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Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ABBOTT, Elizabeth  10 Dec 1889Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I13
2 GIBSON, Elizabeth Maud  17 Mar 1938Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I1048
3 McGREGOR, Lily Margaret  18 Mar 1960Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I2020
4 Minter, Arthur  1 Nov 1933Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I580
5 Minter, Charles  9 Sep 1876Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I883
6 Minter, Doris Ada  29 Oct 1938Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I256
7 Minter, Edith Maud  19 Jun 1896Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I1620
8 Minter, Edward Albert  24 Nov 1900Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I568
9 Minter, Edwin  25 Feb 1913Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I611
10 Minter, Edwin George  28 Mar 1891Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I780
11 Minter, Frederick Walter  13 May 1930Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I925
12 Minter, George  16 Nov 1889Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I820
13 Minter, Horace William  3 Jun 1893Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I4726
14 Minter, John Thomas  30 Sep 1902Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I212
15 Minter, Muriel Helen V  17 Dec 1886Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I14
16 Minter, Sidney  9 May 1928Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I84
17 Minter, Violet May  18 Mar 1898Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I1622
18 Minter, Walter Robert  9 Aug 1901Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I787
19 Minter, William John  5 Feb 1924Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I227
20 SEABROOKE, Rose Amelia  19 Feb 1944Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I5273
21 WOODHAM, Frances  17 Aug 1909Nunhead Cemetery (Southwark) I677