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Croydon RD



Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AIR, Alexander Jeffery Cummings  7 Nov 1906Croydon RD I2161
2 AIR, Annie Mary Gladys  18 Jan 1898Croydon RD I2160
3 AIR, David Alexander C  13 Mar 1921Croydon RD I2181
4 BANFIELD, Betty M  Dec 1918Croydon RD I2124
5 BANFIELD, Freda M  Dec 1920Croydon RD I2125
6 CHAPPEL, Edward James  Jun 1894Croydon RD I2092
7 CHAPPEL, Gertrude Mabel  Dec 1899Croydon RD I2095
8 CHAPPEL, Harry  Mar 1896Croydon RD I2093
9 CHAPPEL, John Martin  Mar 1898Croydon RD I2094
10 Minter, Frederick Percival  9 Apr 1913Croydon RD I1555


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AIR, Alexander Cummings  Dec 1892Croydon RD I2206
2 AIR, Alexander Cummings  Mar 1926Croydon RD I2150
3 AIR, Cecilia Alice  Sep 1922Croydon RD I2155
4 AIR, Mary Annie  Sep 1887Croydon RD I2152
5 AIR, Samuel Henry C  Dec 1943Croydon RD I2154
6 BIBBY, Lilian Mary  Jun 1953Croydon RD I3607
7 BUTTFIELD, Edith M  Jun 1959Croydon RD I2180
8 CHAPPEL, Gertrude Mabel  Mar 1902Croydon RD I2095
9 COWDY, Bessie M  Jul 1961Croydon RD I3854
10 COWDY, Donald Bourne  Sep 1966Croydon RD I2232
11 COWDY, Martha Ann  Mar 1929Croydon RD I2144
12 COWDY, Mary Susannah  Dec 1924Croydon RD I2145
13 COWDY, William Wallace  27 Feb 1917Croydon RD I2147
14 DRAPER, Sarah  Mar 1899Croydon RD I2223
15 EASMAN, Ann  Jun 1930Croydon RD I2091
16 GIBSON, Alice Anne  Mar 1890Croydon RD I2207
17 GREEN, Bessie Eliza  Mar 1968Croydon RD I44
18 KIRBY, Marcel Walter  Mar 1950Croydon RD I1431
19 Minter, Edward Johnson  7 Apr 2016Croydon RD I100
20 Minter, Frederick Arthur  Jun 1914Croydon RD I795
21 RIX, Henry Mendham  Mar 1947Croydon RD I3608
22 SHEPPY, Dorothea  Dec 1923Croydon RD I2179
23 VOSPER, Kenneth  Aug 2002Croydon RD I3855


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AIR / JEFFERY  Jun 1896Croydon RD F724
2 CHAPPEL / EASMAN  Jun 1893Croydon RD F701
3 CHAPPEL / Minter  Mar 1934Croydon RD F700
4 ELMER / TILLEY  Sep 1880Croydon RD F1012
5 FIELDEN / AIR  Sep 1923Croydon RD F725
6 SHEPPY / AIR  Dec 1910Croydon RD F723