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Hackney RD



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURGESS, Ernest Edward  Mar 1888Hackney RD I306
2 BURGESS, William George  Jun 1886Hackney RD I305
3 CHAPMAN, Leonard Edward  27 Jun 1906Hackney RD I598
4 COLLINS, Ada  6 Apr 1902Hackney RD I56
5 CREWDSON, Sidney William  20 Oct 1913Hackney RD I1147
6 GIFFORD, Gladys Eileen  11 Aug 1915Hackney RD I4293
7 LAMBERT, Henry Edward  11 May 1906Hackney RD I119
8 Minter, Anne Mary Sophia  8 Feb 1857Hackney RD I462
9 Minter, Edith Lucy  Sep 1861Hackney RD I730
10 Minter, Elizabeth Louisa  Jun 1858Hackney RD I463
11 Minter, Harriet Jane  Bef 29 Aug 1858Hackney RD I24
12 Minter, John  Mar 1883Hackney RD I1719
13 Minter, Lydia  Jun 1887Hackney RD I1712
14 MOSEDALE, Edith Annie  4 Jul 1897Hackney RD I7
15 NORTIER, Adrian Minter  Mar 1865Hackney RD I1167
16 NORTIER, Caroline Amy  Jun 1867Hackney RD I1175
17 PALLETT, Mary Ellen  Jun 1858Hackney RD I2227
18 PRITCHARDS, Irene Gwendoline  7 Sep 1896Hackney RD I117
19 SMITH, Edward  Jun 1927Hackney RD I350
20 TAYLOR, Martin  10 Nov 1903Hackney RD I1714
21 TURKINGTON, Albert G  11 Apr 1921Hackney RD I3766
22 WERNER, Julie Violet  Sep 1908Hackney RD I34


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHBY, James Bennett  Sep 1888Hackney RD I251
2 BIGGS, Arthur Albert  Mar 1959Hackney RD I458
3 CHAMBERS, Elizabeth  Sep 1865Hackney RD I461
4 DUGUID, Robert  Dec 1874Hackney RD I4540
5 DYKE, Eliza Millar  Dec 1878Hackney RD I1579
6 GLASKIN, Amey  Mar 1885Hackney RD I1528
7 GREENFIELD, Eliza  Jun 1875Hackney RD I4537
8 INCE, Sydney  Jun 1979Hackney RD I120
9 KNIGHTS, Louisa Elizabeth  Dec 1930Hackney RD I304
10 MACLAINE, Archibald  Dec 1886Hackney RD I1527
11 Minter, Albert George  Dec 1959Hackney RD I90
12 Minter, Alexander  Bef 3 May 1924Hackney RD I1
13 Minter, Edith Lucy  Sep 1861Hackney RD I730
14 Minter, Elizabeth  Dec 1883Hackney RD I34
15 Minter, Esther  Sep 1958Hackney RD I696
16 Minter, John  Bef 9 Feb 1883Hackney RD I1719
17 Minter, John Thomas  Jun 1870Hackney RD I460
18 Minter, Lydia  Jun 1887Hackney RD I1712
19 Minter, Philip  Jun 1929Hackney RD I1428
20 Minter, Samuel  Aug 1990Hackney RD I1
21 Minter, Sarah  Jun 1856Hackney RD I250
22 Minter, Stephen James  Dec 1918Hackney RD I79
23 Minter, William  Dec 1852Hackney RD I933
24 NORTIER, Adriaan  22 Feb 1873Hackney RD I570
25 NORTIER, Caroline Amy  Dec 1869Hackney RD I1175
26 PURYER, William Minter  Mar 1883Hackney RD I249
27 STRACHSTEIN, Margaret  Mar 1970Hackney RD I2
28 TAYLOR, George  Sep 1891Hackney RD I1719
29 TAYLOR, Samuel Alfred  Sep 1890Hackney RD I1718


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BONE / NORTIER  Sep 1868Hackney RD F396
2 COWDY / PALLETT  Mar 1880Hackney RD F744
3 GOVEY / COLLINS  Jun 1929Hackney RD F22
4 INCE / Minter  Jun 1933Hackney RD F620
5 Minter / BRAID  Jun 1925Hackney RD F11
6 Minter / PRITCHARDS  Sep 1926Hackney RD F34
7 MIXTER / STODDARD  Dec 1904Hackney RD F10
8 NORTIER / MACLAINE  19 Nov 1863Hackney RD F397
9 SEABORN / LITTLE  Dec 1893Hackney RD F1202
10 TAYLOR / DAVIS  Mar 1934Hackney RD F595
11 TRAINER / LUERSON  Jun 1846Hackney RD F1039