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Walton on Thames, Surrey


Tree: Brightlingsea, Essex

Latitude: 51.38847, Longitude: -0.416969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ATKINS, Ellen Hannah  Dec 1873Walton on Thames, Surrey I569 Brightlingsea, Essex 
2 TROTTER, Arthur  Dec 1880Walton on Thames, Surrey I564 Brightlingsea, Essex 
3 TROTTER, Arthur James  Mar 1902Walton on Thames, Surrey I570 Brightlingsea, Essex 
4 TROTTER, Edward  Jun 1880Walton on Thames, Surrey I568 Brightlingsea, Essex 
5 TROTTER, Edward George  Mar 1904Walton on Thames, Surrey I571 Brightlingsea, Essex 
6 TROTTER, Elizabeth  Jun 1841Walton on Thames, Surrey I555 Brightlingsea, Essex 
7 TROTTER, Emily  Mar 1844Walton on Thames, Surrey I558 Brightlingsea, Essex 
8 TROTTER, Emma  Mar 1885Walton on Thames, Surrey I566 Brightlingsea, Essex 
9 TROTTER, Frederick  Sep 1878Walton on Thames, Surrey I563 Brightlingsea, Essex 
10 TROTTER, George  Mar 1887Walton on Thames, Surrey I567 Brightlingsea, Essex 
11 TROTTER, Harold  Dec 1907Walton on Thames, Surrey I573 Brightlingsea, Essex 
12 TROTTER, John  Sep 1848Walton on Thames, Surrey I552 Brightlingsea, Essex 
13 TROTTER, John  Mar 1876Walton on Thames, Surrey I562 Brightlingsea, Essex 
14 TROTTER, Louisa Annie  Jun 1874Walton on Thames, Surrey I561 Brightlingsea, Essex 
15 TROTTER, Mabel  Dec 1882Walton on Thames, Surrey I565 Brightlingsea, Essex 
16 TROTTER, Mary Ann  Jun 1839Walton on Thames, Surrey I557 Brightlingsea, Essex 
17 TROTTER, Nellie Mabel  Jun 1910Walton on Thames, Surrey I574 Brightlingsea, Essex 
18 TROTTER, William  Abt 1836Walton on Thames, Surrey I556 Brightlingsea, Essex 
19 TROTTER, William Charles  Sep 1872Walton on Thames, Surrey I560 Brightlingsea, Essex 
20 TROTTER, William Frederick  Mar 1906Walton on Thames, Surrey I572 Brightlingsea, Essex 
21 UNKNOWN, Ann  Abt 1817Walton on Thames, Surrey I554 Brightlingsea, Essex 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Minter, Edward Frank  11 Jan 1961Walton on Thames, Surrey I152 Brightlingsea, Essex