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Glanford Brigg RD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Lily  14 Aug 1894Glanford Brigg RD I832
2 BOOTLAND, Betty  22 Mar 1924Glanford Brigg RD I1590
3 BRUMPTON, Grace  12 Aug 1897Glanford Brigg RD I1127
4 CLARK, Annie  22 Mar 1894Glanford Brigg RD I1049
5 COWLING, Laban  Jun 1897Glanford Brigg RD I951
6 DENTON, Edith  25 Apr 1894Glanford Brigg RD I1325
7 GOSLING, Margaret Helen  6 Apr 1909Glanford Brigg RD I1697
8 HEMSTEAD, Richard William S  15 Oct 1912Glanford Brigg RD I1662
9 HUNSLEY, Alfred  27 Apr 1920Glanford Brigg RD I1092
10 HUNSLEY, Ann  Mar 1841Glanford Brigg RD I657
11 HUNSLEY, Barbara Edith  26 Jan 1926Glanford Brigg RD I1151
12 HUNSLEY, Bernard  Mar 1920Glanford Brigg RD I1586
13 HUNSLEY, Betty D  Sep 1922Glanford Brigg RD I1204
14 HUNSLEY, Charles H  Dec 1914Glanford Brigg RD I1653
15 HUNSLEY, Clifford Leo  Mar 1915Glanford Brigg RD I954
16 HUNSLEY, Connie  Dec 1927Glanford Brigg RD I1207
17 HUNSLEY, Dorothy  23 Jun 1913Glanford Brigg RD I1652
18 HUNSLEY, Dorothy  19 Jul 1915Glanford Brigg RD I1801
19 HUNSLEY, Edna  8 May 1915Glanford Brigg RD I794
20 HUNSLEY, Eileen J  Mar 1930Glanford Brigg RD I1710
21 HUNSLEY, Eric  14 Oct 1918Glanford Brigg RD I795
22 HUNSLEY, Florence Audrey  9 Sep 1921Glanford Brigg RD I1690
23 HUNSLEY, Fred Arnold  5 Nov 1919Glanford Brigg RD I1655
24 HUNSLEY, George  Between 1885 and 1886Glanford Brigg RD I1725
25 HUNSLEY, George Arthur  14 Jan 1915Glanford Brigg RD I1182
26 HUNSLEY, George Edward  23 Nov 1913Glanford Brigg RD I1704
27 HUNSLEY, George W Y  Mar 1922Glanford Brigg RD I1186
28 HUNSLEY, Harold  7 Sep 1916Glanford Brigg RD I1183
29 HUNSLEY, Harold  11 Oct 1933Glanford Brigg RD I1209
30 HUNSLEY, Hilda  Sep 1925Glanford Brigg RD I1206
31 HUNSLEY, James Arthur  17 Oct 1923Glanford Brigg RD I1657
32 HUNSLEY, James Edmund  24 Mar 1923Glanford Brigg RD I1150
33 HUNSLEY, Jane  Mar 1884Glanford Brigg RD I1727
34 HUNSLEY, Joyce  Sep 1917Glanford Brigg RD I1091
35 HUNSLEY, Kathleen  10 Dec 1919Glanford Brigg RD I1201
36 HUNSLEY, Lennox  11 Nov 1918Glanford Brigg RD I1184
37 HUNSLEY, Lilian  Sep 1912Glanford Brigg RD I1651
38 HUNSLEY, Lilian Joan  2 Apr 1920Glanford Brigg RD I1149
39 HUNSLEY, Marjorie  21 Mar 1925Glanford Brigg RD I1163
40 HUNSLEY, Mary  Dec 1914Glanford Brigg RD I1090
41 HUNSLEY, Mary  9 Jan 1927Glanford Brigg RD I1164
42 HUNSLEY, Mary E  Sep 1916Glanford Brigg RD I1585
43 HUNSLEY, Maud Yate  28 Sep 1920Glanford Brigg RD I1185
44 HUNSLEY, May Denton  5 May 1918Glanford Brigg RD I1327
