Jun 1920Blything RD F218
7 Minter / WHITE  Dec 1840Blything RD F184
8 REVELL / MILES  Dec 1860Blything RD F1501
9 WARREN / Minter  Jun 1913Blything RD F232