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Portsmouth RD



Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BADDELEY, Cicely Grace  6 Nov 1918Portsmouth RD I215
2 CAYLESS, Mabel Betty Harridge  Sep 1909Portsmouth RD I723
3 COOPER, Gwenda Amelia  8 Nov 1923Portsmouth RD I435
4 GIBBINS, Irene May  21 Jul 1907Portsmouth RD I387
5 INNES, David Otto  18 Apr 1938Portsmouth RD I1554
6 Minter, Dinah A  Mar 1938Portsmouth RD I294
7 Minter, Doris Lilian  27 Mar 1922Portsmouth RD I893
8 Minter, Frank Leslie  Jun 1902Portsmouth RD I1106
9 Minter, Norah Eugenie  2 Apr 1907Portsmouth RD I1104
10 PACKHAM, Nellie Beatrice  4 Jan 1919Portsmouth RD I364
11 THOMPSON, Lewis S  Sep 1914Portsmouth RD I1317
12 WORLEY, Frank Charles  21 Jul 1919Portsmouth RD I187


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BANEY, Arthur Walter  Dec 1975Portsmouth RD I48
2 BARTON, Edith Lilian  10 Nov 2006Portsmouth RD I8
3 BONE, John  Mar 1920Portsmouth RD I1162
4 BUTLER, Albert  Mar 1972Portsmouth RD I3088
5 BUTLER, Emily  Dec 1956Portsmouth RD I1202
6 CLARKE, Henry J H  Jun 1935Portsmouth RD I853
7 FAULKNER, Alice Mary  Jun 1940Portsmouth RD I1429
8 GEHLE, Henry John Wolsteyn  Jun 1913Portsmouth RD I576
9 HECKFORD, Elizabeth  Sep 1979Portsmouth RD I292
10 HUBBARD, Stratton  Mar 1974Portsmouth RD I402
11 INNES, David Leslie  21 Nov 1997Portsmouth RD I1553
12 JONES, Charles Francis  Jun 1951Portsmouth RD I1802
13 LININGTON, Bernard John  Mar 2002Portsmouth RD I392
14 LORD, Harry James V  Sep 1985Portsmouth RD I404
15 LORD, Pauline Ena  25 Apr 1998Portsmouth RD I1316
16 MIDDLETON, Ethel May  11 Feb 2000Portsmouth RD I451
17 Minter, Cyril Sidney  Bef 13 Aug 1929Portsmouth RD I93
18 Minter, Dinah A  Mar 1938Portsmouth RD I294
19 Minter, Edith Blanch  Jun 1987Portsmouth RD I403
20 Minter, Ernest Charles  Jun 2009Portsmouth RD I171
21 Minter, Hilda Iris Betty  Dec 1999Portsmouth RD I391
22 Minter, Hilda Trilby  Dec 1930Portsmouth RD I409
23 Minter, Leonora  Sep 1989Portsmouth RD I401
24 MORRISON, Vivienne Anne  May 2011Portsmouth RD I881
25 REED, John Patrick A  Jan 1994Portsmouth RD I1105
26 SOAL, Jessie Elizabeth  Nov 1987Portsmouth RD I3091
27 STANTON, Mabel  Dec 1959Portsmouth RD I722
28 TIMMS, Eliza Sarah  Sep 1934Portsmouth RD I762


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAYLESS / STANTON  Dec 1908Portsmouth RD F248
2 CLARKE / Minter  Jun 1911Portsmouth RD F299
3 HUBBARD / CORE  Mar 1953Portsmouth RD F507
4 JONES / Minter  Sep 1937Portsmouth RD F609
5 KINCH / WORLEY  Sep 1900Portsmouth RD F53
6 Minter / SCOTNEY  Dec 1939Portsmouth RD F109
7 REED / Minter  Jun 1935Portsmouth RD F374
8 SMITH / LANE  Jun 1932Portsmouth RD F1284
9 WILLIAMS / Minter  Dec 1901Portsmouth RD F326