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Thanet RD



Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATKINS, Flossie  18 Jun 1918Thanet RD I4999
2 BELLERBY, Hubert Colville  11 Jan 1895Thanet RD I2435
3 COOK, George Charles  Mar 1881Thanet RD I4968
4 HOOK, Laurence V M  Dec 1918Thanet RD I1187
5 Minter, Fanny Morphew  Mar 1865Thanet RD I3046
6 Minter, Jenny  Dec 1880Thanet RD I5076
7 Minter, Martin Henry  Mar 1864Thanet RD I2119
8 POTTER, Lavinia Amelia  25 Dec 1889Thanet RD I5047
9 ROBINSON, Betty  Sep 1930Thanet RD I4965
10 ROBINSON, Edward Aaron  Mar 1901Thanet RD I4964
11 SPAIN, George Henry  2 May 1885Thanet RD I5050
12 SPAIN, James Henry  9 Jan 1914Thanet RD I5048
13 SPAIN, Owen James  Sep 1894Thanet RD I5046
14 SPAIN, Owen Samuel Harry  30 May 1924Thanet RD I5038
15 SPAIN, Robert E  Mar 1920Thanet RD I5052
16 SPINNER, William James  Jun 1885Thanet RD I142
17 WESLEY, Harriet Maud  Sep 1885Thanet RD I5051
18 WILLMOTH, Charles Fielding  Dec 1839Thanet RD I2308


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATKINS, Amy Elizabeth  Dec 1968Thanet RD I3859
2 ATKINS, David Cameron  Sep 1933Thanet RD I2437
3 ATKINS, Edward James  Mar 1931Thanet RD I2788
4 ATKINS, Edward John  12 Feb 1968Thanet RD I3860
5 ATKINS, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1934Thanet RD I2789
6 ATKINS, Flossie  24 Jun 1989Thanet RD I4999
7 ATKINS, Herbert Edward  29 Mar 1952Thanet RD I4970
8 ATKINS, Ivy Irene  Sep 2001Thanet RD I4971
9 BELSEY, Florence Mary Ellen  Mar 1946Thanet RD I4969
10 BELSEY, Henry Andrew  Mar 1922Thanet RD I5054
11 BELSEY, Hilda Alice  Jul 2000Thanet RD I5000
12 GORDON, William Rupert  Jan 1997Thanet RD I5001
13 GRIGGS, Mary Ann  Dec 1892Thanet RD I5055
14 HAMILTON, Mary Ann  Sep 1901Thanet RD I2269
15 HUCKSTEP, Albert Edward  22 Oct 1947Thanet RD I3868
16 HUCKSTEP, Percy Henry  Dec 1955Thanet RD I4575
17 HUCKSTEP, Stephen Henry  Mar 1931Thanet RD I3867
18 JOB, Amy Eliza  Mar 1904Thanet RD I3858
19 JONES, Kingston  Jun 1976Thanet RD I5002
20 McGUINNESS, Ernest James C  13 Feb 1996Thanet RD I4191
21 McGUINNESS, John Patrick  13 Jun 1997Thanet RD I4192
22 McGUINNESS, Michael Eric  25 Mar 1985Thanet RD I4193
23 Minter, Adelaide May  Dec 1963Thanet RD I2436
24 Minter, Emma  Jun 1897Thanet RD I2257
25 Minter, Fanny Morphew  Dec 1867Thanet RD I3046
26 Minter, Henry  Bef Jul 1846Thanet RD I2250
27 Minter, Jenny  Sep 1881Thanet RD I5076
28 Minter, John Morphew  Mar 1899Thanet RD I2268
29 Minter, Millicent Maud "Maudie"  Jun 1955Thanet RD I2430
30 Minter, Raymond F  Apr 1994Thanet RD I2767
31 Minter, Sarah Ann  Bef 12 Aug 1837Thanet RD I2295
32 MORPHY, Brian Harold  Sep 1964Thanet RD I5232
33 MURTON, Adelaide Pratt  1910Thanet RD I2429
34 POTTER, Lavinia Amelia  Mar 1975Thanet RD I5047
35 ROBINSON, Edward Aaron  Sep 1942Thanet RD I4964
36 SPAIN, George Henry  Mar 1970Thanet RD I5050
37 SPAIN, Owen James  Sep 1960Thanet RD I5046
38 TWIGG, Mary Ann Reeves Hubbard  Sep 1877Thanet RD I639
39 WAREING, Marion  Jan 1995Thanet RD I5039
40 WESLEY, Harriet Maud  Mar 1967Thanet RD I5051
41 WOTHERSPOON, Agnes  Mar 1986Thanet RD I5049


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALDERMAN / ROBINSON  Jun 1954Thanet RD F1191
2 ATKINS / BELSEY  2 Apr 1905Thanet RD F1345
3 ATKINS / BELSEY  20 Oct 1928Thanet RD F1357
4 ATKINS / JOB  9 Oct 1880Thanet RD F521
5 ATKINS / Minter  Jun 1922Thanet RD F229
6 BELLERBY / Minter  Mar 1918Thanet RD F228
7 BELSEY / GRIGGS  Jun 1867Thanet RD F1378
8 COOK / ATKINS  Dec 1915Thanet RD F1282
9 GORDON / BELSEY  Mar 1948Thanet RD F1358
10 HOOK / Minter  Aug 1915Thanet RD F492
11 HUCKSTEP / ATKINS  Dec 1882Thanet RD F705
12 JONES / ATKINS  22 Oct 1927Thanet RD F1359
13 MORPHY / Minter  Sep 1914Thanet RD F309
14 ROBINSON / HUCKSTEP  Jun 1928Thanet RD F1184
15 SPAIN / ATKINS  6 Feb 1947Thanet RD F1371
16 SPAIN / POTTER  Jun 1923Thanet RD F1375
17 SPAIN / WAREING  Jun 1964Thanet RD F1372
18 SPAIN / WESLEY  Dec 1906Thanet RD F1377
19 WAREING / ATKINS  8 Mar 1941Thanet RD F1360