45 HUNSLEY, Miriam Day  Mar 1915Glanford Brigg RD I1226
46 HUNSLEY, Mona  8 Mar 1924Glanford Brigg RD I1205
47 HUNSLEY, Muriel  3 Dec 1916Glanford Brigg RD I1326
48 HUNSLEY, Nellie  11 Apr 1908Glanford Brigg RD I1089
49 HUNSLEY, Raymond Barry  16 Jun 1930Glanford Brigg RD I1208
50 HUNSLEY, Reginald  29 Mar 1921Glanford Brigg RD I1203

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRADLEY, Joyce M  Sep 1937Glanford Brigg RD I1589
2 BROUGHTON, Susanna  Jun 1936Glanford Brigg RD I1315
3 BROWN, Sarah  Dec 1854Glanford Brigg RD I1357
4 BULLIVENT, Mary  Jun 1873Glanford Brigg RD I1480
5 COWLING, Laban  Jun 1897Glanford Brigg RD I950
6 CURTIS, Elizabeth  Sep 1878Glanford Brigg RD I1723
7 DENTON, Richard  Mar 1906Glanford Brigg RD I1608
8 DRAKE, Martha  Dec 1868Glanford Brigg RD I1719
9 DRAYTON, Hannah  Sep 1900Glanford Brigg RD I1536
10 DUFFILL, William  Mar 1889Glanford Brigg RD I1718
11 GOODHAND, Emma  Jun 1931Glanford Brigg RD I468
12 HARRIS, William  Sep 1848Glanford Brigg RD I596
13 HUNSLEY, Albert  Dec 1893Glanford Brigg RD I630
14 HUNSLEY, Ann  Dec 1851Glanford Brigg RD I1308
15 HUNSLEY, Charles  Sep 1862Glanford Brigg RD I1309
16 HUNSLEY, Charles  Dec 1867Glanford Brigg RD I1717
17 HUNSLEY, Charles  Mar 1924Glanford Brigg RD I1534
18 HUNSLEY, Connie  Dec 1927Glanford Brigg RD I1207
19 HUNSLEY, Henry  Between 1852 and 1858Glanford Brigg RD I1310
20 HUNSLEY, Hilda  Sep 1925Glanford Brigg RD I1206
21 HUNSLEY, John  1 Aug 1851Glanford Brigg RD I440
22 HUNSLEY, John  Sep 1863Glanford Brigg RD I458
23 HUNSLEY, Mary  Dec 1914Glanford Brigg RD I1090
24 HUNSLEY, Phyllis Mary  Jun 1927Glanford Brigg RD I1648
25 HUNSLEY, Richard  Mar 1863Glanford Brigg RD I1350
26 HUNSLEY, Sarah Elizabeth  Mar 1932Glanford Brigg RD I1313
27 HUNSLEY, Sydney  Dec 1922Glanford Brigg RD I1656
28 HUNSLEY, Thirza  Mar 1904Glanford Brigg RD I1606
29 HUNSLEY, Thomas  Dec 1936Glanford Brigg RD I467
30 HUNSLEY, Walter  Jun 1938Glanford Brigg RD I1210
31 HUNSLEY, William  Between Mar and Jun 1846Glanford Brigg RD I455
32 JERVIS, Hannah Leedham  Sep 1932Glanford Brigg RD I1066
33 OGG, Esther  Dec 1923Glanford Brigg RD I1715
34 OGG, Thomas  Sep 1879Glanford Brigg RD I1722
35 RANDS, David  Sep 1934Glanford Brigg RD I1345
36 SCARBOROUGH, Charlotte  Dec 1880Glanford Brigg RD I1307
37 WATTAM, Mary  Sep 1870Glanford Brigg RD I1305


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATCHELOR / HUNSLEY  Sep 1915Glanford Brigg RD F602
2 BURTON / LUSBY  Mar 1863Glanford Brigg RD F585
