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Sheffield, Yorkshire


Tree: Great Horkesley, Essex

Latitude: 53.381129, Longitude: -1.470085


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARR, Ann Elizabeth  1836Sheffield, Yorkshire I186
2 GREGORY, Andrew  Abt 1837Sheffield, Yorkshire I1274
3 GREGORY, Ann  Bef 25 Dec 1830Sheffield, Yorkshire I1265
4 GREGORY, Annie Sybil  12 Jul 1890Sheffield, Yorkshire I1007
5 GREGORY, Catherine  Mar 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire I1289
6 GREGORY, Elizabeth  Jun 1843Sheffield, Yorkshire I1271
7 GREGORY, Emily  Dec 1856Sheffield, Yorkshire I1297
8 GREGORY, Eveline  28 Jul 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire I1029
9 GREGORY, Fanny  Mar 1858Sheffield, Yorkshire I289
10 GREGORY, Florence  27 Sep 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I1040
11 GREGORY, Frances  Sep 1846Sheffield, Yorkshire I1273
12 GREGORY, George  Abt Feb 1828Sheffield, Yorkshire I1291
13 GREGORY, George Harry  21 May 1888Sheffield, Yorkshire I995
14 GREGORY, Harriet  Mar 1844Sheffield, Yorkshire I1272
15 GREGORY, Jessie Elizabeth  6 Dec 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire I1018
16 GREGORY, John  10 May 1826Sheffield, Yorkshire I962
17 GREGORY, Laura Edith  22 Aug 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire I984
18 GREGORY, Margaret  Bef 21 Feb 1836Sheffield, Yorkshire I1268
19 GREGORY, Martha  Mar 1839Sheffield, Yorkshire I1270
20 GREGORY, Mary  Mar 1839Sheffield, Yorkshire I1269
21 GREGORY, Mary Hannah  Dec 1851Sheffield, Yorkshire I1275
22 GREGORY, Sarah  Bef 15 Sep 1833Sheffield, Yorkshire I1267
23 GREGORY, Thomas  Bef 25 Dec 1830Sheffield, Yorkshire I1266
24 HEAVEY, Catherine  Dec 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire I1311
25 HEAVEY, Martin  Mar 1885Sheffield, Yorkshire I1310
26 HEAVEY, Mary  Mar 1882Sheffield, Yorkshire I1308
27 HEAVEY, Simon  Jun 1883Sheffield, Yorkshire I1309
28 HODGSON, Elizabeth Ann  Mar 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire I1303
29 HODGSON, George Gleadhall  Dec 1883Sheffield, Yorkshire I1302
30 HODGSON, Harriet  Jun 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I1301
31 HODGSON, John Calverley  Dec 1878Sheffield, Yorkshire I1300
32 HODGSON, Ruth  Dec 1876Sheffield, Yorkshire I1299
33 HODGSON, Willis Naboth  Sep 1888Sheffield, Yorkshire I1304
34 INMAN, Emma  1875Sheffield, Yorkshire I327
35 LAKE, Arthur  Mar 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire I314
36 LAKE, Emily  Sep 1874Sheffield, Yorkshire I317
37 LAKE, Ernest  12 May 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I321
38 LAKE, Fanny  Dec 1875Sheffield, Yorkshire I1248
39 LAKE, Glady Smith  13 Jul 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire I324
40 LAKE, Henry Herbert  Mar 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I315
41 LAKE, Herbert  Jun 1877Sheffield, Yorkshire I319
42 LAKE, John  Dec 1872Sheffield, Yorkshire I316
43 LAKE, Louise  Dec 1885Sheffield, Yorkshire I322
44 LAKE, Thomas Alfred  Sep 1866Sheffield, Yorkshire I313
45 LAKE, Walter  Mar 1879Sheffield, Yorkshire I1249
46 LAKE, Walter Wilfred  Mar 1884Sheffield, Yorkshire I320
47 PATTINSON, John  Abt 1837Sheffield, Yorkshire I1307
48 RIDGE, Charlotte Mary  Between 1885 and 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire I1164
49 RIDGE, Clara Ellen  1882Sheffield, Yorkshire I1159
50 RIDGE, Sarah  Between 1800 and 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I1162

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 GREGORY, Ann  25 Dec 1830Sheffield, Yorkshire I1265
2 GREGORY, John  25 Dec 1830Sheffield, Yorkshire I962
3 GREGORY, Margaret  21 Feb 1836Sheffield, Yorkshire I1268
4 GREGORY, Sarah  15 Aug 1833Sheffield, Yorkshire I1267
5 GREGORY, Thomas  25 Dec 1830Sheffield, Yorkshire I1266


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GREGORY, Andrew  21 Nov 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire I1274
2 GREGORY, Fanny  4 Feb 1916Sheffield, Yorkshire I289
3 GREGORY, Frances  26 Feb 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire I1273
4 GREGORY, George  15 Jan 1829Sheffield, Yorkshire I1291
5 GREGORY, Jessie Elizabeth  11 Oct 1949Sheffield, Yorkshire I1018
6 GREGORY, Margaret  23 Apr 1879Sheffield, Yorkshire I1268
7 GREGORY, Thomas  23 Aug 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire I1266
8 LAKE, Arthur  Bef 12 Dec 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I314
9 LAKE, Ernest  Dec 1954Sheffield, Yorkshire I321
10 LAKE, Fanny  Bef 6 Feb 1878Sheffield, Yorkshire I1248
11 LAKE, Thomas  19 Jun 1900Sheffield, Yorkshire I311
12 LAKE, Thomas Alfred  21 Nov 1915Sheffield, Yorkshire I313
13 LAKE, Walter  Bef 21 Dec 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I1249
14 PALMER, Camelia Winifred  Jun 1878Sheffield, Yorkshire I384
15 PLUMB, Mary  16 Apr 1925Sheffield, Yorkshire I312
16 SMITH, Sarah  Mar 1882Sheffield, Yorkshire I973


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GREGORY / WALKER  17 Jul 1825Sheffield, Yorkshire F366
2 GREGORY / WHITHAM  14 Aug 1913Sheffield, Yorkshire F369
3 HEAVEY / GREGORY  Mar 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire F481
4 LAKE / BAGLEY  Sep 1894Sheffield, Yorkshire F23
5 LAKE / INMAN  Dec 1898Sheffield, Yorkshire F24
6 LAKE / RIDGE  Mar 1909Sheffield, Yorkshire F438
7 LAKE / SMITH  Dec 1892Sheffield, Yorkshire F22