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Long Melford, Suffolk


Tree: Great Horkesley, Essex

Latitude: 52.0740009, Longitude: 0.7163002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIGG, Sarah  Abt 1903Long Melford, Suffolk I2912
2 BIRD, Henry  Abt 1843Long Melford, Suffolk I2891
3 DOWNEY, Alfred  Bef 12 Oct 1834Long Melford, Suffolk I2878
4 DOWNEY, Archibald Rivers  23 Jan 1889Long Melford, Suffolk I2306
5 DOWNEY, Charles  Jun 1857Long Melford, Suffolk I2914
6 DOWNEY, Charles  Sep 1859Long Melford, Suffolk I2890
7 DOWNEY, Charles Frederick  Mar 1865Long Melford, Suffolk I429
8 DOWNEY, David  Bef 5 Feb 1832Long Melford, Suffolk I2877
9 DOWNEY, Dorothy Eliza  27 Oct 1895Long Melford, Suffolk I2897
10 DOWNEY, Eliza  Sep 1856Long Melford, Suffolk I1338
11 DOWNEY, Elizabeth  Mar 1856Long Melford, Suffolk I2889
12 DOWNEY, Ellen  Mar 1852Long Melford, Suffolk I2888
13 DOWNEY, Ellen Matilda  Jun 1871Long Melford, Suffolk I1339
14 DOWNEY, Florence Rose  Dec 1885Long Melford, Suffolk I2303
15 DOWNEY, Frederick Charles  Dec 1885Long Melford, Suffolk I2894
16 DOWNEY, George  Abt 1829Long Melford, Suffolk I2874
17 DOWNEY, Harry  Dec 1849Long Melford, Suffolk I1329
18 DOWNEY, Henry  Bef 10 Jan 1822Long Melford, Suffolk I2876
19 DOWNEY, Henry  Abt 1854Long Melford, Suffolk I2902
20 DOWNEY, Jack  2 Apr 1892Long Melford, Suffolk I2896
21 DOWNEY, James  Bef 23 Apr 1820Long Melford, Suffolk I2875
22 DOWNEY, James  Sep 1861Long Melford, Suffolk I1332
23 DOWNEY, John  Bef 27 Jan 1828Long Melford, Suffolk I2880
24 DOWNEY, John  Jun 1852Long Melford, Suffolk I1328
25 DOWNEY, Maud Mary  Dec 1889Long Melford, Suffolk I2895
26 DOWNEY, Maud May  Mar 1892Long Melford, Suffolk I2308
27 DOWNEY, Richard John  Dec 1883Long Melford, Suffolk I1334
28 DOWNEY, Richard Jonathan  Jun 1859Long Melford, Suffolk I1337
29 DOWNEY, Robert  Bef 21 Dec 1823Long Melford, Suffolk I2881
30 DOWNEY, Rose  23 Mar 1898Long Melford, Suffolk I3643
31 DOWNEY, Rose Florence  Abt 1868Long Melford, Suffolk I1331
32 DOWNEY, Susan  Bef 27 Sep 1840Long Melford, Suffolk I2879
33 DOWNEY, Susan  Dec 1847Long Melford, Suffolk I1324
34 DOWNEY, William  Bef 16 Apr 1826Long Melford, Suffolk I1321
35 DOWNEY, William  Abt 1845Long Melford, Suffolk I1330
36 EVERETT, Matilda  Abt 1828Long Melford, Suffolk I1322
37 POULTER, Charles  Abt 1870Long Melford, Suffolk I2316
38 SMITH, Emily Adelaide  Abt 1862Long Melford, Suffolk I2893
39 WOODGATE, Frederick Baden Powell Langham  Jun 1900Long Melford, Suffolk I2313
40 WOODGATE, Rose Langham  Mar 1899Long Melford, Suffolk I2312
41 WOODGATE, William Langham  Jun 1897Long Melford, Suffolk I2311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DOWNEY, Alfred  12 Oct 1834Long Melford, Suffolk I2878
2 DOWNEY, David  5 Feb 1832Long Melford, Suffolk I2877
3 DOWNEY, George  1829Long Melford, Suffolk I2874
4 DOWNEY, Henry  10 Jan 1822Long Melford, Suffolk I2876
5 DOWNEY, James  23 Apr 1820Long Melford, Suffolk I2875
6 DOWNEY, John  27 Jan 1828Long Melford, Suffolk I2880
7 DOWNEY, Robert  21 Dec 1823Long Melford, Suffolk I2881
8 DOWNEY, Susan  27 Sep 1840Long Melford, Suffolk I2879
9 DOWNEY, William  16 Apr 1826Long Melford, Suffolk I1321


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DOWNEY, Maud Mary  Dec 1894Long Melford, Suffolk I2895