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Newington, London


Tree: Lambeth (2), London

Latitude: 51.500194, Longitude: -0.103378

Tree: Canterbury, Kent

Latitude: 51.500194, Longitude: -0.103378

Tree: Ash, Kent

Latitude: 51.500194, Longitude: -0.103378

Tree: Ickham, Kent

Latitude: 51.500194, Longitude: -0.103378

Tree: North Suffolk, Suffolk

Latitude: 51.500194, Longitude: -0.103378


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AIR, Alexander William Cummings  28 Jan 1871Newington, London I2153
2 AIR, Mary Annie  Mar 1870Newington, London I2152
3 BULLIVANT, Frank  Mar 1903Newington, London I3511
4 BUNDOCK, Clara  Dec 1846Newington, London I497
5 BUNDOCK, Emily Frances  Dec 1840Newington, London I492
6 BUNDOCK, Henry Francis  Dec 1842Newington, London I493
7 BUNDOCK, John Harding  Dec 1844Newington, London I495
8 CHRISTIAN, Richard May  Mar 1845Newington, London I417
9 DEEKER, May Lucretia  5 Jan 1891Newington, London I3194
10 JENKINS, Daniel Joseph  7 Mar 1887Newington, London I430
11 Minter, Albert  27 Nov 1876Newington, London I824
12 Minter, Albert Thomas  Sep 1899Newington, London I826
13 Minter, Annie Florence  Mar 1886Newington, London I613
14 Minter, Arthur Ernest  26 Jan 1891Newington, London I616
15 Minter, Arthur John  4 Mar 1878Newington, London I816
16 Minter, Daisy Ada  Mar 1900Newington, London I785
17 Minter, Edwin  Dec 1893Newington, London I619
18 Minter, Edwin George  Dec 1889Newington, London I780
19 Minter, Elizabeth  17 Jul 1874Newington, London I823
20 Minter, Emily Ida  9 May 1875Newington, London I815
21 Minter, Ethel Emily  Jun 1892Newington, London I617
22 Minter, Frank  21 Mar 1873Newington, London I810
23 Minter, Gladys  5 Mar 1904Newington, London I1077
24 Minter, Grace Victoria  18 Aug 1897Newington, London I781
25 Minter, Isabella Jane  Mar 1883Newington, London I11
26 Minter, Kate Alice  15 Jul 1896Newington, London I624
27 Minter, Mary Caroline  5 Dec 1887Newington, London I614
28 Minter, Millicent May  7 May 1880Newington, London I817
29 Minter, Rose Blanch  10 Nov 1898Newington, London I783
30 Minter, Walter Robert  Mar 1901Newington, London I787
31 Minter, William Jonathan  11 Sep 1902Newington, London I1076
32 SEABORN, Edward Stanley  Sep 1898Newington, London I3524
33 SMITH, Amelia  Abt 1858Newington, London I21
34 SMITH, Eleanor  Abt 1861Newington, London I22
35 SMITH, Frederick  Abt 1863Newington, London I23
36 SMITH, George  Abt 1865Newington, London I24
37 SMITH, Henry  Abt 1857Newington, London I20
38 SMITH, James  Abt 1855Newington, London I19
39 SMITH, Mary Ann  Abt 1868Newington, London I25
40 SMITH, Rachel  Abt 1870Newington, London I26
41 STEED, Anna Eleanor Amy  Dec 1863Newington, London I430
42 STEED, Gertrude May  Sep 1867Newington, London I432
43 STEED, Winifred Rosa  Sep 1865Newington, London I431
44 WASTIE, Reginald  Jun 1908Newington, London I59
45 YOUNGMAN, Frances Elizabeth  Abt 1862Newington, London I16


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Minter, Edwin George  Bef 28 Mar 1891Newington, London I780
2 Minter, Walter Robert  Bef 9 Aug 1901Newington, London I787
3 Minter, William  Bef 5 Sep 1855Newington, London I311