3 COWLING / ALLISON  Mar 1896Glanford Brigg RD F324
4 DENTON / HUNSLEY  Jun 1853Glanford Brigg RD F604
5 DRURY / HUNSLEY  Jun 1907Glanford Brigg RD F647
6 DUFFILL / OGG  Mar 1870Glanford Brigg RD F651
7 FORD / KNOTT  Jun 1873Glanford Brigg RD F159
8 HARRIS / HUNSLEY  Jun 1846Glanford Brigg RD F198
9 HEMSTEAD / HUNSLEY  Dec 1933Glanford Brigg RD F682
10 HILL / HUNSLEY  Dec 1909Glanford Brigg RD F386
11 HUNSLEY / ALLISON  Jun 1883Glanford Brigg RD F654
12 HUNSLEY / ALLISON  Dec 1903Glanford Brigg RD F323
13 HUNSLEY / AUSTIN  Sep 1925Glanford Brigg RD F634
14 HUNSLEY / BARKER  Sep 1937Glanford Brigg RD F377
15 HUNSLEY / BELLAMY  Jun 1916Glanford Brigg RD F488
16 HUNSLEY / BRADLEY  Dec 1934Glanford Brigg RD F592
17 HUNSLEY / BROUGHTON  Jun 1884Glanford Brigg RD F481
18 HUNSLEY / BURTON  Dec 1903Glanford Brigg RD F589
19 HUNSLEY / CHEESMAN  Dec 1907Glanford Brigg RD F380
20 HUNSLEY / CLARK  Sep 1914Glanford Brigg RD F364
21 HUNSLEY / COLLINGWOOD  Mar 1913Glanford Brigg RD F425
22 HUNSLEY / COUSEN  Dec 1924Glanford Brigg RD F414
23 HUNSLEY / DENTON  Sep 1915Glanford Brigg RD F484
24 HUNSLEY / DRAYTON  Jun 1865Glanford Brigg RD F574
25 HUNSLEY / EVERETT  Sep 1907Glanford Brigg RD F619
26 HUNSLEY / FAWCETT  Dec 1843Glanford Brigg RD F504
27 HUNSLEY / FIDLING  Dec 1879Glanford Brigg RD F588
28 HUNSLEY / FORD  Jun 1938Glanford Brigg RD F28
29 HUNSLEY / GOODHAND  Mar 1885Glanford Brigg RD F160
30 HUNSLEY / GOSLING  Mar 1934Glanford Brigg RD F644
31 HUNSLEY / GUILLIATT  Sep 1920Glanford Brigg RD F417
32 HUNSLEY / HALL  Sep 1917Glanford Brigg RD F434
33 HUNSLEY / JACKSON  Jun 1905Glanford Brigg RD F376
34 HUNSLEY / JERVIS  Dec 1879Glanford Brigg RD F373
35 HUNSLEY / KEMP  Jun 1936Glanford Brigg RD F643
36 HUNSLEY / SCARBOROUGH  Dec 1847Glanford Brigg RD F480
37 HUNSLEY / SOWERBY  Jun 1922Glanford Brigg RD F649
38 HUNSLEY / STOTHARD  Dec 1876Glanford Brigg RD F578
39 HUNSLEY / STREETS  Jun 1853Glanford Brigg RD F540
40 HUNSLEY / TAYLOR  Dec 1919Glanford Brigg RD F677
41 HUNSLEY / WRIGHT  Sep 1910Glanford Brigg RD F599
42 HUTSON / HUNSLEY  Sep 1907Glanford Brigg RD F378
43 LUSBY / HUNSLEY  Sep 1912Glanford Brigg RD F586
44 MARKHAM / HUNSLEY  Jun 1932Glanford Brigg RD F381
45 MILLER / HUNSLEY  Jun 1867Glanford Brigg RD F9
46 NEAL / HUNSLEY  Jun 1909Glanford Brigg RD F375
47 POOLE / HUNSLEY  Mar 1907Glanford Brigg RD F379
48 RANDS / HUNSLEY  Jun 1877Glanford Brigg RD F494
49 STOW / HUNSLEY  Dec 1893Glanford Brigg RD F422
50 TONG / HUNSLEY  Sep 1912Glanford Brigg RD F600

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